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    PewDiePie is a cancerous FilthyFrank wannabe +2
    Both are cancer  
    RIP Masturbating  
    ...Back when every single question wasn't taken..  
    Yay he hit 1M votes  
    Almost to 1M votes :p  
    If this reaches 1,000,000 votes...  
    then everybody will be like "HOLY SHEEIT!"  
    Yes he has  
    Lol, why did you choose that option then?  
    you're the dumbass  
    Reasons why Europe sucks: (1) 2 world wars, (2) Hitler, (3) Naziism, (4) Socialism, (5) Communism, (6) Mussolini, (7) Catholicism, (8) Terrible weather, (9) Comminazis, (10) Eurotrash, (11) The Spice Girls, (12) Their toilets, (13) Their pansy ass cars, (14) Germany and France suck especially for not backing us up when we've backed them up so many times it's ridiculous, (15) The total devastation of America, Africa, and Asia as a result of European Imperialism, (16) I'm sure there's plenty more things out there that I dont f**king know. But apart from that, I'm pretty sure the negative parts of Europe far outweigh the redeeming factors it might have. Have a nice day.  
    At least I wouldn't have to undergo surgery +1
    MK9 has way more blood and gore. Just saying +16
    If I share it with someone else, they'd probably f**k it up.  
    The graphics are way better  
    Armor games has more games +2
    The pics are kinda blurry  
    I have a Logitech webcam 260  
    Pictures always look better with color  
    Shit! Didn't read the question correctly and voted for the computer. Meant to vote for the TV.  
    That was a little mishap x)  
    Yup, there workplace is Epic  
    Ikr Bing is mean  
    PCs are so much better. you can download a whole lot more stuff than you can on a Mac.  
    Why would I use a blackberry?  
    Chrome is better  
    did you mean : 5 bottles of water and 5 bags of food?  
    at least I wouldn't have to worry about getting my ear ripped off.  
    I won't tell anyone though  
    she's hotter though  
    too many hoomans!!  
    it's spelled "relationship"  
    I've actually tried Mac, and it sucks  
    Never heard of these countries before  
    At least I won't have to spend 4 hours studying  
    PewDiePie=Subsrciber magnet  
    dafuq is Ms. Sirois? +2
    i'm a guy soo..  
    grammer nazi alert  
    at least I won't have horrendously stinky breath  
    imagine acing every test  
    it's spelled duct tape  
    yeah, cause the Europeans didn't have the man power at the time  
    y is that?  
    Europe would've been under Nazi control for a LONG time if the US never involved in the war  
    Australia will be no match for the US if they were having a Mexican standoff  
    very true  
    You get more entertainment out of movies  
    9-11's nothing compared to the Holocaust.  
    Imagine freaking the sh*t out of someone by walking behind them and start breathing.  
    You put one bullet in the cylinder. Then you spin the cylinder, aim the revolver at your head. If the bullet doesn't end up in the barrel, you live and win $100M. If the bullet DOES end up in the barrel, you die.  
    At least you won't have to worry about a zombie walking into the bathroom while you're taking a massive "you know what."  
    I'll just buy me some hearing aids.  
    I could get rid of all the embarassing moments in my life  
    are you serious?  
    In muscle, yes  
    indeed you are  
    Imagine being a 200 yr old geezer trying to stand up.  
    If you have more time, you'll have more time to make more money.  
    Being famous will attracted a lot of people, so yeah i agree.  
    At least i won't have to worry about having a violent death.  
    You get more attention if you're famous  
    Being a millionaire will make it easier to find true love.  
    what if he isn't  
    Imagine getting sucked into a jet intake  
    ok smartass, how can something like the big bang occur out of nothing?  
    2 weeks of doing whatever the hell i want is my type of vacation.  
    I won't be a very good wizard, so...  
    I'd take a shower right away  
    Agreed. god created the big bang, the big bang created the universe, then galaxies, solar systems, planets formed, then there's us. So god created us.  
    if god doesn't exist, you don't exist.  
    There's no proof of god because no one has evidence of him.  
    god created the big bang  
    Then how could the big bang occur if there's nothing but an empty void of nothingness?  
    o rly? If he didn't exist, we wouldn't exist.  
    god created the big bang, therefore the big bang created the universe.  
    I'd rather save than borrow  
    lol, ikr x)  
    The world will be 1000 times better without any problems.  
    The future is more exciting than the past  
    Who cares if no one comes to my funeral, I'm already dead,  
    yup ;)  
    o rly  
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