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    My pj's is made of silk and it looks like a suit...  
    Same here! :D  
    I'd just shhh them back, then we'd all have a 'shhhh' competition. :3 +7
    Because that sounds kinda cool... haha, but I doubt we were created out of nothing. I don't believe in coincidence.  
    I don't eat meat that often anyway, and fruits come in so many different flavours.  
    Yellow apples. +4
    It's sort of like that here too... +2
    SOOOKEH. +2
    And how would they fit in the elevator in the first place? +7
    I'd miss the snow if I lived in Australia.  
    The human still has a beating heart.  
    Most prefer cams, it seems like...  
    I think curiousity can make someone more paranoid, always suspecting something's going on. +1
    aliens because they are not real. +5
    I have no idea why I'd marry a horse but hey, if I'm happy it's all good!  
    We are born alone, and we die alone So if there was a chance of diying a painless death ... I wouldn't mind that at all. +4
    Just because TWD had an awesone first season.  
    No, but... it's called would you rather for a reason. And most of you are sick.  
    You get to talk like Stephen Hawkins...oooh yeah.  
    But if you were rich, you could buy it for yourself all the time and not just on certain occasions.  
    Low self-esteem so I can boost them up. <3 +12
    Who the eff is lucas till +1
    Stupid actually, because hitler is hated but there are still people following what he believed... like neo nazi etc.  
    k, this made me laugh. :p  
    I do not understand the facination of having a tree in your living room. It's a damn tree ... sigh.  
    be the richest person in the world, so I can help everyone. +1
    Long bubble bath then a cold shower after. :D +5
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