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Would you rather.. Be able to jump in your tv and hang out with your favorite cartoon characters but you can never come back or Have your favorite cartoon characters jump out your tv and hang out with them in reality but they can never leave 1 week ago 65 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... Have super sensitive taste.. or Have super sensitive hearing.. 2 weeks ago 59 votes 21 comments 0 likes
Hello there, hope ya'll doing great! Now would you rather... Stick your hand covered in blood in a tank full of 16 pirahnas for 12 seconds or Put toothpicks under your toe nails and kick a wall full force 1 month ago 58 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... Be very wealthy, but you are evil and use others for personal gain to continue your ascension or Be poor, but a very loving considerate person that everyone likes 1 month ago 73 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Would you rrrather Smell like marijuana all the time or Smell like hot cat piss all the time 1 month ago 69 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... Live in the world of gta or Live in the world of minecraft 1 month ago 69 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Do you think Chuck e Cheese Pizza is recycled? Yup or Nope 2 months ago 60 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rrrather... Commit 20 crimes and get away with it or Manipulate satan into giving you a power for free and get away with it 2 months ago 88 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... Be a rapper and make millions or Be a talented dancer and impress millions 2 months ago 62 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rrrather... Be able to turn invisible or Be able to teleport 2 months ago 92 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you ratherrr...... Throw your iphone off of a skyscraper or Throw this cat off a skyscraper 2 months ago 99 votes 22 comments 0 likes

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Well I am also manipulative, cunning, deceptive, conniving and arrogant, I hide all of this from other people by placing a false state of a positive image over myself to be seen as innocent. Not everybody is good MustaKrakish lol 1 week ago  
Didnt mean the real classy i was refering to a different kind of it thank you very much so therefore I am not a petentious moron.. 1 week ago  
I'm too classy to be called weird so yes thats an insult to me 1 week ago  
Marijuana is my bae! 1 week ago  
less glass 1 week ago +1
Purple drank 1 week ago  
The chair! The mcdonalds! the girl sitting next to me! the floor! the bed! the man across the street! myself! 1 week ago +1
Immediately run out the bathroom 1 week ago  
seems less annoying and less likely to smell like sh*t 1 week ago  
He doesn't look mentally unstable 1 week ago  
Nope 1 week ago 1 week ago  
Fore the most part, but it slightly bothers me because im pretty solitary 1 week ago  
we dont care about those things 1 week ago  
Some were probably lying, I'm 16 1 week ago  
lmao the store lost $30 so why is everybody saying they lost $100? 1 week ago  
I am a snake, I am manipulative, cunning, deceptive, conniving and arrogant and I was never punished or noticed for my ways, good and evil have the same power lol 1 week ago  
I literally just picked captain marvel for each one 1 week ago  
Free chicken! Wait, weed is a plant and plants are food, so does that mean I get free weed?! 1 week ago  
You have 10 seconds to get off my property before you get shot. 1..2..10! 1 week ago +1
what are you implying? 1 week ago +1
Honey.. its 8:15! Pack up your sh*t and get out before you miss the bus! 1 week ago +1
protect me then choke me daddy 1 week ago +1
It dont matter how its worded, regardless it just means you gotta use the bathroom lol 1 week ago  
by lamborghini suv, might make me feel richer lol 1 week ago +1
Does a marker count? lmao jk 1 week ago  
I got more than one because I never feel like going back out for more batteries lol 1 week ago  
Never dated but kissed, oh f*ckin well 1 week ago  
I trust nobody! -_- zzz 1 week ago  
The earth is not flat lol I don't know who came up with this hoax but its round lol 1 week ago  
Its considerate but they cant get mad at you for not saying it because they never had to 1 week ago +1
I wake up at 12:00 pm 1 week ago  
Got a shirt on that says coke, that soda is the sh*t 1 week ago  
it is lol 1 week ago  
Agreed 1 week ago  
step on it! 2 weeks ago  
for your information 'ctfu' means cracking the f*ck up which is a laughing phrase. Gotcha! 2 weeks ago  
oh my god girl who care's lol you know what i meant so it dont matter lol ctfu 2 weeks ago  
Seems like your not wrong in no way to me lol 2 weeks ago  
Man get on with that be for real 2 weeks ago  
She can still get her ass beat lol 2 weeks ago  
NO, why is everybody doing this? 2 weeks ago  
No lol 2 weeks ago  
I love modern stuff it looks so perfect and professional 2 weeks ago  
I'm bisexual so.. 2 weeks ago  
The earth is ROUND ok? Seriously people. get it together.. 2 weeks ago +1
reptilians are retarded and only control the government, not everything lol 2 weeks ago  
This is complete bullsh*t human civilization will not collapse in 31 years 2 weeks ago  
Deception is great! 2 weeks ago +1
burn them 2 weeks ago  
hell no gta is way better 2 weeks ago  
glados looks more rusty so tell him i said BRING IT. 2 weeks ago  
Well if that ever happens I'm ruling with you 2 weeks ago  
All the B choosers can choke on a t-bone :DDD 3 weeks ago  
what was the point 3 weeks ago  
Happy birthday girl!! Want a glass of mimosa? lol 3 weeks ago  
lmao 3 weeks ago  
lmao her extension cord neck ass 3 weeks ago  
I barely remembered the part about when god was making earth lol 3 weeks ago  
Life has a purpose, from my perspective a very dumb one 3 weeks ago  
dont care thats on them lol 3 weeks ago  
My soul isnt for sale 3 weeks ago  
Omg no! That wasnt me that was my cousin on my account! Please take this down!!! 3 weeks ago  
Who created ai? People of course, as long as we dont give them too much power and make sure our data is accurate then we good lol 3 weeks ago  
Shades 3 weeks ago  
he looks like shane dawson lmao 3 weeks ago +1
As long as they pay half the rent it doesn't matter to me 3 weeks ago  
Ok bruh just stop with the whole ascension thing because more people are just gonna judge you and talk sh*t, and plus one person cannot rule the planet lol 3 weeks ago  
And I'd rather slit someone's throat who talks sh*t over nothing. 3 weeks ago  
lmaoo 4 weeks ago +1
omg their going to kill you!! lol 4 weeks ago  
It would be a scary one 4 weeks ago +1
Hey mom! So I guess these b*tches are no longer my parents! 4 weeks ago  
It is not possible to ascend at a higher level than god 4 weeks ago  
Depends, if your referring to instant death then no, torture is worse than instant death 4 weeks ago  
women are much more kind and approachable than guys, unless they are gang members 4 weeks ago  
I have had many manic episodes so regular depression wouldnt make much of a difference 4 weeks ago  
Mainly kids eat this cereal and the company purposely mispelled the word for a particular reason that I cannot explain 4 weeks ago  
People who have irrelavent excuses for laziness really works my nerves 4 weeks ago +1
Headass, first of all you came at ME wrong, respect is earned mf, and so what if i dont have a mfing gold trophy badge its just a damn would you rather website. Now I'm not finna go back and forth with you over bullsh*t, you picking a bone with the wrong one. HOPEFULLY I MADE MYSELF CLEAR. 4 weeks ago  
*Bop* Ya guilty b*tch! 1 month ago  
your mother's vaginal discharge *cough* I mean a folder.. 1 month ago +1
coffee is nasty so that couldn't be me 1 month ago  
that movie was the sh*t 1 month ago  
yes you need to get your life together lol 1 month ago  
what did I just say? Now I have to whoop you lol 1 month ago  
Gotta try new stuff 1 month ago  
So I can put them in their place 1 month ago  
gta! 1 month ago  
Goodbye! *Drinks gasoline* 1 month ago  
lmao wow 1 month ago  
"Evil is good" 1 month ago +1
you did? 1 month ago  
I cant swim if i fall off 1 month ago  
wow 1 month ago  
lol 1 month ago +2
NO lol 1 month ago +1
omg NO LOOPHOLES MFS! 1 month ago +1
really? 1 month ago  
blow fire on my enemies 1 month ago  
YES bruh the man across the street be knocking on our door and sh*t to rake up our leaves, and he be doing yard work 24/7 1 month ago +1
you b*tches are crazy lmao 1 month ago  
lollll 1 month ago +1
f*ck racism 1 month ago  
gucci flip flops in my ass lmao 1 month ago  
b looks cuter a is ugly as hell 1 month ago  
My brother's breath is hot so maybe he would like one, some listerine would help too 1 month ago  
the government is hiding things from us 1 month ago  
yay! 1 month ago  
that look hard 1 month ago  
gimme dick lmao 1 month ago  
looks less retarded 1 month ago  
better 1 month ago  
yep, maybe thats a sign that im crazy, next to the 5 people i poisoned 1 month ago  
oh well 1 month ago  
yes what do you want? 1 month ago  
tik tok is ass 1 month ago  
ain't nobody got time for dat 1 month ago +1
My house is lame so a power outage cannot happen 1 month ago  
I have seen it, it was crazy bruh 1 month ago +1
No if somebody bully you, you are supposed to whoop they ass 1 month ago  
Beat his ass! 1 month ago  
summer forever! 1 month ago  
Gurrrllll z-dont do datt! lmao jk 1 month ago  
ya'll lame lol 1 month ago  
Its tough love lol 1 month ago  
Easier to cope with 1 month ago  
Dont under-estimate spongbob, he could whip out a 40 and pop you real quick 1 month ago  
Ferrari F80! 1 month ago  
I would lock him up and force him to work for me.. muahahahahhaa 1 month ago  
I could get them to change their ways 1 month ago  
Its ok bro its never too late 1 month ago +1
yay sisters! lmao 1 month ago  
Honey mustard is the sh*t! 1 month ago +1
everything happens for a reason 1 month ago  
I need both of my eyes because I'm deaf 1 month ago  
he look better 1 month ago  
buy me white castle! 1 month ago  
im bi so who cares 1 month ago  
pancakes are lame 1 month ago +1
He gon build me a mansion! 1 month ago  
Patrick Star's children, but less dumb lol 1 month ago  
i love sleeo, my cover is so soft it feels like rabbit fur, mmmmmmmh 1 month ago  
them glasses on elton hella ugly lol 1 month ago  
lol 1 month ago  
lol 1 month ago  
lol who could live like dat 1 month ago  
Ok! Not too fast daddy.. lol 1 month ago  
I'm sorry but that movie was ass 1 month ago  
Depends on what you want to ascend about yourself or your enviornment. What exactly do you want to ascend about yourself? 1 month ago  
I have noticed, dont really care though lol 1 month ago  
diary of a wimpy kid 1 month ago  
what time? lmao 1 month ago  
lmao i know what i said i was just playin lol 1 month ago  
throw b*tches in jail! 1 month ago  
what are you talking about i never said dat 1 month ago  
who's derrrr 1 month ago  
Exactly, and there was a vegetarian woman that said all meat eaters should die and don't deserve to be on this planet lol 1 month ago  
Wow you people are crazy, bacon is fire 1 month ago  
Dont worry about what any of these dumbasses are saying. Another word for heaven is considered paradise. Paradise is open for all of god's creations. Human and Animal. 1 month ago +1
Aye, watch yourself 1 month ago +1
Burn all of my enemies! 1 month ago +1
I started out straight, was molested several times at 7 and then I became bisexual. It mainly matters of what happens to the individual that causes them to change 1 month ago +2
omg misclick my whole class tried to jump me and I'm black myself 1 month ago  
You know what he mean't lol 1 month ago  
Satan owes me money, if you see him, tell him I said he gettin his ass beat 1 month ago  
I can afford 6 bitcoins 1 month ago +1
Is smoking weed considered a crime? Its just a plant 1 month ago +2
I'm the wrong one to throw an egg at so I'm fighting everybody 1 month ago  
Jax is better, never liked Johnny Cage 1 month ago +1
The catch is that you will have to use evil in order to fulfill your wealth, evil people are not liked that much 1 month ago  
Calm down mf lol, here, smoke a blunt lmao 1 month ago  
Are you 6? lol 1 month ago  
They choose who they want to win 1 month ago  
lmao wow 1 month ago  
I think I would be overwhelmed if someone acted like that to me 1 month ago  
Loki? I'll pass 1 month ago  
I would join them.. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (And this is why I am a bad person and going to hell) 1 month ago  
Ohhh lol, well raven still looks better 1 month ago +2
Thats f*cked up.. sister ProJared 1 month ago  
Nope because I asked him to make one of my enemies suffer and it didn't work lol 1 month ago +1
Old mcdonald had a farm, eei eei oh, and on that farm he "f*cked yo b*tch.." lmao 1 month ago +1
Um raven is half demon so harley is getting her ass beat 1 month ago +1
kill him 1 month ago  
Nasty 1 month ago  
Run me all the money thankyou.. 1 month ago +1
Yeah the yanderes are done lmao 1 month ago  
Who finna fly dat? yacht please! lol 1 month ago  
6.5/10 1 month ago  
Both are lame but roblox is worse 1 month ago  
f*ck this question 1 month ago +1
Once my ascension is high enough imma throw racks in my parent's face 1 month ago  
Nobody takes me out so I choose C - neither 1 month ago +1
This game is trash 1 month ago +1
There is no damn gay gene, and nobody is born gay, I am bisexual because I was molested. And whether ya'll believe it or not, but homosexuality is a demon that attaches itself to one's life and convert their sexuality. It sounds like bullsh*t, thats what I thought to. 1 month ago  
Satan has tried to take my mother out many times, she even got into a car accident on mother's day (Which is my birthday) and could have died, and he even sent a demon to our house to kill her and failed. 1 month ago  
I dont really know, I don't even understand what you or actualfrisk is talking about, all I know about ascension is it is rising to a higher level 1 month ago  
How in the blue hell did I just misclick on my own question... 1 month ago +1
Alright then, well have fun lmao 1 month ago  
Done. 1 month ago  
Everyone in A looks lame and weak lol 1 month ago +2
Mike is ugly and annoying as f*ck 1 month ago +1
I'll just hide in the woods forever 1 month ago +1
you cute, you didn't hear that from me 1 month ago  
I'm a very strong minded person, so if death decides to tap at my door imma laugh, I am very hard to kill 1 month ago +1
I live in the hood, so I NEED a gun because b*tches are crazy 1 month ago  
It depends on what its about, if its about hygiene then hell yeah 1 month ago  
cake, chocolate, chips, cocaine *cough* I mean coke, and strawberries covered in sugar >:] 1 month ago +1
Don't care about authority 1 month ago  
Wish I could have used this on the election for trump 1 month ago +2
for real? wtf lol 1 month ago  
ooh they finna f*ck! 1 month ago  
Misclick, I aint got time for professionalism, these people out here trying to better themselves and sh*t lol 1 month ago +1
Ewww omg 1 month ago +1
1. Mcdonald's 2. Rally's 3. Taco Bell 4. Jack in the box 5. White castle | Cockroaches crawl through dirty ass places, contract bacteria and contaminate our food with their shedding and have the audacity to do that to us? Wow 1 month ago  
Yeah I dont think I wanna break my neck, bye ya'll! *Mixes two chemicals together* *SNIFFFFFF* 1 month ago +2
Every Matthew in my school that i know uses me for money 1 month ago +1
I got $8 from the intternet, my brother stole it and went to Rally's lol 1 month ago +3
yeah lol 1 month ago +1
I got hooooooooooeeeeeeeessssssss caaaalllllliiinnnnn! 1 month ago +5
Pepe the frog is ugly as hell 1 month ago +4
misclick I really dont care because I dont even support him 1 month ago +4
>:) 1 month ago +3
omg you say that sh*t so much lol 1 month ago +4
or C - gta 1 month ago +9
Bull horns are very sharp, if that slits the throat of that bear.... DONE. 1 month ago +7
big bank take lil bank 1 month ago +7
You b*tches are disgusting 1 month ago  
Anyone BUT donald trump 1 month ago +1
All I listen to is rap music so idk 1 month ago +1
Villans are better 1 month ago +1
Dinosaurs suck 1 month ago  
I dont wave I put up gang signs lol 1 month ago +3
The last damn seat lol 1 month ago +2
Started last year 1 month ago +2
Stop Cappin! 1 month ago +5
My brother's eye because he got beat up for talking sh*t lmao 1 month ago +6
If there were no laws everyone would be dead, that means murder is no longer a crime 1 month ago +6
They still might get beat up if they say that in the hood 1 month ago +4
I agree completely, you should analyze a situation before placing assumptions on it, unless its something you know for sure 1 month ago +8
Everyone would have to come to an agreement and have the same mindset, which will never happen, the world is too consumed in wickednees to convert to a non negative society. Demons are partially responsible for influencing these things. They help progress the evil in our world, but we started it as a whole. There is only one solution, exterminate ALL people who commit or influence the evil 1 month ago  
LOL 1 month ago  
C - No | Who wants to choose C? 1 month ago +1
Jake Paul is trash, and your content is not relevant to me, so no. >:] 1 month ago +1
Yeahhh crashing a funeral where I'm at would get me beat up and shot 1 month ago +1
Nope, I cannot deal with tourette syndrome, what if I call my mom a b*tch? 1 month ago +1
Wear a mask 1 month ago  
Periodt 1 month ago  
Something that im in right now at this moment..... UGHHH 1 month ago +1
My favorite quality about myself is manipulation and deception because it gets me my way 75% of the time muahahahahahaha 1 month ago +4
k then 1 month ago +3
LOL 1 month ago +1
Taylor Swift is trash because of the 57 songs she made about the men that have left her 1 month ago  
I dont want to land on my back 1 month ago +2
Sounds cool 1 month ago +1
Misclick YAY! HOT WINGS AND RANCH 24/7! 1 month ago +1
Yes, very insecure with himself and never accepts compliments like wtff, who declines compliments (unless they are someone you dont like) 1 month ago  
Thats cool 1 month ago  
Um I like being able to walk soo 1 month ago  
Misclick I love bananas (pause on dat lol) 1 month ago  
Misclick, I would love to fight that mf 1 month ago +2
lol it aint about the question its about how he had me f*cked up 1 month ago  
For your information that argument was stupid asf, I dont even know why I wasted my time responding to someone as ignorant and idiotic as you, people who try to make someone look stupid over something small like bugs is more pathetic than anything, I'm not going back and forth with you over bullsh*t, you ain't even worth a damn argument. I dont wanna see anything else from you that I wont like reading, or I'm gon take things further and send some cold f*cked up sh*t that you will not want to see, hopefully I made myself clear. 1 month ago  
Want some weed? 1 month ago  
Oh well, people make mistakes, thats life 1 month ago  
Put all misquitos in the microwave and burn them 1 month ago  
And you still pathetic asf, suck a dick 1 month ago  
how bout you just stfu and stop making a big ass deal out of nothing and quit callin me retarded over some damn bugs you dusty b*tch 1 month ago  
B*tch obviously I still wanted all of the misquitos dead, regardless they still bite, you dumbass, dont come at me like dat i'll rob you for your money, and your weed if you got some, you thought you was gon get away with dat comment? 1 month ago  
A dumbass rusty dusty donald the duck lookin brillo pad head stale beef jerky stick tarantula neck high cheek bone lava lamp headass b.i.t.c.h - dont care about da 3 words or less #BigBankTakeLilBank #Burned 1 month ago +5
A is retarded 1 month ago  
you are cool *Heres my pass to be excused from 97 more words* 1 month ago  
I feel apathy lol 1 month ago  
lol had to type that in google translate, but ok lol, just friends then 1 month ago  
All he gotta do is slit dat throat chop chop n.i.g.g.a lol 1 month ago  
wtf hell no you b*tches are crazy lmao 1 month ago +3
Exactly, in east st louis on 24th street yo ass cant even walk to a store down the street without somebody being on some other sh*t lol 1 month ago  
Ya damn right 1 month ago  
them fries look good 1 month ago  
lmaooo 1 month ago  
cool, persistent, sexy 1 month ago +1
Misclick, Sniper gang!!! 1 month ago  
B*tch ass n*gga :DDD didnt say 3 positive words loll 1 month ago  
lol *up down right left right right* invincibilitty enabled 1 month ago +1
I could eat kitkats all day, couldn't you? 1 month ago +1
lmao you wouldnt last 5 minutes at midnight 1 month ago +1
I would love to! Bye ya'll! F*ck everyone! :DD I think I need help 1 month ago  
Hell sounds cool, wanna go with me Steven123f? :D 1 month ago  
My eyes are gold, not so beautiful to me 1 month ago  
Large bats are look so much better than them uglass shrivaled skin itty bitty bats 1 month ago +1
I did that with a watermelon before lol 1 month ago  
Who care's? I'm saving my boo 1 month ago +2
Girl I was just playing like damn, obviously you didnt type it right, lighten the f*ck up *Hits TalcumPowder with lamp* Lmao and my IQ points are high FYI 1 month ago  
*Clonk* 1 month ago  
Throw up gang signs without getting in trouble 1 month ago  
Hitler can kiss a dog d*ck 1 month ago +1
You didnt type it right 1 month ago  
The men in black will come after you and threaten you to keep your mouth shut, I'm good on that. 1 month ago +1
If the mf is a zombie, kill it 1 month ago  
Was micheal jackson stupid for bleaching his skin and making himself look like an unearthly skeletal paranormal creature? YES 1 month ago +1
Eww the realistic version looks creepy, Burn it! 1 month ago  
wtf is that lmao 1 month ago  
lmao No por favor no me mates! 1 month ago  
Mr. SLOL666 and duolingo can lick my ass, hopefully he dont see this 1 month ago  
ood 1 month ago  
Crips suck CK 1 month ago  
I hate his voice, like damn 1 month ago +5
That would be cool 1 month ago  
Nobody takes me out 1 month ago +1
Pee and sh*t in the grass 1 month ago +1
Damn looks like he wont be having kids 1 month ago  
She won't 1 month ago  
bankk 1 month ago  
Now I can play the knife game and stab the sh*t out of my finger and not feel anything :DDDDDDDDD 1 month ago  
I'm invincible 1 month ago  
lol well alright then 1 month ago  
No thanks -4 interested mr.barkans 1 month ago  
Evil animals love me so the joke is on you 1 month ago +1
Lets speak it into existance 1 month ago  
Humans are more difficult creatures but they have emotions unlike robots, get it together HUMANS 1 month ago  
I f*ck dat bih cuz she boujee 1 month ago  
Regardless he still would get his ass beat 1 month ago  
The last line is excluded from me because I'm bisexual 1 month ago  
My opinion on Facts Of Life: Ahem, their lame 1 month ago  
I would be in jail ALOT 1 month ago  
I want to remain a boy, girls suck. lol jk (or am I?) 1 month ago +1
Happens all the damn time, and hershey syrup with milk will change yo life 1 month ago +1
lol 1 month ago  
Misclick, if patrick was the president he wouldnt last 3 years and we would all die, he will most likely be shot 1 month ago +1
This was a nice one girl 1 month ago  
Everyone makes their own mfing choices when it comes to stuff like that 2 months ago +1
who care's at this point 2 months ago  
Lmao they need to change that 2 months ago  
chick fil a is better mr. jedi 2 months ago  
periodtt lol 2 months ago  
More personal gain 2 months ago +2
lol 2 months ago  
They are more calm and less vibrant 2 months ago  
They take leftover pizza and put it together with new pizza, then put cheese between them, then reheat it to make it all connect 2 months ago  
Uhh because I wanted to, I was just comparing it to something 2 months ago  
lol female lions dont have manes 2 months ago +1
Lmfao that is so funny but f*cked uppp 2 months ago  
Who the hell does A? Like WHO? Lmao 2 months ago  
Hell nooo 2 months ago  
yee, thaks fa da coookkieys ande molk buudty! Lmao I like to play stupid 2 months ago  
So is nobody aware that there is a pic of two male lions f*cking each other? 2 months ago +1
Thats similar to a severe lifetime bladder infection 2 months ago +2
I would manipulate her into giving them back since she wont understand 2 months ago +2
yeaaaahhh I agree lol 2 months ago  
Lmfaoooo "I want to kiss your *vegana* for 2 hrs, will u happy?" I'm deadddd 2 months ago  
I feel cruel but it is what it is 2 months ago +1
Aww how cute, the little people is so nice and happy.... what's THAT like? lol 2 months ago +1
ew it looks like gorilla vomit with sewege in it 2 months ago  
lmao 2 months ago  
periodt lol 2 months ago  
vagina em... i mean vanina is not dat cute 2 months ago  
What damn hairstyle is that? The romann Noodillia Waterfall? 2 months ago +1
Omg hell no they will break the elevator and pollute the air 2 months ago  
bullets hurt more than sadness 2 months ago  
oops.. 2 months ago  
Is that a glock 19 or a 43? They all look the same except for the 40 bc its nose is long af like pinocchio 2 months ago  
xenomorphs are despicable 2 months ago +1
I have too many headaches 2 months ago  
fried chicken 2 months ago  
Better 2 months ago  
More likely to wake up in the morning 2 months ago  
Damn lil wayne you got did dirty 2 months ago  
lamborghini aventador 2 months ago  
The hoes in this world these days 2 months ago  
grrrrrrrrr..... 2 months ago  
F*ck that I want the macaroni, turkey, yams, soft ass bread, triple chocolate cake... OOOHH so gooood 2 months ago  
By a constrictor 2 months ago  
I'm crazy so I dont really know how to react 2 months ago  
you cant do dat lol 2 months ago  
Yes it could, but only in certain circumstances 2 months ago  
Lmao really? boy take this sh*t downnnnnnnn lol 2 months ago  
Yeah there are demons there 2 months ago  
periodttt 2 months ago  
I dont reallyy know a kid who would make up something like that, especially in this type of situation 2 months ago +1
Absolutely not, everyone is responsible for their own motha f***in actions 2 months ago +1
he better go slow 2 months ago +2
Talor Swift is lame because nobody cares about her as much as she think we do as a whole, we dont care about the 47 songs about the men that have left you TAYLOR!! 2 months ago  
If they dont have the same mindset and capability as me I will pick three and set them up to be as powerful as me 2 months ago +2
Lol I burned all of my algebra homework last year 2 months ago  
Yeah he is getting his ass beat, thrown out my house, and I would be going to jail for assault 2 months ago  
I'm 75% black so I can say it, N.I.G.G.A 2 months ago  
Of course Dragah was in the discription like... lmao 2 months ago  
LOL 2 months ago  
YoUr WeLcOmE 2 months ago  
yall hella whack 2 months ago  
beautiful 2 months ago  
eventually I will just knock the b*tch out 2 months ago  
Yuck filled donuts are whack 2 months ago  
periodtttt 2 months ago  
Lol I have, held a ball python for 2 hours 2 months ago  
I will be the noob but who finna wear dem damn glasses? lmao 2 months ago +1
f*ck the girl the mclaren look hard asf lol 2 months ago  
Your rent is more important than what you dont like 2 months ago +2
misclick I dont wanna get ate 2 months ago  
lmfao 2 months ago  
My cousin without permission lol I dont know what was wrong with it, but it needs some help 2 months ago  
Honestly I would poison him if I were to offer him a drink 2 months ago +1
Nope your an an animal now, well in werewolf form lol 2 months ago +1
lmao I will whoop his spongy ASS 2 months ago  
yay, a iphone xr and 5 pairs of jordans! periodtttt 2 months ago  
lol 2 months ago +1
Imma be stompin on you b*tches like roaches 2 months ago +1
They are more calm and timid 2 months ago  
lmao wow 2 months ago  
true lol 2 months ago +1
lmfao 2 months ago  
Now I can leave my beef in the fridge for 69 months 2 months ago +1
Misclick, sometimes you have to support the weak 2 months ago  
lol 2 months ago  
lmao 2 months ago  
WTF is this? 2 months ago  
I swear my evil ass teacher put in a Z 2 months ago  
My cousin on saturday 2 months ago  
misclickkkkkkkk 2 months ago  
periodt 2 months ago  
lmao imma be throwing stacks 2 months ago  
I dont know but it looks dangerous, burn your house down lmao 2 months ago +3
lmao 2 months ago  
Lmao hell no for trump 2 months ago +1
When ya gotta go.... GO 2 months ago +1
Who ever said no is full of sh*t 2 months ago +1
Coffee is sick, i hate it 2 months ago  
lol ikr 2 months ago  
lmaooo 2 months ago  
Uhh calm down its just a damn question, YOUR full of sh*t 2 months ago +1
Lmfaoooo 2 months ago  
He is my father, we will rule the whole mfing planet! 2 months ago  
I hope crash head first into a bus full of retarded children 2 months ago  
Sike im running away this mf bites ears 2 months ago  
im half hoe soo yeah 2 months ago  
f*ck a romantic dinner, just order me some chicken and fries den gimme some d*ck and we can call it a night 2 months ago  
I can afford implants 2 months ago  
periodttttttt $()$ 2 months ago  
the 26% ya'll can choke on a t-bone 2 months ago  
yay free drinks! 2 months ago +2
um I have $1.2 million, im not losing that 2 months ago +2
lol 2 months ago +1
Me, periodt.. 2 months ago  
I'm confused lol 2 months ago  
Lol nothing, im gay too lol 3 months ago  
I'm already feared, ask the st louis county police department 3 months ago  
ewww it looks like crusty 30 year old bread with whipped cream and orbeez on top 3 months ago +1
I'm finna rob a bank wish me luck, headass lol 3 months ago  
Thanks, run me my money 3 months ago  
Shoot it, thats not a man anymore at this point, thats an "it" 3 months ago  
lol 3 months ago +1
Me lmao 3 months ago  
Ok for one, f*ck nikopower, I hope his steering wheel lock on a curb and hit a pole, and no, im not joining your sorry excuse for a crusade, I'm evil but I shall not accept satan and his demons. PERIODT 3 months ago  
Money is better than a mfing relationship, lmao jk 3 months ago  
lmao stfu yes he do 3 months ago  
Even the DEVIL is shaking his head at you 3 months ago +1
I dont f with incest 3 months ago  
... 3 months ago  
No they need to mind their own business 3 months ago +1
Nobody watches this 3 months ago +1
Whats the name of that thing from vat19 that filters water? Use dat ppl its only $20 3 months ago +1
They can catch these hands 3 months ago +1
This is basically asking, do you want 10 quillion dollars or suffer for eternity 3 months ago  
I honestly dont care 3 months ago  
Misclick lmao who would suck dicc for $1000 besides a hoe 3 months ago  
Gay- A sexuality of a person who only likes the same gender, you make no sense 3 months ago  
You never know wen your last year gon be 3 months ago  
Thats on her, if she wanna sell her p*ssy and f*ck 108 n.i.g.g.a.s a month she can 3 months ago  
No 3 months ago  
I'm not eating this obviously sorry excuse for food 3 months ago  
All other religions are wrong people ok? Get it together. 3 months ago  
Damn a whole essay lol 3 months ago  
Misclick Ed is trash, periodt, the only reason why he pulled that black b*tch was because he has money, life is a joke ahaha! 3 months ago  
Hell no, f*ck slavery, im sick of mfs treating other people like working class animals, and why would a mf wanna sell themselves anyway, their dumb 3 months ago +3
Your false 3 months ago +1
They can smoke weed, k2, vapes, and pipes, no cigarettes though (Their lame) If you get too high you will be smacked 3 months ago +2
The world is not to be trusted, but you may get a pass from time to time 3 months ago  
no lol 3 months ago  
... 3 months ago  
I'm powerful, nobody can beat my ass 3 months ago  
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