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    wrong onre 3 years ago  
    i do that a lot 3 years ago  
    none 3 years ago  
    hobbyless people 3 years ago  
    same thing in the end 3 years ago  
    the percentage of aids among pornstars is smaller than the one among the average citizen 3 years ago  
    id date my maker in heaven 3 years ago  
    i have a girlfriend not a boyfriend as i am a straight guy (no offence) 3 years ago  
    rejection 3 years ago  
    at least you have each other 3 years ago  
    love should equal trust 3 years ago  
    parachute 3 years ago  
    its a girl not my girl (my crush ) 3 years ago  
    none 3 years ago  
    my best female friend is my crush so.. 3 years ago  
    thailands bigger more to explore 3 years ago  
    1 piranha is the most undangerous thing 3 years ago  
    im spanish 3 years ago  
    swag 3 years ago  
    suicide 3 years ago  
    i wouldn't watch them 3 years ago +1
    change my name and move to north korea 3 years ago  
    none 3 years ago  
    78 percent of people would kiss someone that has had sex with justin bieber? eew 3 years ago  
    the dog looks like a freakin zombie dog 3 years ago  
    id use the jet at least 3 years ago  
    at least its diverse right? 3 years ago  
    i believe that there may be something out there but that doesn't mean im stupid 3 years ago  
    just use condoms people its not that hard 3 years ago  
    bmw i8 3 years ago  
    medium 3 years ago +1
    dear guest from missouri i think that you mistake terrorists with islamic people or are all white people kukuxclan members and all german people fascists? 3 years ago  
    @quacktheninja i am telling you as german that hitler was one of the worst persons to have lived like ever and that jews are just normal people 3 years ago  
    forca barca 3 years ago  
    none 3 years ago +1
    none to be honest 3 years ago  
    and we have the triplete 3 years ago  
    it already did on sunday 4:0 3 years ago  
    football is THE worlds sport 3 years ago  

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