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    Well I love anime and grenade launchers and other guns. I hope SWAT Police Team shoots you. 10 months ago  
    Both are real. 10 months ago  
    Levi. 10 months ago  
    I like anime too. Hmmm... I can't choose. 10 months ago  
    Never!!!!!! 10 months ago  
    I hate gays. 10 months ago  
    I don't have neither of these. 10 months ago  
    FaZe clan members are better at Call of duty. 10 months ago  
    I would sniff it atleast 5 centimeters away. 10 months ago  
    Easier to get articifal version of it. 10 months ago  
    I could get robot leg and still be able to join army or police . 10 months ago  
    I think both are pretty and cute but I have chosen Shiina. 10 months ago  
    I think robotic legs are cheaper. 10 months ago  
    I could still become soldier or police officer since for that kind of job you need hearing. 10 months ago  
    You won't be dead castration doesn't kill u. 10 months ago  
    I don't have penis 10 months ago  
    I am penisless male. So no. 10 months ago  
    I am penisless male and I hate penises even small oned. So first option is no. But second? Hmmm... BTW thanks for censoring. 10 months ago  
    I would wear paints so no anal sex. Ha! 10 months ago  
    Girls can be born with penis 10 months ago  
    Girls can be born with penis. XX chromosomes make somebody girl not vagina. 10 months ago  
    How do penises taste? I am pretty sure they are gross. 10 months ago  
    And? Some girls have penises. You are girl if you have XX chromosomes. Vagina doesn't make you girl. 10 months ago +1
    Testicles are balls near penis. 10 months ago  
    I am male born without genitals so I won't choose. 10 months ago  
    I am penisless male so I have to choose ball in ass. 10 months ago  
    I hate both. Luckily I am male born without penis and balls. I still have hole ( not vagina cuz no ovaries ) so I can pee. 10 months ago  
    I am already male born without penis. I still have XY chromosomes so I am male. And I hate people with penis. 10 months ago  
    I don't have penis . I am penisless male and I would want him to stay penisless because penisless males are rare. 10 months ago  
    You are genderless if you have single X chromosome. If you have XY but no penis you are still male. I am penisless male. 10 months ago  
    There are 2 genders female ( XX chromosomes ) and male ( XY chromosomes ). There is also genderless ( single X chromosome ) but as name implies is not gender but absence of gender. Also males can be born without penis and balls like I am. 10 months ago  
    There are 2 genders really. XX or XXX or XXXX= female, XY or XXY or XXXY or XXXXY or XYY or XYYY= male now there is third thing but that is not gender: genderless ( single X chromosome ). 10 months ago  
    That's rare. 10 months ago  
    I am male since I have XY chromosomes but I don't have penis and testicles. 10 months ago  
    You are female ( XX chromosomes ) but you have penis? That is very rare. 10 months ago  
    I don't have genitals ( yea I am penisless and testicleless male ), so I need to choose head I guess. Can I use eye protection though? 10 months ago  
    I would do it since bullet because of weight would probably at bottom. Also can I aim at my hand that doesn't hold gun or I must aim at head? Plus I could put bullet that can't be shot. 10 months ago  
    If you are first there are less chances of dying since ammo since it has weight should be at bottom. 10 months ago  
    No hearing protection needed for this! 10 months ago  
    Guns should be right every where not only in US. 10 months ago  
    M249 is better and more modern light machine gun. 10 months ago  
    You could shoot them from longer range and they can't reach. 10 months ago  
    Airsoft are more similar to actual guns. Plus airsoft range is like 100 meters while nerf is 30 meters. 10 months ago  
    Guns aren't scary. They are nice sport, hunting and law enforcement tools. 10 months ago  
    That would be nice. I would make a lot of friendships with gun owners. And I am not sure but I think there gun laws are less strict as Slovenian. 10 months ago  
    I like guns. And I am planning to buy one. 10 months ago  
    I am GTA V fan. So... 10 months ago  
    I might get them in 1 month but I can keep em forever right? 10 months ago  
    GTA IV although I prefer GTA V. And I agree GTA is pretty much everyday life but hey I like it. 10 months ago  
    GTA San Andreas. Although GTA V is even better. 10 months ago  
    GTA V is better. 10 months ago  
    I love guns! 10 months ago  
    #RomanNumbers 10 months ago  
    PC has easier controls. 10 months ago  
    Definitely Grand Theft Auto V 10 months ago  
    Gta v is best 10 months ago  
    Its best game ever. Check out Adventures of Buttman GTA V its awesome. 10 months ago  
    I could be immortal. 10 months ago  
    I could pretend to be SWAT officer. And why did you put image of frag grenade? 10 months ago  
    Its first person shooter war game. 10 months ago  
    SVG is semi automatic sniper system which has advantages. 10 months ago  
    Snipers receive accurate weapons and sniping from like 1 kilometer is safer than shooting less accurate weapon at 100 meters which is riskier. 10 months ago  
    I choosed M40A5 because its great sniper system and its used by US Marines Corp. 10 months ago  
    I like shotguns and grenades. 10 months ago  
    Tavor is great bullpup assault rifle. 10 months ago  
    I rather die than swim in sperm! 10 months ago  
    I would choose M41A and grenade launcher. 10 months ago  
    I like sniper systems and anime swords and grenades. So... 10 months ago  
    I choose SSG sniper system. Let's do some zombie sniping. 10 months ago  
    Throwing grenades and driving away is cool. 10 months ago  
    RPG-7 because Buttman ( check out Buttman GTA 5 videos on Annoying Orange channel and AO gaming channel) plus more deadly. 10 months ago  
    2 reasons to choose first option: grenade can kill enemy plus there is anime pic. I love anime and guns. 10 months ago  
    I choose grenade launcher although you put picture of rocket launcher. 10 months ago  
    Firing range and ammo capacity at MGL is same as RG but MGL is lighter and you can mount scope or EOTech on it. 10 months ago  
    Type in #GrenadeSquad if you have chosen Grenade Launcher. 10 months ago  
    I choosed F1 because it has classic pineapple pattern which isn't used in US army anymore. I just love pineapple pattern grenades. 10 months ago  
    I love money. 10 months ago  
    I would listen to dubstep and play first person shooter games online all day!! Which is apparently thing I do all day already. 10 months ago  
    I LOVE cash. Gimme!!!!!! 10 months ago  
    I Love CASH. Gimme gimme gimme!!!! 10 months ago  

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