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    This is me already...  
    Ugh, religion.  
    Red fog would be fun.  
    Haha, this is already true.  
    If you traveled to another planet without equipment you would die.  
    And I was pretty f*cking hyped for sliced bread...  
    Fatality. +2
    If that meant heaven existed maybe.  
    Cats. +1
    Is this really a question. +1
    Pirates have more fun.  
    Catch Arceus and become god. +48
    It could be a really light punt that barely moves it.  
    B*tch slap all of the fan girls.  
    PUTIN FTW.  
    Well he'd be dead anyway...  
    If it was the guy in the picture than ok. That husky is too cute I'm sorry.  
    This question doesn't make sense.  
    As long as I get to choose which friends.  
    What if you already found your true love. Oh wait can I switch.  
    Tests stress me out.  
    I hate both of them but Pleasediepie is slightly less annoying.  
    It would be annoying dragging the entire bottom of the other dress around. But if it was to a formal occasion then I guess.  
    Why is this a question.  
    I only hate it when people know correct grammar but they type like they're uneducated on purpose.  
    I wouldn't want to risk my life for THAT...  
    A world without religion is a dream come true for me. +1
    You can't get a decent job these days without college.  
    I'd be able to manipulate so many people...  
    It depends on what kinda game we're talking about...  
    Duct tape fixes everything.  
    Batman ftw. +2
    Religion just blinds people. +1
    Does anyone even know what's going on there.  
    It would make life so much easier. +1
    You could sell them.  
    I thought the pain in the song was physical pain.  
    I don't know either of these.  
    When I get bored yeah.  
    Still better than being a guido.  
    I would have something to look forward to every morning. ^_^  
    Woops wrong one.  
    Use the money to follow my dream.  
    The challenge is fun.  
    Then using your current knowledge just improve and become fluent in all of them.  
    The Teletubbies are terrifying. Plus Barney's a dinosaur. Rawr.  
    You'd still have power over people but no one would know. If people saw you controlling objects with your mind everyone would want to kill you. I'll go with unseen power.  
    I hate both.  
    Lose weight.  
    Germany... +1
    I hate this song.  
    Germany is chill now. +1
    Woops wrong choice.  
    Canada is colder.  
    It looks better on the big screen.  
    Sounds like a good time.  
    I like the author's comment. :)  
    Don't do the homework.  
    At least she has some sort of "talent" whereas Kim is just rich and spoiled.  
    If religion didn't exist this world would be a better place.  
    Her eyes are nice...  
    I'd be more likely to get killed on a bicycle where I live. +1
    Woops, wrong one.  
    I hate religion with a passion. It's hurt me more than it's ever helped me in life. +1
    They're both really bad...  
    I hate both but ok.  
    Love drawing so...  
    I'm pretty sure skills can be acquired through practice.  
    They're both disgusting.  
    I didn't read the "unwanted" part...Woops.  
    Tomatoes are gross.  
    I don't wear much anyway.  
    Even if you're under aged it's not like you've never tried wine before. >.>  
    I don't know what either of these are.  
    Then I would take over the Soviet Union. ^_^  
    Let's all fly in on our Charizards and flamethrower the sh*t out of everyone who chose B. +1
    Scientology is just ridiculous. I don't believe in religion, period.  
    I would just eat more.  
    South Park is better than any of these.  
    Oh sh*t I didn't read the "all of it" part...  
    I chose this because cats.  
    Vodka is vodka.  
    Woops wrong one.  
    This question made me feel incredibly stupid.  
    Peace will never exist.  
    Shut up peta. :I  
    I'm already in a perfect relationship.  
    I love the cold...  
    Weight loss.  
    Why can't I choose South Park. :I  
    Sketching in pen is pretty fun.  
    Exile him to Siberia.  
    I already did this...And didn't get friendzoned.  
    Both will make you fat.  
    I don't wanna change him. If I didn't like him the way he was he wouldn't be my partner.  
    I could still wear a dress that goes down to the floor.  
    The water is polluted here anyway.  
    The house is haunted by me.  
    I can control myself so...  
    If I gave up half of what I own it wouldn't be enough to save everyone. People will always suffer no matter what.  
    Sonic can run fast. That's it. Mario has a ranged set of abilities.  
    Morbidly obese people gross me out. Plus you can just eat a whole ton and gain the weight back.  
    Cats practically own people. +2
    I could use a height boost anyway.  
    Would make dumping them easier.  
    Both matter. But looks don't matter as much as personality.  
    It's not worth waiting that long unless there's someone worth waiting for. +1
    While you all pray to something that isn't there I'll be out completing my pokedex.  
    Winter is best season.  
    I have relatives that originated from there anyway.  
    It all depends on how you raise them.  
    Weeaboos unite.  
    Why is everyone arguing over spelling. Different countries have different ways of doing things, who cares.  
    I don't wanna depend on anyone.  
    I don't really want to change either.  
    I wouldn't care that much.  
    Well either would kill you but I feel like perfume would burn less.  
    Who are these people.  
    I'm dating my best friend so...  
    Most confident guys are a**holes.  
    3 million won't last a lifetime.  
    I like Australia but Canada is colder.  
    I'm happy with my figure already so...  
    White chocolate is disgusting.  
    It's easier to change someone's looks than their mindset.  
    The house is haunted by me.  
    I saw snow so I chose that one.  
    If there was no religion I'd choose B.  
    Cold usually means better. +1
    You could use other things to keep your teeth clean besides a brush.  
    I hate both but ok.  
    At least you're not dragging the team down.  
    Less chance of getting killed.  
    Chance it.  
    Why can't he just go back to Canada.  
    I don't want to be ungrateful.  
    Smile eerily as they bury their casket.  
    I've done both so this really doesn't matter to me.  
    It'd be cool to see different countries.  
    More money.  
    I don't wanna regret anything.  
    I hate Twilight but I also hate sleep.  
    Why does everyone hate kids so much. Your parents decided to have a kid and that's where you came from.  
    I would rather go to the colder climate.  
    If you're a girl either of these is great.  
    I wouldn't want to have a dinner with either really.  
    I can't sing or dance so...  
    As long as it's not Siri.  
    Our families hate each other cause of religion issues so...Secret wedding?  
    You could do so many things if you were immortal.  
    You only live for so long. Might as well benefit the upcoming generations.  
    If I don't die from it then ok.  
    Less idiots numbing their minds even further. It should still be available for medical purposes though.  
    Already do...  
    Haha, maybe if he existed.  
    Don't just bully them, break them. Otherwise they'll never learn their lesson.  
    Just not in the ocean cause that's when the sharks feed...  
    I just don't want to be a vampire from one of those stupid movies or T.V. series.  
    My great grandfather was a construction worker and he got killed in an accident so I'm good.  
    Already am. :3  
    So you can plan ahead.  
    I've dropped my Android probably over 50 times and it doesn't even have a scratch on it. +1
    If I got to have one person with me than this would be better.  
    I don't want people looking at me. That's creepy. >.>  
    Cozy. :3  
    Good grades.  
    The girl in the left pic made me want to punch someone.  
    It already kinda does...  
    I'm not going to jail because of something stupid someone else did. +1
    They're dead so why does it matter...  
    Crocodiles are mean motherf*ckers.  
    There's always fake hair.  
    Can't get a decent job without paying for school first...  
    I already sleep on my stomach so...  
    Where did the name soccer even come from...  
    I don't regret it...You just gotta be patient and find the right person. ^_^  
    I'll be a pirate.  
    It could be good gossip.  
    Well I wouldn't be able to draw anymore so...  
    If only my face was on singles...  
    I have a younger sibling and I still would want to stay the older sibling.  
    Already did the first one so I'll go for the things I haven't done yet.  
    I already am so I'll take the money thank you.  
    Well I'm gonna die forgotten anyway. But if I had the choice...  
    It's too much fun I'm sorry...  
    Fallout shelter... +1
    I don't please either. But if I had to choose...  
    I wouldn't want him to grieve. He'd be dead, so he wouldn't care.  
    I hate both. But I just hate Facebook more.  
    Can't you just apply to another college...  
    Snow. >u  
    I get to be rich and do nothing...  
    How did Family Guy win? South Park ftw!  
    I'm practically blind anyway.  
    I don't want a perfect memory. Some things are meant to be forgotten. D:  
    Putin? *shot*  
    Well my best friend ended up becoming my boyfriend so...  
    Owls have a generally longer lifespan. Plus they can be cute and terrifying at the same time. :3  
    Pay them to stay your friends. :3  
    My grandma's dead so...  
    I'm probably wrong on this one...  
    Seeking is fun...Especially when you can scare the sh*t out of them after sneaking up on them. >:)  
    It'd be easier to handle.  
    If I saw a sl*t sitting on a guy's lap I could use it on her. :3  
    If I was exploring the earth then ok.  
    I would rather do both. ^_^  
    The first one already happened and I'm curious. :I  
    The pictures would remind me of all the bad times.  
    There's gonna be war no matter what.  
    I get sea sick. :x  
    I have so many bad genes in my family...  
    I don't get anything on my birthday so...  
    Cozy. :3  
    At least I won't get mugged.  
    Why not Putin? *shot* +1
    I already do. -__-  
    As long as I pass the class I don't really care.  
    I always lose the coin toss so no way in hell am I taking that chance.  
    What if it was just the flu.  
    Male doctors creep me out. That's just me, though.  
    Can't you still eject from the plane before you hit the ground...  
    Smash bros ftw.  
    Get money, then use money to support family.  
    I still have cats.  
    Let us worship not worshiping anything. Let's just live happy lives. :3  
    Cats. >w  
    I'd rather look normal but have a weird side. :/  
    There's more thought behind it. c:  
    The people I hate would probably get together and try to cannibalize me. :"(  
    Gingers are cute tho.  
    Sometimes divorce really is for the best. What if one of them was getting abused? Then they could never escape. D:  
    If my friends hated him they wouldn't be my friends. >:(  
    I would rather spend more time in reality, thank you.  
    People should be able to be with whoever makes them happy. :I  
    Nightmares are fun.  
    The picture scares me but my self esteem isn't THAT low...  
    If it actually existed maybe I'd like to go there. ^_^  
    Read the description lol  
    I wish I could change my answer. >n  
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