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Choose: Zapdos or Lugia 3 years ago 103 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Pick one: Avatar or Avatar: The last airbender (show) 3 years ago 112 votes 5 comments 0 likes

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I choose.... myself... c: 3 years ago  
dayum thats a nice prison 3 years ago +1
what if i give my family... MONEY!? 3 years ago  
aaaaaaaaaand skip! 3 years ago  
already am :DDD 3 years ago  
why in 1914? why not in 1889 when hitler was born? 3 years ago  
Yummy :D 3 years ago  
eh.. i never knew them... what if I killed 10,000 assholes? :D 3 years ago  
looking young forever is kinda creepy if you think about it... 3 years ago  
what kind of sick twisted person... *sigh* 3 years ago  
neither... 3 years ago  
wtf 3 years ago  
already have one XD 3 years ago  
i dont want to give birth to a baby that could come out retarded 3 years ago  
incest, incest is the best, put your sister to the test. 3 years ago  
wow... 51% of people are shallow assholes. 3 years ago  
already am XD 3 years ago  
if they dont borrow money then I can use my money to buy more clothes 3 years ago  
neither 3 years ago  
I have that top for my sims :O 3 years ago  
awww midgets are so cute tho >u< but I wouldnt want to be one... 3 years ago  
it makes ur house smell like Christmas months after Christmas happened :D 3 years ago +1
I like popcorn 3 years ago  
-facepalm- I... just... no... 3 years ago  
neither. Also, im a girl sooo 3 years ago  
a bad haircut doesn't affect your face. Also, wigs :D 3 years ago  
they're both nasty sooo.. 3 years ago  
the other guy looks like hes staring into my soul 3 years ago  
id much rather be stuck in my room... when my parents are out i'll just sneak out of my room and fix my internet >:D 3 years ago  
ehh... 3 years ago  
ehh... 3 years ago  
eh... 3 years ago  
-hums the Tetris song- 3 years ago  
at least I wont get arrested from being fat 3 years ago  
aand skip 3 years ago  
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