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Id like to fuck the girl on my profile picture

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    Let her bring her friends into bed?  
    I love you lol  
    Ima lone wolf baby  
    No more finger prints lol :D Steal all the things  
    Bow down b*tches  
    Im very dissapointed  
    Yay ima date a 7year old  
    I hooe you all burn in hell  
    Its time to go play so,e bathroom tennis  
    If i could get nude with this girl :3  
    Already have an iPad :)  
    Stupid assholes read the authors comment if you dont have a job  
    Team Jacob b*tches  
    I already wear glasses  
    They give to best BJ's?  
    Skiny dipping  
    More miney for weed  
    Ive already skydived :-/  
    Atleast he has a fanny  
    I could finger my self anywhere :)  
    Risk it for the biscuite  
    But then her face will be fat?  
    Then ill have a long dick? duhhh  
    You guys are effin pussies  
    Ef this ima skip  
    Wifi or no wifi ? You decide  
    I dont give a fück?  
    Im gay now :3 +1
    More meat  
    65% are girls  
    Insta kill?  
    Is this about star wars?  
    My fav sport is digging holes :3  
    Good place to mastrubate  
    My piss always makes it warm :)  
    Can it be in the playbou masion?  
    It was very hard for me  
    I hate you all  
    More girls +1
    Doesnt matter still has sex  
    Id change i to scarlette jo and send myself nudes?  
    Sniper!!!!! Lookout he will noscope you  
    Can i direct pornos?  
    Stupid are you, wrong path you have chosen  
    Im from africa +1
    You can ride scarlette johansson?  
    Both pictures are easy to mastrubate to :)  
    Im very surprised  
    "I like big butts and i cannot lie"  
    You mean the thing that can shoot right?  
    I love cookies  
    Diabetes here i come  
    Birthday sex!!!!!!!!  
    As long as they are sexual im in :)  
    Its the kinda beat that will make you go dum dumd umd umdj fidje jsjdnndnksowmmddj  
    Id f*** that guy in the wheelchair #straight  
    May you burn in hell  
    I hate the other21%  
    It was proven  
    She can suck the blood from my "head" anytime ;)  
    My mom gave me before bedtime sex  
    I love asian porn  
    "Hey liitle mama lemme whisper in your ear"  
    She looks like a man  
    29% of you are just poor and lazy  
    That accent  
    He gets pussy  
    Id send nudes to my real phone :P  
    I just saw more boobs  
    So one day i can rape her  
    Id make the girl on my profile picture blow me  
    My moms hot  
    Id do the same  
    Read Karma Sutra  
    I had sex with my teacher  
    Ive got that car on GTA :)  
    They look the same?  
    I consider sex a sport +1
    The question is so easy? ill be like my hero Chris Breezy  
    Wifi ?  
    Im a nudist anyways?  
    Was my first mastrubation insperation :D  
    Easy to lose  
    So i can sniff my sisters panties  
    Id not kill my parent  
    If shes hot and Wants the D its fone with me  
    Blue label costs to much  
    Now i can go milf hunting  
    So i can scout for booty duhh? Who doesnt want to see a girl squat  
    It took me 59 seconds to answer  
    I hate you guys  
    Fück why do i keep clicking on boobs without reading  
    Pay somone 100$ to find the money?  
    Click on the page, mastubate then its loaded :)  
    Me stupid now  
    Id make a vagina duhh?  
    Im lazy  
    Do i hear a 3way?  
    Id connect myself to a pornstar :D +1
    Its called a crapberry BTw  
    Shit i forgot to YOLO  
    Id build myself a girlfriend :)  
    Idiots? guys need to be fabulous to  
    Lol Stevan  
    Can i be put in the same trunk as that girl?.....  
    But only my hunger though  
    PornHub or 50 Shades of Gray  
    If your smart your popular? or atleast its that way in Rsa?  
    Lol i already have haters  
    I need 2 legs to run away from my stalker ;)  
    Selfones have internet?  
    Love a long life?????  
    doesnt matter will have sex +1
    I cant help but abuse pussy ;)  
    Nice= Nice enough to bang me after school :)  
    I also sh*t in the shower  
    I like the smell :3  
    Lovveeee sick ;)  
    Skip both are pussies ? I choose Hitler goooo nazi  
    No condoms needed? epic win #me horny  
    Fück you alll mwah hahahahahaha  
    My birthday is december 25th?  
    Wtf is this  
    Drug dealers unite!!!!!  
    Ohhh sh*t i forgot about : the cabin in the woods :-|  
    Wtf does pivotal mean?  
    Shit i forgot to YOLO  
    Id look at all the messages  
    I was a nudist 0-0  
    You mean when i mother boobs bounce right?  
    Doesnt matter had sex  
    I find this easy to mastrubate to  
    More money  
    Have sex in the restuarant and at home?  
    Even girls had to chose the right one :0  
    I find both pictures easy to mastrubate to :)  
    Some games are based on movies :0  
    I like the other kind of pussy ;)  
    Sound like a great time to wank  
    Id Dream of sex with my friend(girl on my Profile pic) everynight :D #Julia De Beer  
    I chose the one with the most things  
    Easy one :)  
    Id be the ginger Power Ranger ?  
    3way everyday  
    Me Saw boobs :-/ Dont judge me lol  
    I only have a Laptop?  
    Prostitutes dont take gifts?  
    Dem girls in Grass Skirts turn me on  
    Your friend wont give you sex? duhhh  
    5 some b*tches :D  
    Then i can still watch porn :3  
    Haha to bad Justin Bieber  
    Id cut my tongue out? live foreever :P problem?  
    If i could choose the actor hell yeah  
    Im already a lonely cat boy :-| 17 and living with cats  
    Id laugh at his ass  
    Thank goat for the skip button +1
    Do you wana build a snow man?.....  
    Best porn ever!!!!!  
    If the job was a pornstar  
    Drive me to the best dinner in the world? Problem  
    Id play it outside?  
    Both have vaginas so im stumped :-/ +1
    Sex with her would be "magic" :3  
    Only i can have sex :D  
    Id bride everyone if i get caught  
    My brother is a dick  
    Special check up time ;)  
    PORNNNN +1
    Id just jump off ? YOLO  
    Easier at getting to porn duhhh  
    Id like to know if she faked it :-/  
    Just not skrillex  
    Id be her and send naked pic to my phone then change back :3  
    Pussy counts as meat right  
    I steal girls virginities ;)  
    No one is seeing my clown porn :-|  
    Black people have long dicks :D  
    It hard but i like girls voices much more  
    Friends with benefits ;)  
    My true love is my best friend :)  
    Id have some elevator sex baby ;)  
    So it can bite black people #dieYouGrapeSodaLovers  
    Its much better fresh  
    My dog behaves like a pig :-|  
    Why just not work?  
    I like laughing at other peoples pain :P  
    Birthday Suit Bitches :D  
    Doesnt matter still had sex  
    Then i can finally understand the BS that my GF says :3  
    Id like to know what my moms vagina looks like :3  
    Twilight has morez sexy people though  
    Do mermaids have vaginas?  
    I love you guys lol  
    I love you guys lol  
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