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Would you rather have your mind Blown or Freaked 82,685 votes 214 comments 0 likes
Which one would you stop 9-11 or The Holocaust 1,332,616 votes 12,058 comments 89 likes
Would you rather... Play Call Of Duty or Halo 76,617 votes 933 comments 4 likes

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Add me Death X Itself (Xbox) +1
you sound like a pedifile(idgaf that i spelled it wrong)  
You have to pay for the internet to get on psn to, you have to pay to get online i think is what you mean, either way...worth it  
Did you mean Hitler? (google it!) +1
When I get 5,000 votes then my life will be complete lol +3
you wouldnt have to spend it on anything so(cause your immortal) and save it  
what planet?  
Nobody cares  
did it on purpose.......boom, wait no BOOM!  
Look at all the skyrim fags stickin together isn't that cute  
41 circle slash circle are justin bieber fans  
MJ is fag and is rotting in hell, hows that for respect  
We dont even know your gender....b*tch  
whatever smartass  
PS3 says it can do every thing so I through one out of the window to see if it would fly  
not if you have one with a cord dumbass +1
choose 1 thats what these questions are about if you say both it takes the fun away +2
Xbox 360=Kinect=Active  
If I knew the cause I could be ready for it  
I don't drink but if I did I'd choose Red wine +1
16% want to get eaten by a shark...shocking isnt it? +3
just because it came out before it doesnt mean its not an upgrade,it actually means its newer and is an upgrade think before you hit that post button dumbass +1
it doesnt say how hard you get hit  
my enemy then it would be easier to kick his ass +1
what does a cat that looks like picachu have to with true live +1
Time to get a prius haha  
Halo takes more skill +9
Drink at least 2 liters of coke a day so... +2
....broke +1
Suck on my twitter  
at least we knoe rebecca blacks gender for sure +9
uuuuuh real men prefer vagina but what ever floats your boat +11
He's dead and He(she) is gay  
.....and I'll tell you what a vagina feels like +2
fag upgrade to call of duty or halo  
your a fag +3
im a chips a whore +9
all sony did was copied nintendo and then microsft came in and blew both of them up +1
to be honest they taste the same +8
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