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I am the one and only Moby Dick, I will destroy your boat. The ship will not sail.

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But it's by Bruce Springsteen then no. 3 years ago  
You know he more i think about it, I'm a pretty dark person. So if I was a stranger for a week I would f^ck their life up, I would do some things that are just pretty... dark... 3 years ago +1
Nah man your heads screwed up, SuperMan is the best. 3 years ago +1
Link 3 years ago  
Umbreon 3 years ago  
We all know BatMan sucks, SuperMan is the best. 3 years ago +1
I always forget Captain America's name so when I mention him I'm like "Who was that guy? American Man?" Thats literally what I say. 3 years ago  
Just bein' honest. 3 years ago  
I personally don't like babies so the first thing I thought about was taking and AK-47 and shooting a baby in the head... I'm a bad whale aren't I? 3 years ago +1
You can just threaten them and take there Lightsaber, also who needs the force when you have four powers. Plus you're* 3 years ago  
Only childs aren't always spoiled little brats, I was an only child (up until now, I'm 11) and I grew up just fine. 3 years ago  
F*ck you, you are a disgrace to me, 182. 3 years ago  
That 30% is stupid. 3 years ago  
That guy is ugly as f*ck though... 3 years ago  
Ew there both disgusting, and I'd rather drop dead than eat them. 3 years ago  
My Grandma, Michael Jackson, Albert Einstein, MCA, and John Lennon. 3 years ago  
My grandma. 3 years ago  
I hate old people, my god... 3 years ago  
F*ck you. 3 years ago  
Probably like twenty-four, maybe twenty-five. 3 years ago  
Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday, unlike others. 3 years ago  
I'm totally fine with BatMan dying, but come on SuperMan dying? 3 years ago  
"I wish for more wishes!" "You can't wish for more wishes." "Well I wish I was, and now I wish for more wishes." 3 years ago +1
GOTTA GUR FURST 3 years ago  
No, I picked the wrong one! I thought it was: Who is better: BatMan or SuperMan Because we all know SuperMan is better than BatMan obviously. 3 years ago  
Wait, I'm a loser. What is the plot twist for The Lego Movie? 3 years ago  
Captain America sucks but BatMan is worse. I mean lets all agree here that SuperMan is the best. 3 years ago +1
Love your profile pic. 3 years ago  
I would rather drop dead then have to choose, there both so amazing! 3 years ago  
Looks like Peter to busy playing a stupid sport to hack into a giant screen right as someone takes a picture with it in the background. 3 years ago  
Neither, horror all the way b*tches! 3 years ago +1
I had to think for like fifteen minutes about this, and I gotta say I'm pretty happy with my choice. 3 years ago +1
I'm only picking that because it's funny as f*ck. 3 years ago +1
Thats my crush's name. 3 years ago  
That 11% is stupid. 3 years ago +1
Ah sheet, I hate both... 3 years ago  
Ew no screw BatMan 3 years ago  
I would rather drop dead then stop watching Horror Films. 3 years ago  
The second time I don't feel like and idiot for picking the choice that has less votes, because it's 50% 50%. 3 years ago  
Bacon is disgusting. 3 years ago  
I live on a sad planet, what are all of you thinking? 3 years ago  
Harry Potter sucks. 3 years ago  
Grateful Dead is dolphinantly better. 3 years ago  
Nah man Star Wars sucks. 3 years ago  
Screw all of you, it's obvious Superman is better than everyone else. I fell bad for that 58%. 3 years ago  
I honestly hate Star Wars, and Harry Potter. 3 years ago  
Nobody watches Tobuscus anymore, plus Pewdiepie is amazing and I could totally live with watching him every day. 3 years ago  
What have I done. 3 years ago  
wouldn't' .' 3 years ago  
I'm am a Grammar Popo all the way man, I will hunt for mistakes in the comments. 3 years ago  
Screw Reese's I'm Hershey's all the way. 3 years ago  
I don't know who they are, and I only picked Alex Jones because I like his name and The Amazing Atheist looks like a weirdo that would hide in his room all day eating McDonalds and playing online games. 3 years ago  
+usmanc Thank You! 3 years ago  
You can't deny it, wether you said no or not. We all know you've done it. 3 years ago  
I'd drop dead then watch clowns, there f*cking terrifying... 3 years ago  
BRAINWASH EVERYONE!!!!! 3 years ago  
What have I done. 3 years ago  
I don't a sh*t about either. 3 years ago  
I picked Bill because I like his name and I have no idea who these people are. 3 years ago  
The Hunger Games sucks, it's so boring and it's just unappealing. 3 years ago  
What the hell is wrong with that eight percent of people? 3 years ago  
I hate Harry Poter, so why choose? 3 years ago  
I would be dating someone thats one years old. 3 years ago  
Whats so awesome about Star Wars, it sucks... 3 years ago  
In the depths of the internet it would lay, where no one would ever find it. 3 years ago  
Meat is disgusting anyway, also like if you don't like bacon. 3 years ago  
I almost picked B because of the picture. 3 years ago  
This person spelt blonde wrong...? 3 years ago  
You are a good person for commenting that. 3 years ago  
Wait, lions don't live in Jungles. 3 years ago  
#GLAMPING! 3 years ago  
Holy sh*t Albert Einstein, he's like my idol man! 3 years ago  
Send a text because I'm basically deaf and saying "What?" Every five seconds. 3 years ago  
I hate both of them, sh*t. 3 years ago  
Wow twenty seven percent? Thats sad. Dogs are annoying how could anyone want one? 3 years ago  
Ugh, I hate both of them. I can't chose. 3 years ago  
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