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plus even if it did it wouldnt hurt as much as in a di.K hole  
it didnt say it so no  
just asking how patiant you are ;)  
haha ur from kansas :P +1
im sure theres worse i dont fcken care about the most smartest questions on the planet i was just posting what ever came to mind im not a fcken genuis so u can go f*ck ur self k +1
could just stay home  
never said we cant vist and sh*t +1
dont have a penis +1
i hardly wear make up +1
nails grow back quicker and theres more hair than there is nails  
u could say its an accident on punch in the face its not like its gonna do too much harm  
my sister has a hammer toe not severe but she has a broken toe  
JACOB BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!  
justin bieber apocalype yay justin bieber for everyone!!! u can kill it or anything but me personally my bf!!!  
actrally it hurts like hell +1
there all ugly why did ppl like them  
plus freee tickets and u get money for it WOOO +1
lol i would join in +1
u would hurt ur self easy with the other one,plus what if the doors locked and u need to get out of therre  
if it was my friend i can make her feel sorry  
they never said it cant be fake hair thats actrally chocolate +229
they never said it had to be foreveer they just said look like it so we ould look like that for 1 sec then go back to normal  
whats head? +2
a huge person?  
my real dads gay but i love my mum  
every person is a talking skull just with a body and sh*t +1
already watched both but loved the first  
yeah give up MY social life so i can get a better one  
my real parents ahh that would be my REAL dad cause he abandoned me and is a bad person  
he wouldnt fight a a little girl but mike looks like he will  
easy just become a vampire i reckon that would b cool +1
they never said it cant be toy snakes.... +1
not a small puppy like that but if it was big and trying to kill me then sure +2
cant my real dads a bastard and cant see him BOOYAH win +3
decantaminate it and make it yummy  
if hes freshly dead he wont be that bad looking  
his just a late flower bloomer +1
the world uglist dog in a opitsite cridict because i love my dog his beautiful and i dont want to get fat on the other one  
have the walrus hump ur leg for one sec ACOMPLISTMENT +2
I CANT STOP ANSWERING QUESTIONS but cant live without them +9
its not true love 83% are desparate +6
then you well die +2
as long as im passed out  
actrally yer same  
never said i cant save both but if i had to chose the first one it would be my younger sibling  
gassed cause it doesnt hurt u just go to sleep and never wake up  
GEEZ That jb pic is HOT!! +3
it never said u would die or sufficate yer i would like to see whats underwater  
ur gay what if there girls and WTF  
they never said it cant be bed sheets +2
if my best friend did that she wouldnt be my best friend  
UR FUTURE EX!!! dun dun  
they never said u had to be heart broken +3
it wouldnt be painful(cuz of shock) and in the water it would be frustrating +1
UR HORRABLE i hate u if u like cats better then dont be a so mean about dogs u discusting person GO TO HELL  
at least u dont have to feel the pain +1
no only lasy ppl play xbox +1
im 11  
justin bieber* fans because i am one +3
wrong(over 12 billion) +1
aussie FTW i ps. im aussie +1
wrong one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
they taste better +1
u die of shock before u crash and die of pain  
shower because u cant wash the soap off if it gets in the water +2
picked the wrong one !!!!!!!!  
i dont like the stress if i was in harry potters world +1
ur birtday cause ur the center of attention  
on elevater cause il would get scared on the ski lift  
stupid because if u were disabled u would be dipressed if u realised +1
i say both +6
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