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“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.”- Albert Einstein
"Take some time and put the Bible on your summer reading list. Try and stick with it cover to cover. Not because it teaches history; we've shown you it doesn't. Read it because you'll see for yourself what the Bible is all about. It sure isn't great literature. If it were published as fiction, no reviewer would give it a passing grade. There are some vivid scenes and some quotable phrases, but there's no plot, no structure, there's a tremendous amount of filler, and the characters are painfully one-dimensional. Whatever you do, don't read the Bible for a moral code: it advocates prejudice, cruelty, superstition, and murder. Read it because: we need more atheists — and nothin' will get you there faster than readin' the damn Bible."- Penn Jillette
"They laugh at me because I'm different. I laugh at them because they're all the same."- The Joker "Some trees flourish, others die. Some cattle grow strong, others are taken by wolves. Some men are born rich enough and dumb enough to enjoy their lives. Ain't nothing fair."- John Marston
"A house divided cannot stand."- Abraham Lincoln
"Wanting something does not give you the right to have it."- Ezio Auditore da Firenze
"Do or do not, there is no try."- Yoda
"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts."- Winston Churchill
"You can shine no matter what you are made of."- Bigweld
"Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it's called the present."- Oogway
"War...War never changes. Men do. Through the roads they walk."- Fallout 4
"We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses."- Abraham Lincoln
"Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will take you everywhere."- Albert Einstein "If you win power, remember why you wanted it."- John Marston
"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."- Maya Angelon
"You're only given one little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it."- Robin Williams
"Educate them. Teach them right from wrong. It must be knowledge that frees them, not force." -Altair
"An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind."- Mahatma Gandhi
"The problem is not the problem; the problem is your attitude about the problem."- Captain Jack Sparrow "It ain't no secret that I didn't get these scars falling over in church."- John Marston
"Smile, because it confuses people. Because it's easier that explaining what is killing you inside."- The Joker
"With great power, comes great responsibility."- Uncle Ben
"I walk slowly, but I NEVER walked backwards."- Abraham Lincoln
"If she's amazing, she won't be easy. If she's easy, she won't be amazing. If she's worth it, you won't give up. If you give up, you're not worthy. Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for."- Bob Marley
"One sure mark of a fool is to dismiss anything that falls outside his experience as being impossible."-Skyrim
"The cynics may be the loudest voices--but I promise you they will accomplish the least."- Barack Obama "People don't forget. Nothing gets forgiven."- John Marston
"If you enter this world knowing you are loved and you leave this world knowing the same, then everything that happens in between can be dealt with."- Michael Jackson
"Don't obsess over words so much. Find the meaning behind the words, then decide."- Metal Gear Solid 2
"When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down 'Happy.' They told me I didn't understand the assignment and I told them they didn't understand life."- John Lennon
"Have no fear of perfection, you'll never reach it."- Salvador Dali
"We were all humans until race disconnected us, religion separated us, politics divided us, and wealth classified us."- Joyner Lucas
"This town needs an enema!"- The Joker "While there are guns and money, there won't be any freedom."- John Marston
"If you can't fly, then run, if you can't run, then walk, if you can't walk, then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward."- Martin Luther King Jr.
"What ever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it they will want to come back and see you do it again and they will want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do."- Walt Disney
"Go to college then you can rip people off and get paid for it. It's called capitalism."- GTA 5
"Be a first-rate version of yourself instead, of a second-rate version of someone else."- Judy Garland
"We come into this world with our eyes closed. And most of us choose to live your whole lives that way..."- Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
"Time is not measured by the passing of years but by what one does, what one feels, and what one achieves."- Jawaharlal Nehru
"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."- Martin Luther King Jr.
"You can close your eyes to the things you do no want to see, but you cannot close your heart to the things you do not want to feel."-Johnny Depp
"A hero can be anyone, even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat around a little boy's shoulder to let him know that the world hadn't ended."- Batman
"Good men mean well. We just don't always end up doing well."- Dead Space 3
"All it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest man to lunacy. That is how far the world is from where I am. Just one bad day."- The Joker
"I’m sorry but I don’t want to be an Emperor – that’s not my business – I don’t want to rule or conquer anyone. I should like to help everyone if possible, Jew, gentile, black man, white. We all want to help one another, human beings are like that. We all want to live by each other’s happiness, not by each other’s misery. We don’t want to hate and despise one another. In this world there is room for everyone and the earth is rich and can provide for everyone. The way of life can be free and beautiful. But we have lost the way. Greed has poisoned men’s souls – has barricaded the world with hate; has goose-stepped us into misery and bloodshed. We have developed speed but we have shut ourselves in: machinery that gives abundance has left us in want. Our knowledge has made us cynical, our cleverness hard and unkind. We think too much and feel too little: More than machinery we need humanity; More than cleverness we need kindness and gentleness. Without these qualities, life will be violent and all will be lost. The aeroplane and the radio have brought us closer together. The very nature of these inventions cries out for the goodness in men, cries out for universal brotherhood for the unity of us all. Even now my voice is reaching millions throughout the world, millions of despairing men, women and little children, victims of a system that makes men torture and imprison innocent people. To those who can hear me I say “Do not despair”. The misery that is now upon us is but the passing of greed, the bitterness of men who fear the way of human progress: the hate of men will pass and dictators die and the power they took from the people, will return to the people and so long as men die [now] liberty will never perish…Soldiers – don’t give yourselves to brutes, men who despise you and enslave you – who regiment your lives, tell you what to do, what to think and what to feel, who drill you, diet you, treat you as cattle, as cannon fodder. Don’t give yourselves to these unnatural men, machine men, with machine minds and machine hearts. You are not machines. You are not cattle. You are men. You have the love of humanity in your hearts. You don’t hate – only the unloved hate. Only the unloved and the unnatural. Soldiers – don’t fight for slavery, fight for liberty. In the seventeenth chapter of Saint Luke it is written ” the kingdom of God is within man ” – not one man, nor a group of men – but in all men – in you, the people. You the people have the power, the power to create machines, the power to create happiness. You the people have the power to make life free and beautiful, to make this life a wonderful adventure. Then in the name of democracy let’s use that power – let us all unite. Let us fight for a new world, a decent world that will give men a chance to work, that will give you the future and old age and security. By the promise of these things, brutes have risen to power, but they lie. They do not fulfill their promise, they never will. Dictators free themselves but they enslave the people. Now let us fight to fulfill that promise. Let us fight to free the world, to do away with national barriers, do away with greed, with hate and intolerance. Let us fight for a world of reason, a world where science and progress will lead to all men’s happiness. Soldiers – in the name of democracy, let us all unite!"-Charlie Chaplin
"All war is a symptom of man's failure as a thinking animal."- John Steinbeck
"Good morning, and in case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!”- Truman Burbank

Megafun13 has posted the following comments:

Because of evidence. +1
There is no solid evidence for God. +1
That is hypocritical to say. +1
Yes, because you are just saying these stupid conspiracies that have evidence that they are not set up and you have lost this argument already. Let me guess you believe that the Earth is flat and we did not land on the moon.  
Some but not all.  
Oh, so sites that record 9/11 events are fake? But, whatever, you do you and I'll do me.  
And why would that be an effect of that?  
This is America, the melting pot of the world. We should not restrict refugees or immigrants unless it is truly dire.  
What do you think?  
But, not all of it is fake.  
Media is the main form for information to travel.  
Sure, they are.  
Ow, I am so hurt.  
Just saying that you should've have accused someone else of grammar when you forgot to put another 'l' in the word.  
Then why did he ban the countries that have nothing to do with the terrorist attacks?  
Not fake news.  
Search them up, they are there.  
I was going to put that he was but it does not matter. In that time I would have been a republican. Banning people from entering the U.S. is stupid. The whole world said that he was a bad choice.  
You spelled actually wrong before you changed it.  
Abraham Lincoln, he said that he wanted to unit America again and he did.  
And Cons. couldn't live without complaining against Obama. +2
He loves everyone? Factually incorrect in The Bible. +1
Not logic, a myth passed down form generation to generation that have brainwashed people that they should work in this life to earn a better one. I do charity work because I think that it is a good thing to do. +2
I have science to back up my opinions, so I win. +3
Who created God? +1
Something called chance. +2
well//then who created god lol? read science pages u guys +3
But, it will decrease them.  
God also said to stone disobedient children, allowed slaves, kill homosexuals, and that a women should be quiet. IT'S IN THE BIBLE PEEP LOOK IT UP!!! +2
Who made God? +1
Who created God, though? +2
I am not anti-religious. But, just to give my opinion and make a conversation out of it.  
Then why does the Big Bang have to have a creator and could not just happen?  
*Santa Claus. You are referring to the movie.  
But, everything needs a creator. What you are saying is that God was just always there. It is also a bit hypocritical of you to say that.  
Yes, he is. The one who said to kill gays, enslave African-Americans, killed babies, and said to love him more than anything else in the world. Seems like a great guy.  
Prove it.  
But, who created God?  
But, when did he come about? The fact that everything needs a creator but not God is hypocritical.  
Happy? Yes.  
A good person? The one who said kill all homosexuals, enslave all blacks, killed babies, had people throw stones at children who were disobedient until dead.Yeah, seems like a good guy.  
Scientists, Atheists, people.  
But everything needs a creator, that is a bit hypocritical.  
I have an invisible unicorn that only I can see, hear, touch, and smell. Is he real?  
God is not real  
To say that I did not follow like mindless drones and wanted concrete proof of God  
Read a science book and you will see how it is.  
I like fudge but I am a person of science.  
Religion makes no sense at all.  
*Mind blown* That is such an original idea, go spread the news to everyone!  
Yes, from a person who believes that a talking snake created the temptation of sin and that there is an invisible man in the sky that watches everything that everyone does at the same time.  
u should do research.  
What males more sense, testable proof of an experiment or it is caused by God?  
What created God?  
God can't be dead because he never was alive or real.  
No, he did not.  
At first I thought that it was God  
Does everything need a creator?  
what they hell person im a loyal to science.  
Wow, way to copy a picture saying that same thing. Religion does not make perfect sense.  
I have read The Bible and I was Christian until I realized that none of it makes sense.  
I think you need to go to school.  
what created god?  
god did not  
But, where did God come from?  
I do not care. At least I would not be in a place where a person rewards you for killing homosexuals and enslaving African Americans.  
God created big bang, who created God  
who created the deity you worship then huh  
Where did God come from?  
Who/what created God?  
Better than being in a place where a misogynistic, racist, murderer lives. +1
Where did God come from?  
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