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Would u rather No Facebook or No rrrather.com(random picture dw) 7 years ago 515 votes 18 comments 0 likes
Would you rather kill this wittle puppy or this cute kitten 7 years ago 888 votes 37 comments 0 likes
What would u rather but u cant eat the other one for the rest of ur life Lollypops or bubble-gum 7 years ago 666 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Get a Billion mansion with anything u can think of having in it but have to wait two years to get it or Crappist house ever now but its the only house you could get 7 years ago 30,142 votes 234 comments 2 likes
Would you rather be granted? Maximum beauty and charm or Be able to Read minds 7 years ago 6,741 votes 21 comments 0 likes

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well I am sorta 12 7 years ago  
i actrally live in nsw lol 7 years ago  
fundafucingmental its not possible for ether so why not tht 7 years ago  
aye why cant it be magic, its not possble to lose ur orgasam so why cant it be possable for ur leg to grow back 7 years ago  
plus even if it did it wouldnt hurt as much as in a di.K hole 7 years ago  
it didnt say it so no 7 years ago  
so what? 7 years ago  
SICKO 7 years ago +2
yer but u suffocate 7 years ago  
no it doesnt it says eat the dirt mixed with worms and bugs 7 years ago +8
landon looks gay 7 years ago +3
period 7 years ago  
retard oh thts wait ur american never mind thats normal 7 years ago +1
Wax 7 years ago  
ur a pervert this is the second time ur hit on her 7 years ago +1
white lookes plain and purple suits me more 7 years ago  
dont have nuts but if i did just get a sack and put nuts in it its still a nut sack 7 years ago +4
insest much? 7 years ago  
ild kill 100 of the bad ppl 7 years ago +3
i love chese and gravey ive tried them 7 years ago +1
black cats are scary 7 years ago  
seriosly? i was just asking a question its not like i would do tht f*cking retard 7 years ago +5
f.ck YEAH BITC.H IM UP FOR IT 7 years ago +2
flavored one that we were using 7 years ago  
wrong one :? 7 years ago  
do it during the day 7 years ago +3
just asking how patiant you are ;) 7 years ago  
haha ur from kansas :P 7 years ago +1
im sure theres worse i dont fcken care about the most smartest questions on the planet i was just posting what ever came to mind im not a fcken genuis so u can go f*ck ur self k 7 years ago +1
ment to clcik mermaid 7 years ago  
and whats that 7 years ago +6
yer as long as its a boy becuz then i wont get a boyfriend 7 years ago  
really i want to read minds 7 years ago  
same lots of ties tho 7 years ago  
what i was gonna say 7 years ago  
u dont kno what ur been shot at it could be a pillow 7 years ago  
a sh*t load of choclate ;) never said litterally 7 years ago  
they never said u couldnt have a bath 7 years ago +1
u never said u had to be alive 7 years ago  
could just stay home 7 years ago  
oppsies clicked wrong one 7 years ago +1
then why would u chose yahoo no one gives a sh*t bout yahoo at least if u were the owner of facey u would be more famous and have the ability to put a dislike button in 7 years ago  
wouldnt want to eat my fingers i usally just bite my self like a vampire it heals but its better then no fingers 7 years ago  
im always cold when its hot i dont kno why 7 years ago +1
im a girl so the second one wont be that bad it would just give me a tiny tiny tiny example of birth 7 years ago  
yer i got a two new netballs the other day so sure even tho i dont have a di*k on the second one it would still hurt abit and burning my netballs are bettter ;) 7 years ago  
i love sloths just look at them lol 7 years ago +4
never said we cant vist and sh*t 7 years ago +1
dont have a penis 7 years ago +1
justin bieber 7 years ago  
justin bieber 7 years ago +1
i dont kno wht ether is 7 years ago +5
there already lived long anouth 7 years ago +2
Read minds becuz i dont need maximum beauty that much it arnt the end of the world but it would be pretty cool to be able to read minds... 7 years ago +3
mehh 7 years ago  
dont have a best friend 7 years ago +1
change ur password 7 years ago +1
is not a lesbian how bout i ask a random person if i can marry them for one day and then kill them 7 years ago  
i hardly wear make up 7 years ago +1
nails grow back quicker and theres more hair than there is nails 7 years ago  
u could say its an accident on punch in the face its not like its gonna do too much harm 7 years ago  
my sister has a hammer toe not severe but she has a broken toe 7 years ago  
it said my ugly best friend never said the mom was ugly 7 years ago +12
then u can easily die and not know it 7 years ago  
wrong one 7 years ago  
if it was a cop hed get in trouble 7 years ago  
take the cig out 7 years ago +1
it would loook like chocalate icecream 7 years ago  
dont have a brother 7 years ago  
JACOB BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!! 7 years ago  
dont have pinis 7 years ago +1
justin bieber apocalype yay justin bieber for everyone!!! u can kill it or anything but me personally my bf!!! 7 years ago  
no its not u fu*ken sexist Gross f*ck 7 years ago +3
actrally it hurts like hell 7 years ago +1
no undies =no dresses or just a slut but no socks means u have to always wear shoes that dont requires socks im fine with that 7 years ago  
FIRS COMMENT 7 years ago  
just tell him to get his teeth fixed 7 years ago +1
what are they anyway 7 years ago  
there all ugly why did ppl like them 7 years ago  
tanned like that HELL YEAH but not the brownish one cause i rather not 7 years ago  
then ur blind plus u should watch all of them the thirds the scarist 7 years ago +1
cheat 7 years ago  
i would ove to be eaten by a giant baby it would be like dieing of cuteness 7 years ago +4
u freck me out bro 7 years ago +3
ive already done that it just shapens my nail 7 years ago  
u can live with aids 7 years ago  
not true there was this story about a girl who was alergic to water and still alive she just took quick showers and had special medicine so she could at least drink it 7 years ago +1
ur on every single question lol 7 years ago  
Yummy 7 years ago +3
u can get rid of cold sores 7 years ago +4
yer plus u can go one eye to the other 7 years ago  
im not a fan as much as my sister but i watch it 7 years ago  
u dont now ur husband might not be forever but ur child is 7 years ago  
thats exactly what i did 7 years ago +2
just walking on the grond thats been in the sun all day is horrble at lease the ice wont hurt as much cause ur foot will be numb 7 years ago  
yes i will join in going out to dinner 7 years ago +2
i believe it is the other way around 7 years ago +3
yes i will take my sister out for dinner everyday maybe she will be more nice 7 years ago +1
plus freee tickets and u get money for it WOOO 7 years ago +1
lol i would join in 7 years ago +1
gold digger 7 years ago +3
they never said u had to be alive 7 years ago +8
u would hurt ur self easy with the other one,plus what if the doors locked and u need to get out of therre 7 years ago  
dk ether 7 years ago +3
i wouldnt what about the sun burting on u i would chose just before then 7 years ago  
50/50 7 years ago  
or just really hate dora 7 years ago +3
if it was my friend i can make her feel sorry 7 years ago  
thats troll face actrally ur too gay to know what there actrally called 7 years ago +4
so will u in a dangerous roads 7 years ago  
never saisd u cant be a giant cat 7 years ago  
u can learn to persuade but u cant learn to read minds 7 years ago +1
never said u had to be like that forever 7 years ago  
they never said it cant be fake hair thats actrally chocolate 7 years ago +227
it could mean kick ur ass in a game never said it had to hurt u 7 years ago  
hatred is apart of life without all this bad sh*t life would be boring u wouldnt be happy because u dont know whats good 7 years ago +2
yer and its easier 7 years ago  
they never said it had to be foreveer they just said look like it so we ould look like that for 1 sec then go back to normal 7 years ago  
u dont have to be anyway 7 years ago +6
then whyd u pick bieber when u could of skipped retard 7 years ago  
they do that to sh*t u dont they 7 years ago  
u can apolgise god forgives everything if u say sorry 7 years ago +4
ewww u discust me 7 years ago +11
never said u anrt aloud to eat anything else it just said u had to eat chease 7 years ago +6
then whyd u pick taylor when u could of skiped 7 years ago  
scott is way hotter u bastards 7 years ago +3
whats head? 7 years ago +2
a huge person? 7 years ago  
already rink my spit its just water 7 years ago  
my real dads gay but i love my mum 7 years ago  
i already do america forign so... 7 years ago  
it could be love embarrasment like he said something really sweet and no on knew he was my bf 7 years ago +1
they never said it cant be toys 7 years ago +4
every person is a talking skull just with a body and sh*t 7 years ago +1
dont know ether 7 years ago +6
i would forgive her after all she is my bff and they never said it cant be little betrayal 7 years ago  
already watched both but loved the first 7 years ago  
they never said it cant grow back 7 years ago  
easy dont drive get other ppl to drive me 7 years ago  
yes i well take her to mc donalds ;) 7 years ago +2
as long as they wont say anything bad about it hey it miight have a good affect and plus sometimes during the holidays im mostly on me pc 7 years ago  
they never said it cant be the good bullying ; 7 years ago  
already watcheed that sick sh*t but its better then the puppy being decapitated the first one would have too much of a big impact on my life but the othe one well 7 years ago  
yer i love sausages ;) 7 years ago +4
true and wash it 7 years ago  
cut off its legs CREEPY 7 years ago  
and then get them back to life perfectly they never said u couldnt 7 years ago  
flavored like choclate icecream and decantaminated 7 years ago  
yeah give up MY social life so i can get a better one 7 years ago  
my real parents ahh that would be my REAL dad cause he abandoned me and is a bad person 7 years ago  
i can get money by looking beautiful its better to be natral 7 years ago +1
nice 7 years ago  
they never said it cant be the most bet prison on earth!! that u get everything u ever wanted 7 years ago  
they never said it cant hurt and after it u get back the 5 years anf forget the five years almost taken WOOHOO genius 7 years ago  
yer murder my demon self my beloved partner lol 7 years ago +1
sandpaper hands over ur real hands they never said it cant be thart 7 years ago +1
he wouldnt fight a a little girl but mike looks like he will 7 years ago  
im not a good drawer and the other one would be aweesome!!! 7 years ago  
nevr said u cant have a doona 7 years ago +2
easy just become a vampire i reckon that would b cool 7 years ago +1
they never said it had to show that much i could have invisble big musiles 7 years ago +2
wth is a honey comb tab 7 years ago +4
they never said die and they never said it would hurt or yould be injured plus they never said u had to ride it ur self maybe a fast bycicle that ur straped in and its attached to the roller coster and they press the machine thats would be perfectly safe and thrill taking 7 years ago  
they never said it cant grow back 7 years ago +1
they never said it had to be real worms some time hair looks like worms 7 years ago  
good point 7 years ago  
I LOVE THESE MOVIES reminds me of my childhood but monstars ink was my favorite i used to look like boo 7 years ago  
they never said it cant be toy snakes.... 7 years ago +1
im a girl and i already have boobs sooo 7 years ago  
but i still love harry 7 years ago  
THAT WAS HARD ONE SERIOSLY but i chose harry casue justin biebers already got gf :( 7 years ago +2
it said u would be dead so im fine with that 7 years ago  
it said never eat fruits again it never said i cant eat one fruit at a time 7 years ago  
never said it had to be the whole day how bout just when im on the bus and then it suddenly goes back when i get out 7 years ago  
dont need to shes a aussie model 7 years ago  
not a small puppy like that but if it was big and trying to kill me then sure 7 years ago +2
well at least in some states ur aloud to do that and its not considered gross 7 years ago +1
touch theroof or ur mouth 7 years ago +3
I ARNT LESO 7 years ago +2
go you! 7 years ago  
fight over me sure 7 years ago  
i dint say for the rest of life so yes i would talk backwars to live the rest of it 7 years ago  
cant my real dads a bastard and cant see him BOOYAH win 7 years ago +3
yes yes u can 7 years ago  
it didnt say super glue how bout glue that helps ur eye sight and can come un done didnt think of that 7 years ago +1
theres a chance that jb can be at selenas 7 years ago +2
the power of flavouring 7 years ago +2
decantaminate it and make it yummy 7 years ago  
if hes freshly dead he wont be that bad looking 7 years ago  
That first pic is justin bieber!!! u retards 7 years ago +1
his just a late flower bloomer 7 years ago +1
they never said it had to be a murder 7 years ago  
the world uglist dog in a opitsite cridict because i love my dog his beautiful and i dont want to get fat on the other one 7 years ago  
Decintaminate it and flavor the floor BOOYA 7 years ago  
diapers that looks like underwear and u cant see the piss 7 years ago +2
cut his hair, die it brown get him some abbs and make him younger DONE 7 years ago  
have the walrus hump ur leg for one sec ACOMPLISTMENT 7 years ago +2
theyll do it with love plus u dont need orgasam to feel good 7 years ago +5
Candy scabs 7 years ago  
they didnt say u cant be buried alive alone i would be with chuck norris and he'll kill all the bastards and get us out YAY!!!! 7 years ago +1
they never said u have to be there for long 7 years ago +1
yer Candy flavoured healthness comes out of a left over cant gabbage bag in lol 7 years ago  
this doesnt make sence 7 years ago +4
btw ur annoying 7 years ago  
I CANT STOP ANSWERING QUESTIONS but cant live without them 7 years ago +9
mum cause my real dad never was there for me 7 years ago  
if ur pale u can get a tan but tan u cant get pale 7 years ago +1
its better then buring for eternity 7 years ago +8
DESPARATE 7 years ago +2
its not true love 83% are desparate 7 years ago +6
then you well die 7 years ago +2
kill raimes with chill chill ur self 7 years ago  
Im sure he does other ways they wont be any sins in the world but dont worry if the devil iggsists then god does 7 years ago  
spiders ARE HORRIBLE 7 years ago +3
as long as im passed out 7 years ago  
actrally yer same 7 years ago  
change ur hair 7 years ago  
already waiting 7 years ago +3
thats a bit worser then if i was a boy for thease ones 7 years ago  
already have no cucumber 7 years ago  
never said i cant save both but if i had to chose the first one it would be my younger sibling 7 years ago  
thats apart of life tho, without all that bad stuff life would be too simple u wont feel happy because its normal 7 years ago +1
i dont even kno what this sh*t is don know why ah yes BECAUSE I DONT CARE 7 years ago  
actrally no dumb means u cant talk 7 years ago  
JB!! 7 years ago +2
gassed cause it doesnt hurt u just go to sleep and never wake up 7 years ago  
ive eaten hair 7 years ago  
Dont have a di*k or a wife WIN!! 7 years ago +11
or eve and adamella 7 years ago +1
TRAVEL THE WORLD and clicked the wrong button 7 years ago  
they never said it cant be pretend!!! 3:) 7 years ago  
the aliens could be nice when demons ALL HELL BREACKS LOOSE 7 years ago  
woundnt that feel nice? 7 years ago  
drowning is frustrating 7 years ago +1
better then the heart breack 7 years ago  
im a girl and i dont want to get like beatin by a guy soo 7 years ago  
u made me press wrong button 7 years ago +1
LOL i see what u did 7 years ago +3
if u kill justin bieber ur killing 12 million girls too 7 years ago +5
i reckon the baby will find it funny 7 years ago +2
it says no vechicle 7 years ago +1
at least u wont have to feel the pain of rejection 7 years ago  
i wouldnt be happy with the other one 7 years ago  
what if it was a death house would u still chose it 7 years ago  
already had them there not horrable 7 years ago  
GEEZ That jb pic is HOT!! 7 years ago +3
Kill it, dicantaminate it , mix it in ur food 7 years ago  
they never said it had to be intirely diffrent i chose to get rid of any pimples and never get them thats diffrent 7 years ago  
it never said u would die or sufficate yer i would like to see whats underwater 7 years ago  
SCHOOLS EPIC at least ur not bored 7 years ago +6
HE'LL KILL THE BASTARD 7 years ago  
ur parents ewww 7 years ago +3
it said genitals not balls girls have genitals 7 years ago +5
u can get a tan 7 years ago +2
u can live with stds and get pregnet but i dont want to get prego till im 30 7 years ago  
yer but its better then the first one plus it doesnt hurt that much for girls 7 years ago  
ild rock that sexy outfit 7 years ago +1
u can live with aids, have children and family and it doesnt damage ur looks or any thing 7 years ago +2
NOSE JOB 7 years ago +2
ur gay what if there girls and WTF 7 years ago  
i love justin bieber 7 years ago +6
wash the feet 7 years ago  
i hate rats AND MICE the wild ones that is 7 years ago +2
wrong one!!!!! 7 years ago  
decentamnite it ,cook it and flavour!! 7 years ago +3
they never said it cant be bed sheets 7 years ago +2
LOVE jb 7 years ago +2
the second one freckeed me out 7 years ago  
CRUSH IT 7 years ago +1
Im a girl soo penis 7 years ago +3
if my best friend did that she wouldnt be my best friend 7 years ago  
HARRY STYLES LOVE U SOO MUCH expesily the band 7 years ago +1
pee on thorns YEAH they never said touch 7 years ago  
inceptions too confusing 7 years ago +1
yes i would like to brush my pet they never said anything sexally 7 years ago +2
thts what i was gonna say!!! lol 7 years ago +2
scream arnt tht scary 7 years ago  
UR FUTURE EX!!! dun dun 7 years ago  
get another foot 7 years ago  
they never said u had to be heart broken 7 years ago +3
Show of me boobies lol but i rather that some how 7 years ago  
belendered flavored looks like a drink and doent hurt YUMMY lol 7 years ago +1
at least u dont have to feel the pain 7 years ago +2
thye never said eat an ear wax omelet 7 years ago +2
they never said alive 7 years ago  
skips fooled ur ass 7 years ago  
as long as im not heart broken 7 years ago +2
she will forgive me if i told her it was an accident 7 years ago  
wrong one again 7 years ago  
i lovemusic 7 years ago  
wrong one ment the other one 7 years ago  
bu then again u could eat wheet brick 7 years ago  
it wouldnt be painful(cuz of shock) and in the water it would be frustrating 7 years ago +1
im female and a child so ild get out first 7 years ago +2
never said u have to be that just live with it plus i already do live with that ie my sister 7 years ago  
with gas u could die 7 years ago +1
that would suck 7 years ago  
UR HORRABLE i hate u if u like cats better then dont be a so mean about dogs u discusting person GO TO HELL 7 years ago  
im a girl soo 7 years ago +3
2nd one looks like a guy 7 years ago +6
at least u dont have to feel the pain 7 years ago +1
just go outside 7 years ago +8
it doesnt hurt for me anymore 7 years ago  
no only lasy ppl play xbox 7 years ago +1
im 11 7 years ago  
justin bieber* fans because i am one 7 years ago +3
wrong(over 12 billion) 7 years ago +1
nether 7 years ago +1
AUSSIE 7 years ago +2
aussie FTW i ps. im aussie 7 years ago +1
TOOK THE WRONG ONE 7 years ago  
wrong one!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7 years ago  
they taste better 7 years ago +1
u die of shock before u crash and die of pain 7 years ago  
shower because u cant wash the soap off if it gets in the water 7 years ago +2
picked the wrong one !!!!!!!! 7 years ago  
i dont like the stress if i was in harry potters world 7 years ago +1
ur birtday cause ur the center of attention 7 years ago  
that would be soo funny and my bff is a girl 7 years ago  
on elevater cause il would get scared on the ski lift 7 years ago  
i got a puppy right next to me sooo 7 years ago  
stupid because if u were disabled u would be dipressed if u realised 7 years ago +1
i say both 7 years ago +6
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