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    I have a pretty decent voice and I can picture the crowd naked. I'm sure I'd be fine.  
    Parents: You can be anything you want to be! Parents: No, not that. +2
    I like how I look.  
    *facepalm* If you choose No Cell Phone then you would have internet access. If you choose No Internet then your phone would still be functional but you have no WiFi or internet access what so ever. Everywhere you go, every computer you touch, NO WIFI. Seriously, how hard is this question? And if you are talking about the picture...you're an idiot.  
    I mean..why not? +2
    Then don't answer the question or comment...DERP. +1
    If you READ THE DAMN AUTHOR'S COMMENT...maybe you can figure it out, +7
    I'm more comfortable in girly clothing. +2
    It says no internet on your cell phone...  
    Did the question say Ipod touch? No.  
    Money would never stab me in the back. :) +1
    I don't want to hear those dirty things people think... +1
    I'm a socially awkward gamer... +2
    More to grab on ;D  
    I can wait... +3
    Story of my life.. +2
    It would make me feel uncomfortable...  
    Pedophile or Pedophile... +1
    Oh that's great... *cough*atenttionwhore*cough* Emphisis on the *cough*whore*cough*  
    People have sex with anything these days.  
    Jesus christ!  
    Being a female makes things a bit easier sometimes.  
    Um..girls have WAY more hair than guys...  
    WTF guys?!?!?!  
    Guys swallow cum too...  
    Dead granny :)  
    If they were my real friends, they would care if I'M happy or not.  
    Only for the money..  
    Harry seems too innocent. Zayn it is :)  
    I'd take Katy but...video games you say? (Yes I'm a girl) +1
    So true love or no sex for the rest of your immortal life? B**ch please! +1
    Sex with Lucas Till will only remind me of Hannah Montana...better go with the fag from the Vampire Diaries.  
    Classy not trashy...  
    Still sex...  
    My friends would kick his ass for me :)  
    Wet Dreams or Porn?  
    To the comments that said 'Eat them'...it's four against one...  
    I'm scared of heights..  
    Eh...I'm black.  
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