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    Don't answer  
    I already have talent, so I would have skills as well.  
    People, I live in Santa Cruz. I see Hump Back Whales all he time.  
    I can talk in my mind.  
    He will grow out of it.  
    Sure, I will put my middle finger up.  
    I just through up, good job people, good job!  
    You make  
    How about: Jello pudding  
    1 percent of you are bull- sh*tting lyrers  
    Thought is said sex  
    I just won't drink smoothies  
    I can't drive.( Does that mean Butter Beer from Harry Potter?)  
    How about my brothers, he never uses it.  
    Cook it  
    I would quit first  
    Move out  
    I had sex  
    If I were chinise  
    I would forget all of my friends  
    Just don't be there friend  
    People it is 2015  
    I don't have a penis, so FVCK you bastards!!!!!!!!!  
    Where did the cat come from  
    People who chose A, are stupid.  
    I would be a great spy.  
    If you start the world over but better, there is a chance that some of us won't be born.  
    It is a rummur that they are gay, I met them.  
    I could have Smurffs syndrome  
    It is still money  
    Every one who said flats are just saying that because they ain't thinking right, they are drunk.  
    Mercy Cruz. Not Santa Cruz, There ain't no Santa around, so why be Santa Cruz, I am around, so it should be named after ME.  
    Close the blinds  
    My talent will make me a lot of noney  
    Not a rock star  
    To many politics  
    Good night  
    I don't have a penis.  
    She could be 2 years old.  
    In prison you get food and warmth.  
    Both are stupid.  
    To cold in a igloo  
    Don't drink  
    No comment  
    I would know who to ask  
    There not jerks  
    My tablet, it does not work  
    More people would die  
    I am soooo out numbered  
    I already am  
    To hard  
    Don't care, I am gay  
    Bye chocolate  
    English teacher  
    I am 12  
    WASHERS you idiots!!!  
    No Hollocast  
    My dad will hurt me  
    Get new car  
    They did not say how long, it could be for, like , a few seconds.  
    I hate my life, and I am going to slit my wrist any ways.  
    How about a teen  
    I will make more money  
    Not right now, but later, I am 12  
    Fu*k the sick bastard who thought of this Q. I hate you, you B*tch  
    I can finally understand the Mexican people, and see if they are talking about me.  
    I would say I was rapped  
    Wrong one  
    I get more attention  
    You'll never find me...Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahababah  
    Get another job when you use up all of the money  
    It is not as hard  
    I live in Santa Cruz, so it would be a nice thing to know how to do.  
    Does that mean I am 2, because I am 12  
    I am always miserable  
    We could work on cleaning it up  
    You did not say he was not rich.  
    It is still a lot of money.  
    I am 12, and I have been kissed.  
    You don't feel any pain, you die right away.  
    Does that mean food...  
    Who came up w/ this Q, a 4 year old?  
    I don't smoke.  
    I already have book smarts  
    I am cuter  
    Paranaha wont stack unless there is blood.  
    Is neither an obtion  
    It is faster  
    There both ok  
    I am not getting caught  
    I could say I hurt my ankle.  
    I am a geek  
    He needs to learn his lesson.  
    Neither, Or both  
    How about suasid  
    I heart this show.  
    You never said we couldn't still have sex.  
    Not all at once  
    50%, and 50%. Not surprised.  
    How about a teen?  
    Crap, bent to say Google, they are way better than Face Book.  
    He said ANY car.  
    Both are bull sh*t  
    They can just date, you shouldn't make people be with each other if they can't stand each other.  
    They both look like retards  
    They wouldn't be gay, I am a girl  
    People don't often give beggars money  
    Let try it out  
    Justin briber fans are idiots  
    Blind, I need Music  
    They are both discussing  
    Hard Q  
    I can't rap, so I wouldnt  
    Sleep over  
    It could be a sleep over  
    I LOVE pit bulls +1
    I would have it on both  
    I am right  
    That would be awesome And how does this have to do with relasionships  
    How about in between  
    I would regeret some of my dreams.  
    There are more people out there for you.  
    At least I am not the shorty, and I wouldn't date them if they were that short.  
    I don't have a crush  
    Don't care, I have a really good voice, and I sing in the mirror all the time any ways.  
    What does this have to do about relasionships.  
    I am not a murder, and I don't want to be murdered.  
    I can't stand to hurt other people just to do it.  
    I don't die.  
    I wouldn't use a man.  
    At least they don't die.  
    Have fvcking heard of adoption, don't put a child it that state, they take the wrong paths. If you leave a girl, they feel like they can't handle a baby, so they put them for adoption, and the child ends up taking the wrong path.( DRUGS)  
    I would appalagize a lot, after I leave.  
    He would be perfect  
    Never heard of either  
    Really hard  
    I would help him.  
    At least I am being loved  
    Never seen either  
    They would be 2 if they were ten years younger then me.  
    I already am always over dressed  
    This is funner  
    I am just on my phone  
    They are both really cute  
    Pollution is abusing anmiels.  
    I can write.  
    The more time you have, the more time you have to think about ways to get money.  
    No more slavory  
    If I am rich, I am famous  
    After you read the books, the movies are crappy.  
    I want both  
    To hard  
    I am perswasive  
    Girls, come on, there are other men out there for you  
    I already am lesbo.... +1
    We will get along soon enough.  
    No killing  
    I can still take baths, and swim.  
    I meant to say monkey  
    An object or a person...  
    My own gender  
    I hate both  
    The bigger the better  
    They never said I had I give up my phone, or tablet  
    So that I can avoid the cause, and not die that way  
    I can't live without music  
    I would lock myself in Costco  
    My husband would be there...  
    Let people be who they are. +1
    I love dogs, but that is to much work.  
    I don't like people, I shut everyone anyways.  
    Am I able to still have a lot of SSEEXX!!!!  
    And how is this a relasionship Q?  
    Just hide...  
    The job I want will give me high pay anyway...  
    Are the gay?  
    I am Mott the bad guy!!!  
    I wish I knew about the skip butten.  
    Wait, are they gay!!!  
    She is my idle, even if I were a girl.  
    Who did you choose  
    We need to spend some rime together.  
    Sorry, I love having sex.  
    Your friends will support you through your hardest times.  
    Of coarse true love, that can only come once in a life time  
    What is more important, people or objects?  
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