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    How is circumcised winning? +1
    I don't go to the pool.  
    I wish the person who made this said urethra over penis.  
    Tie the chicken down and then go on top of it. That simple.  
    Undertaker is 50 so I'll go with Sheamus. If it as a WWE match then The Undertaker.  
    Cricket is pretty derp and football is also derp.  
    Might as well swallow it.  
    No one.  
    I need to know.  
    Bros before hos.  
    I'd tell him he's done great.  
    No need to speed if teleportation gets you there.  
    Slap that ho. +9
    Screw them.  
    That cat is a lion!  
    At least I wouldn't be a horrible human being. Or an idiot.  
    Video games!  
    That's what is should be like.  
    Screw love.  
    Ha ha make up.  
    Hah, religion. +1
    Keep your opinion to yourself.  
    Who needs children?  
    Racism is worse.  
    Cancel both.  
    What if it's my wing wang?  
    Satan is very accepting.  
    Sorry animals.  
    The real football.  
    Smartest is the most popular.  
    Wink wink.  
    Don't have one anyways.  
    Cough I'm okay.  
    I'll be fine.  
    Bros before hos.  
    Aw, shucks.  
    At least he ain't lying.  
    I clicked the wrong one.  
    Pokémon for sure. God is a terrible thing while Pokémon are awesome.  
    Ha ha Heaven... +1
    Never would want to be a woman.  
    There has to be some problems otherwise we'd all be the same and be derp.  
    I can't like dogs, they are just too damn annoying.  
    The right choice.  
    I get hard over my cat? Nothin' new.  
    We need to play games.  
    I'd eat a dog over friends.  
    No need for love.  
    I'm 5 foot 1 so it's cool.  
    Both suck but only one is football.  
    Who wants a period?  
    The dog has worms.  
    Gay is okay.  
    You can wish for the things money can buy.  
    More people died.  
    The baby could have a disease.  
    God is lesbian, go home religious freaks. +1
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