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Im 18, favorite color is purple, favorite food is tacos, favorite color is purple,black, and neon green.

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    more movies  
    no gonna comment  
    Give me a wand  
    i want to be one  
    Star wars gets old  
    Half and Half  
    they look the same  
    I love her movies  
    looks cooler  
    his powers are cooler  
    over kill  
    Same guy, but...  
    eat poop and you die  
    yup +1
    that would be cool  
    just get on a computer and do you internet things  
    Just wish for a million more wishes and wish for jobs that get you money  
    He could be talking about chicken nuggets that you eat.  
    God created Big Bang Dumb*ass  
    more interesting  
    true love is worth billions of dollars  
    create more money  
    why do you need to rule if there is no problems?  
    at least i'll know i have children  
    secret wedding  
    idk i guessed  
    easy, witch one is faster  
    Dude, you can watch Tv on your computer  
    i vote twitter  
    you have to use google to get on facebook  
    a flip?  
    Chrome is awesome  
    get alot of money from working forever  
    the ants can bite  
    worms are probably juicy. EWW  
    at least its small  
    yes, totally. How could you not  
    your mom created you WTF  
    poop can kill you, i dont know how many times i have to say it  
    what if someone pooped in the tub though?  
    cut you d*amn tongue off  
    the hair would clog your throat and..... NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT  
    I love COCO  
    at least it will be in your pants  
    i want the money  
    i get to chose how i die +1
    IM a woman so.... NO PENIS  
    keep your mouth shut  
    these are some gross questions  
    im a girl so  
    if you eat poop you will die  
    the right choice  
    NO SHAVING :))))))))  
    lord the first one would hurt  
    im female but if i was male this is my answer  
    at least i will find the one  
    At least you have a chance of being together  
    i love my family +1
    my best friend is a boy so..... Do the math my peeps  
    love is worth dieing for  
    i want to be happy  
    hes old and fat, easy chance  
    follow your heart  
    get it started  
    infront of my friends would be embarrassing  
    toe cheese? wtf  
    no popping zit's  
    how could you sleep with your dad?  
    ewww both are gross  
    i couldn't smell like that for the rest of my life  
    no periods? HEAVEN  
    half half  
    a human centipede?  
    walrus tusks would hurt  
    at least its a banana, not a sperm  
    i mean at least she is alive. What would happen if you slept with her? You probably would get Hermes's  
    Im female :0 +1
    OMG more people would eat the poop. Poop can kill you you know  
    anything but Justin Pooper  
    i dont know what the other one is so....  
    hola, hi  
    i dont even have a sister, i would not do it with my mom. Hell to the no  
    you wont even be able to get into the elevator  
    I want to go to Paris  
    i hate tests  
    who is this person?  
    tumblr is awesome  
    i could wear hats, and i would never have to shave ;() yay  
    i like singing, besides, whats minute to win?  
    I could not live without meet  
    green apple's are sour  
    Im a vampire people  
    if you shout then teachers will always hear you if you try to whisper to a friend  
    for sure  
    cant answer this one. I have to do both. Yellow stuff will be on your teeth if you dont brush them. If you dont wash your hair you will get dandruff  
    Horses are my favorite animals. And i want my teeth  
    i would like not to stink  
    I hate Justin Pooper  
    For life  
    My country  
    if your 40 and a virgin. That is terrible  
    they are more soothing  
    all the way  
    if your famous you have money....DUH  
    if i said everything on my mind.... Oh lord.  
    im a reader  
    im already a woman  
    smart and pretty go togther  
    these are easy  
    uhh easy  
    can* +1
    I vcan live longer, so i can make more money +1
    No Justin Bieber. No Drake,  
    So i can avoid what ever i die from  
    I dont even know how to surf  
    my pick  
    Then i can know if someone has a crush on me, or i can know someones secrets  
    true love is the richest thing in the world  
    you probably know that person, so why dont you date the person you know instead of someone you only watch act or sing  
    Just turn 5 dollar bills into hundred dollar bills. And magic is awesome  
    If you dont have any problems in the world there is no need to rule  
    Back to the future  
    Because i dont like people watching me kiss another person, its just creepy  
    because you can get internet on something else. If you chose not internet, whats the piont of having a cell phone  
    I could never not eat chocolate  
    i will help those in need  
    love her more  
    this was hard but i have to go with harry potter. I loved those books and movies when i was a kid  
    i dont really understand starwars because it jumps around alot  
    I have that movie. I watch it to this day  
    love mean girls  
    i dont like either but i will not pick justin bieber  
    Brad duhh  
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