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    I look at what's in the inside  
    Chocolate is yummy but can make me feel sick while ice cream never sickins me  
    White chocolate is too sickening. One bit is nice but...  
    HOGWARTS 100%!!!!! IM A WIZARD BABY AND IMMA LUMOS YOUR WORLD! Lol. You like dancing. Then taratellagra. OHHHHH you want the dememtors to leave you alone then expecto patronum. LUMOS maxima the world! LUMOS maxima my world.  
    It would be better. It would be just nature and animals, and other people around you. No being racist so sexism. And maybe humans will learn their lesson and not ruin the world again  
    Bcuz it wld show that your useful  
    So cute  
    I hate coffee in general but coollllddd and whipped cream  
    Brushing my teeth. I can use mouth wash  
    I'd prefer best 25 years of my life for sure bcuz I'd prefer short to hurt  
    I am depressed.  
    I wld date the 13 year old JB bcuz he was adorable but he suckz ass now  
    Wldnt it feel nice if your worst enemy showed up at ur wedding.  
    Dogs, cats, animals  
    You are a GENIOUS. Lemme go try that  
    Wait I probably wldnt  
    It's stupid but I'm so desperate to act  
    I'm a geek  
    With lottery the money will run out while with hard work you keep earning. General logic  
    Hermione is more like me  
    My best friends are boys +1
    I'm the MC and it sucks  
    I've never been trick or treating  
    Bcuz Beau Brooks is about 9 1/2 yrs older than me lol  
    What's the differenxe? Aren't they the same  
    Omg sameeeeeee!!!!! Lol write to me on ig @minhogotsass  
    I'm a vegitarian...  
    I find the one I picked wrong but I have a phobia of heights so...  
    Hearing aid  
    Nobody cares about me  
    I've felt the worst psychological pain and trust me physical pain is so much better. So for those of you who picked psychological think again because it's pretty much 5000 times the pain of physical pain. It's like your heart is breaking and right then you just want to feel physical pain. Trust me I've felt it. Also psychological pain will torment you for your life physical pain is just there then it's gone. +1
    Sooooo cuteeeee  
    I don't wanna live forever. This world is cral  
    I wld but I'm scared that I'll drown! Yes I'm a wimp  
    If I entered the hunger games id die if someone tickled me lik  
    I wldnt if it was the last thing I did  
    Bitch. And more fun omg! Learn your grammar  
    I tried to starve myself but my mum started taking everything from me and being RLY harsh on my and screaming at me. I wldnt do that but I wld find a way to help them and show them that they're perfect.  
    For those who picked the movies!!! OMF the books have more detail and you get to live in a world that's not your own. Imagine things that aren't seen on a freakin screen! Those of you who think reading is boring can go die in a hole because reading has more feeling and is always more interesting. You get to see the characters as you want to and DONT have to see them like the actor. Eg. Harry Potter has his mothers eyes in the book while in the movie not so much. Like sh*t.  
    Ahaha my key broke before and I didn't have to do all my hw lol  
    I'm sly and Gd at sneaking around  
    Hockey is scarrryyy  
    Either kill your husband or maybe he's nice  
    Sisters before misters.  
    A kid bcuz as a kid you don't go through tough periods except stepping on Lego. When you grow up the mental pain can be bad. When you're Young there's only stepping on lego  
    Beau is from Melbourne  
    I have a fear of heights so I'd prefer climbing and not looking down then jumping  
    Well said  
    Hmm write to me on ig @minhogotsass x  
    Read Harry Potter and the goblet of Fire, order of the pheonix and half blood prince in one day  
    Cell phone means you can have 3G  
    A hahahaha  
    So true  
    Omg ny computer is so much nore important than me  
    AAhahaha hahahaha like Beau  
    I sound like sh*t in calls  
    Well I love you both but I'm a bigger potterhead  
    I dressed in either football suits or army jackets with swag shirts so yea  
    When I was 10 i only  
    That's so mean  
    I'm polytheistic  
    I keep clicking my the wrong one! I meant to click the fit into any group but not be popular. Damn my finger  
    I love dogs just as much as cats but cats always prefer me for some reason  
    My parents are divorced and I miss my dad like crazy but if they were still together they wld still kick ME out of the room so they cld fight. It gets annoying!!!! So no marriage is better. They can date and get kids so it's like marriage  
    I'm sorry but those of you who said no for gay marriage are ignorant arrogant people. You think that just because being gay isn't as common as being straight that being gay is wrong. They were born that way. It's normal to them and they're just going where their hearts are telling them to go. What you want them to live in torture for the rest of their lives just so that they can please others well it doesn't work that wat  
    If use my phone to see my reflection. Ohhhh. I win  
    Foods before dudes. This has nothing to do with anything.  
    Emma Watson 110%  
    Cokkeeeee but I prefer fanta  
    You get me xx lol  
    I'm ugly and a freak but changing means I wldnt be me anymore  
    Wtf! No the poor animals  
    Um I'm already a vegitarian. Lol  
    I don't mind people from school watching ME. But my family yea my computer history is kinda weird...  
    Bcuz u don't feel them  
    None lol  
    It's bad bcuz it ruined our friendship completely when he asked me out and I said I cldnt  
    I know how it feels to have your best friend fall in love with you.  
    You can change the size of your body and make it skinnier and taller. Change the size of your TV and make it bigger. Change the size of your clothes if they're cheaper in the kids section lol  
    EXCUSEEE ME. Well you're an obnoxious chatterbox rat. Some humans are much worse than POOR INNOCENT SMALL DOGS  
    Monkeys aren't scary  
    Omf lucky  
    U sick sick person  
    Baby bcuz it's calm so it wld put me to sleep  
    Me lol  
    OMG whoever picked Bella is crazy. Wld you like to jump off a cliff bcuz of ur boyfriend!! Like omg  
    UNICORNS ARE REAL YOU F***IN BASTARDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!! Anybody who disagrees can go die in a hole  
    Talk to animals foreign languages are awesome but animals are more considerate than humans so having a convo with them wld be just spiffing lol  
    Ahahaha lol  
    Looking at my dreams wld be awesome for a nice book to write  
    Ur a GENIOUS  
    Yea.. Lol  
    Lol deaf in one ear bcuz I can't last without internet  
    I wld rather kill myself  
    I don't wanna be immortal  
    I agree with you completely  
    Everyone can have their opinion but you shldnt hate on them  
    Hottest. Last year I got called nerd bcuz I was smart so..  
    Hottest. I used to get good grades and actually try to be smart but people started calling me nerd and stuff so id  
    A celebrity is my crush so s celebrity. Love you beau xx if you read this ️plz follow me on Twitter @brooks_lana  
    Money of course life has to end at some poin  
    Lol:) famous  
    Ahaha good one  
    I don't believe in any. Sorry x  
    It can buy books and they're technically the same thing.:)  
    I have a fear of heights so for sure not fly  
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