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    hehehe 1 day ago +1
    obviously 5 days ago  
    They will eventually get fed up and beat my ass 6 days ago  
    No. HELL NO. 6 days ago  
    I couldnt make out with someone who has these lol 6 days ago +1
    Will be less annoying and less likely to get me killed 6 days ago  
    We dont need any more of it lol 6 days ago +1
    A clown who chained a girl upside down and took her clothes off and sawed her in half in front of her bestfriend then took a selfie with the chopped body, Its called Terrifier 1 week ago +3
    You have a lot to learn kid, you dont know TRUE sentient 1 week ago  
    No disrespect but if I was a girl I would never date you lol 1 week ago +3
    I would love to go to hell :) 1 week ago +1
    Couldnt date someone if they had B 1 week ago +1
    I can see and sense demons 1 week ago  
    A looks like an air vent 1 week ago  
    For just 100 thousand dollars? No lol, it would have to be 10 million 1 week ago +3
    Its part of their body why crop it off 1 week ago  
    So your a bxtch now? lol 1 week ago +1
    The burger one would most likely taste better 1 week ago  
    fxck the shxt out of you! jk 1 week ago  
    I dont feed birds at all lol 1 week ago  
    Not worried failure in a surgery, I'm better off dead anyway 1 week ago  
    That was disgustant 1 week ago +1
    When I was 13 and my dxck was bitten 1 week ago  
    I dont piss in the shower that is nasty to me 1 week ago  
    That would be so sweet 1 week ago  
    I kick with the same amount of force for both legs 2 weeks ago  
    lolll 2 weeks ago  
    Bye :) 2 weeks ago +1
    Depends on how they come at you about it 2 weeks ago +1
    lmao 2 weeks ago  
    14 2 weeks ago  
    To stop being a snake 2 weeks ago  
    Damnnn... 2 weeks ago  
    Being deadly is just as good as being strong and powerful 2 weeks ago  
    A clothing brand, I will be using expensive stuff like real leather and animal fur 2 weeks ago +1
    #Loopholes loll 2 weeks ago  
    B means instant death 2 weeks ago  
    At least you get paid more 2 weeks ago  
    Apple is built to have better quality and performance, even though they sell us the same product every fxcking year, they just threw an extra camera on the iphone 11 2 weeks ago  
    MUCHHHH more useful 2 weeks ago  
    Didnt think it was that many considering the 57 songs she made about the men that have left her 2 weeks ago  
    Lol you do know that males are wayyy bigger and dont bite right? 2 weeks ago  
    12, i was dared and paid to go out with a boy 2 weeks ago  
    I will soon 2 weeks ago  
    Uncircumcised looks weird to me 2 weeks ago  
    I dont do pills lol I choked on a fat one I had to take for a serious stomach virus, I should have cut it in half 2 weeks ago  
    Have my own business and make my own brand 2 weeks ago  
    He can be my pet 2 weeks ago  
    Hell yeah, watch all the chickens at the farms vanish 2 weeks ago  
    learn how to spell 2 weeks ago  
    I'm pretty sure it would be even more embarrassing catching shxt like hiv or chlamydia 2 weeks ago +1
    Yes, you can do it everyday and never run out of semen with no health problems >:) 2 weeks ago  
    He is rude to some performances but thats what makes him funny lol 2 weeks ago  
    Amen, the lord is my shepard and I shall not want bad pussy. Glory be thy name 2 weeks ago +1
    Im bi but no I dont support it 2 weeks ago  
    Imagine waking up and seeing that creature in front of you, fxck no 2 weeks ago +1
    Several, my nxggas would kill for me 2 weeks ago +1
    Depends on how its shaped 2 weeks ago +1
    Poison potion 2 weeks ago  
    raw chicken is slimy, ew 2 weeks ago  
    We all fall down... 2 weeks ago +1
    We all fall down... 2 weeks ago  
    We all fall down... 2 weeks ago +1
    We all fall down... 2 weeks ago  
    I dont have crushes I get what I want 2 weeks ago +1
    Dont really know what I would do, probably cuss him out 2 weeks ago  
    Much more useful 2 weeks ago  
    People take my crying very seriously, I dont see why 2 weeks ago  
    Misclick I need all the money I can get 2 weeks ago  
    Less annoying 2 weeks ago  
    Just like the snake that I am 2 weeks ago  
    We can try but it wont work lol 2 weeks ago  
    I'm not social so no 2 weeks ago  
    Oh. my god. Everybody views everything differently, it dont matter how you see it thats how i see it, a mf cant even have their own opinion, Regardless of what you thought, coming at me like that was uncalled for. Stop starting shxt with me over stupid shxt like mosquitos and chips, and never type some shxt like that to somebody if you know damn well you wont say it to their face, because I would have blew your head off if you did 2 weeks ago  
    I WAS talking about the chips themselves you problem seeking dumbass bxtch, I serve a better purpose on this earth than you so I give YOU the honors to kys 2 weeks ago  
    Please dont have kids lmao 2 weeks ago +1
    much more professional 2 weeks ago  
    Better than freezing to death or being thrown out of space because of broken gravitational pulls lol 2 weeks ago  
    Cant afford to crash and die lol 2 weeks ago  
    Ours wont let us search unblocked or proxy, so annoying 2 weeks ago  
    That would be nice 2 weeks ago  
    He doesn't want any guests, try again another time :) 2 weeks ago  
    Whatever floats your boat lol 2 weeks ago +1
    I put 'is' on purpose, its a ghetto thing you wouldn't understand lol 2 weeks ago  
    Also great to burn your enemies >:) 3 weeks ago  
    Those people coming for alexw is just ass 3 weeks ago  
    Of course, I am right now bc I skipped school today 3 weeks ago  
    its 45 sextillion degrees over here 3 weeks ago +1
    two years apart isnt bad, it is good to stay in your range but its just 2 years Im a junior and i go with a freshman so go for it!! :) 3 weeks ago  
    of course you call one of the baddest bxtches disgusting lmao 3 weeks ago  
    yeah at home you can do that, the worst place to do it would be jail 3 weeks ago  
    $$$ 3 weeks ago +1
    Just make another one lol 3 weeks ago  
    I look good and im thankful for it 3 weeks ago  
    I feel like the male is more likely to troll humans than the female 3 weeks ago +1
    chased a rabbit down half a mile for my airpod back, managed to get it, by saying fxck it and shot it :) 3 weeks ago +1
    ice cream lovers cant survive without it! 3 weeks ago  
    do cold/warm showers count? 3 weeks ago  
    So i can do 9-11 on my ex's house :) 3 weeks ago  
    lmaoo wtff 3 weeks ago  
    I figured you would be back lol 3 weeks ago +1
    lmfao 3 weeks ago  
    Mr. krabs is not greedy he is just a selfish piece of shxt lol 3 weeks ago  
    wowww cool 3 weeks ago  
    Just because you in a room with wasps dont mean they will all come for you lol, they usually only attack when threatened, just dont swat and injure one because it will release chemical odors to trigger others to attack :DDDDD 3 weeks ago  
    DT is ass! 3 weeks ago  
    They may be able to avoid the cause depending on what it is 3 weeks ago  
    Didnt know this was english class lmao 3 weeks ago +2
    I was a very kind happy little kid but over the years of him mistreating me it has brought me down more and more. I knew alot for my age, I stole 3k from stores at 12 years old that had no cameras by manipulating the cashiers into getting away from the register. I gave this money to a hitman my friend helped me hire online and sent the hitman after him. The hitman was caught before doing so and of course, snitched to get 15 years dropped off his sentence and they tracked me down and found me and gave me 5 years of prison. The food was horrible and due to me constantly being sexually harrassed by inmates they put me in my own cell. I am 17, got out 4 months ago. 3 weeks ago  
    Yes, but only for the right reasons, not robbing a store for bill money like my uncle because he cant afford his rent 3 weeks ago +3
    As long as the the tower remains standing then sure 3 weeks ago  
    Dont care lol 3 weeks ago  
    I am god 3 weeks ago  
    No witnessess 3 weeks ago  
    Attempted murder on my stepfather, got 5 years of prison in minority 3 weeks ago  
    Well I dont want to sound racist I love everybody regardless of the race but I think a world of black people would make the world more lit lol if you know what I mean.. 3 weeks ago  
    I was shot 3 times I'm not scared to die lol 3 weeks ago  
    lol of course you would say something like that 3 weeks ago +1
    A hot fxcking mess im real with everybody 4 weeks ago  
    It was at my friend's house, i got drunk and ended up kissing a..... 4 weeks ago  
    Can i be your sex doll? 4 weeks ago +1
    Some say barack obama is the antichrist 4 weeks ago  
    Always loved cool more than warm 4 weeks ago  
    of course its fxcking real, someone told you it wasnt? 4 weeks ago +1
    Why? 4 weeks ago  
    Yop 4 weeks ago  
    I used to, almost all my friends had instagram and made me quit snap 4 weeks ago  
    Everything in motion stays in motion!!! 4 weeks ago  
    Misclick compare a 10 nugget meal at bk to mcdonalds. Bk only costs $1.49. Mcdonalds wants to charge you more for bs lol 4 weeks ago  
    I did that before and it was a spider in it and i sucked it in then ran around screaming so from my perspective, NO. 4 weeks ago  
    He just should have listened to his dad to not "touch the boat" 4 weeks ago  
    A classic 4 weeks ago  
    Well im not scared of guns I was shot 3 times already so nope lol 4 weeks ago  
    We was roasting each other then he said "t-shirt wearing ass" and the worst part is he was wearing a fxcking t-shirt 4 weeks ago +2
    Girl bye if I did that you prolly would have corrected me too lmao 4 weeks ago  
    Your lying lol 4 weeks ago +1
    They will be less annoying 1 month ago +1
    Turn my arm into a long blade and stab my enemies 1 month ago +2
    *That's... You always corrected me now I'm correcting you lol 1 month ago  
    I love cursing people out in languages they cant understand for example, flashrex vous une houe 1 month ago +2
    Yes I could eat 3 big macs per day for a week and gain like less than a pound 1 month ago +2
    I would just use him for money, and nice name, exactly how I feel lmao 1 month ago +3
    When you have beef with me irl, we will have it..... FA EVA! 1 month ago +1
    969 1 month ago  
    Cool! Tell him I said die oh i mean hi 1 month ago +1
    Wow, if the government made these new rules I am flying to mfing mars 1 month ago +1
    Simply just beat their ass lol 1 month ago +1
    I could change the present forever 1 month ago  
    i dont do planes 1 month ago  
    I have too much love for some reason lol 1 month ago +1
    I'm skinny on the outside but since I have a fast metabolism I'm a fat bxtch on the inside lol 1 month ago +1
    Punch everyone in my class and get jumped by 27 ghetto ass kids 1 month ago  
    Having powers dont mean you will win against everybody 1 month ago +2
    Mainly with the trash bin I gotta take out every friday 1 month ago  
    FXCK MY ASS! 1 month ago +2
    Luckily scp foundation is not real lol 1 month ago  
    I sleep with guns so I will be just fine 1 month ago +1
    Natalia looks like she will put a restraining order on Maya after getting her ass beat lol 1 month ago  
    lil pump, dababy, lil baby, gunna and ybn nahmir. Listen to any of these already? 1 month ago +1
    I hate the smell of grass 1 month ago  
    wow 1 month ago  
    Lol 1 month ago +1
    lmao who ever picked b I hope you order sprite at mcdonalds and they give yo ass coke 1 month ago  
    Yes I do but I barely care about supernatural stuff 1 month ago  
    Legalized weed would be great 1 month ago  
    Put a bomb near the gas pumps then die :) Allahu Akbar! 1 month ago +1
    I need the booty and pussy lol 1 month ago  
    Evil >:) 1 month ago  
    Im pretty sure it will be 7x more car accidents lol 1 month ago  
    Oh sh*t misclick that would be great that means no more taking xbox from me 1 month ago  
    Yea he was slightly crazy to me but he was cool 1 month ago +1
    Even though cussing while hurting yourself is somewhat beneficial it still would get my ass beat if done in front of my mom 1 month ago  
    More peaceful 1 month ago +1
    Misclick no you dont 1 month ago +1
    Yeah you can have sex with chinese people bc they can only have two kids 1 month ago  
    I will have sex with the whole planet including you lol 1 month ago  
    Black people are great because of how lit and crazy they are 1 month ago +1
    I would have told them that not everyone's life can put a smile on their face and to mind their own damn business 1 month ago  
    I actually have a huge fear of group dinners, during thanksgiving or family reunions I tend to eat by myself 1 month ago  
    lmao he looks like he throws cheap crayons at people 1 month ago  
    St louis needs to be cut off for a year 1 month ago  
    I'll live 1 month ago  
    People wont fxck with me, ever haha i love it 1 month ago  
    Misclick, spongebob can get it lol 1 month ago  
    Misclick only on the math ones 1 month ago  
    Hell no CTC is better! 2 months ago  
    Wow 2 months ago  
    I want to be a sextillionare 2 months ago  
    In my ass >:D lmao jk 2 months ago  
    JN was complete hot dog sh*t 2 months ago  
    B looks like a fxck boy 2 months ago  
    If it aint on the first page, just say fvck it 2 months ago  
    A cup of blood >:) 2 months ago  
    I like drinking hot water but ice is better 2 months ago  
    Lmao hell no who uses the ends lol 2 months ago  
    My slaves are going to be money making professionals in suits 2 months ago +1
    I dont like wrestling 2 months ago  
    I'll just break out again lmao 2 months ago +1
    I prefer cats but between your dog and my cousin, your dog looks better lmao 2 months ago +1
    East st Louis (Ghetto asf) 2 months ago +1
    I... got drunk and made out with someone I never liked... 2 months ago  
    You know it baby!!! Lmao 2 months ago  
    The banned episode was my favorite lmao 2 months ago  
    I feel bad for the ones who chose it, they gon have like 3 diseases lol 2 months ago  
    Itachi is completely done loll 2 months ago  
    Fxck flowers lol gimme a kitty 2 months ago  
    Grasshoppers may serve a purpose in life but I absolutely despise them far more than mosquitos, praying mantises are better than them more than just their legs 2 months ago  
    As long as you aint lazy, we good 2 months ago  
    Red is my favorite color 2 months ago  
    Hee hee hee that would be so delightful 2 months ago  
    Soap is fxcked up lol 2 months ago  
    I have taken alot of vaccines for rabies and have cured it twice so i guess one more time wouldnt be too bad 2 months ago  
    I dont necessarily care of where I go, however you should not have fear from dying of natural cause, everything dies eventually 2 months ago  
    I blew some sh*t up and made a couple of bags, also spent some time with the casino update 2 months ago  
    Nobody can be trusted 2 months ago  
    I AM the evil 2 months ago  
    What a damn shame lmfao 2 months ago  
    Why yall do cardi like dat lol MONEY! 2 months ago  
    Lol 2 months ago  
    I wear gold and platinum chains 2 months ago  
    I cant swim anyway 2 months ago  
    Xbox gift card 2 months ago +1
    ERROR_ 2 months ago  
    Disgustant!! 2 months ago  
    16 counts 2 months ago  
    Im black and white, and are you really racist or is all of this just a joke? 2 months ago  
    Watch yourself hoe lol, i knew mfs in virginia was racist, i cant even believe im moving there soon 2 months ago  
    Now I can get me a bag of takis at cvs 2 months ago +1
    Suits are a high level of professionalism for men, not primarily for women 2 months ago  
    Lmao done 2 months ago  
    It will most likely be shot lol 2 months ago  
    Red, its time for world domination 2 months ago  
    I would play it off and just be like damnnnn one of y'all hoes stink!! 2 months ago +1
    "Guess what? Chicken butt!!" This will get you slapped if you do this repeatedly while in my presence 2 months ago  
    Yay im a fruit! 2 months ago  
    How bout I do it to you instead for making this question.. 2 months ago  
    I guess im ignorant lol 2 months ago  
    I was joking lol 3 months ago  
    Well I am also manipulative, cunning, deceptive, conniving and arrogant, I hide all of this from other people by placing a false state of a positive image over myself to be seen as innocent. Not everybody is good MustaKrakish lol 4 months ago  
    Didnt mean the real classy i was refering to a different kind of it thank you very much so therefore I am not a pretentious moron.. 4 months ago  
    I'm too classy to be called weird so yes thats an insult to me 4 months ago  
    Marijuana is my bae! 4 months ago  
    less glass 4 months ago +1
    Purple drank 4 months ago  
    The chair! The mcdonalds! the girl sitting next to me! the floor! the bed! the man across the street! myself! 4 months ago +1
    Immediately run out the bathroom 4 months ago  
    seems less annoying and less likely to smell like sh*t 4 months ago  
    He doesn't look mentally unstable 4 months ago  
    Nope 4 months ago 4 months ago  
    Fore the most part, but it slightly bothers me because im pretty solitary 4 months ago +1
    we dont care about those things 4 months ago  
    Some were probably lying, I'm 16 4 months ago  
    lmao the store lost $30 so why is everybody saying they lost $100? 4 months ago  
    I am a snake, I am manipulative, cunning, deceptive, conniving and arrogant and I was never punished or noticed for my ways, good and evil have the same power lol 4 months ago  
    I literally just picked captain marvel for each one 4 months ago +1
    Free chicken! Wait, weed is a plant and plants are food, so does that mean I get free weed?! 4 months ago  
    You have 10 seconds to get off my property before you get shot. 1..2..10! 4 months ago +1
    what are you implying? 4 months ago +1
    Honey.. its 8:15! Pack up your sh*t and get out before you miss the bus! 4 months ago +1
    protect me then choke me daddy 4 months ago +1
    It dont matter how its worded, regardless it just means you gotta use the bathroom lol 4 months ago  
    by lamborghini suv, might make me feel richer lol 4 months ago +1
    Does a marker count? lmao jk 4 months ago  
    I got more than one because I never feel like going back out for more batteries lol 4 months ago  
    Never dated but kissed, oh f*ckin well 4 months ago  
    I trust nobody! -_- zzz 4 months ago  
    The earth is not flat lol I don't know who came up with this hoax but its round lol 4 months ago +1
    Its considerate but they cant get mad at you for not saying it because they never had to 4 months ago +1
    I wake up at 12:00 pm 4 months ago  
    Got a shirt on that says coke, that soda is the sh*t 4 months ago  
    step on it! 4 months ago  
    She can still get her ass beat lol 4 months ago  
    I love modern stuff it looks so perfect and professional 4 months ago  
    I'm bisexual so.. 4 months ago  
    The earth is ROUND ok? Seriously people. get it together.. 4 months ago +1
    reptilians are retarded and only control the government, not everything lol 4 months ago  
    This is complete bullsh*t human civilization will not collapse in 31 years 4 months ago  
    Deception is great! 4 months ago +1
    burn them 4 months ago  
    hell no gta is way better 4 months ago  
    glados looks more rusty so tell him i said BRING IT. 4 months ago  
    Well if that ever happens I'm ruling with you 4 months ago  
    All the B choosers can choke on a t-bone :DDD 4 months ago  
    what was the point 4 months ago  
    Happy birthday girl!! Want a glass of mimosa? lol 4 months ago  
    lmao 4 months ago  
    lmao her extension cord neck ass 4 months ago  
    I barely remembered the part about when god was making earth lol 4 months ago  
    Life has a purpose, from my perspective a very dumb one 4 months ago  
    dont care thats on them lol 4 months ago  
    My soul isnt for sale 4 months ago  
    Omg no! That wasnt me that was my cousin on my account! Please take this down!!! 4 months ago  
    Who created ai? People of course, as long as we dont give them too much power and make sure our data is accurate then we good lol 4 months ago  
    Shades 4 months ago  
    he looks like shane dawson lmao 4 months ago +1
    As long as they pay half the rent it doesn't matter to me 4 months ago  
    Ok bruh just stop with the whole ascension thing because more people are just gonna judge you and talk sh*t, and plus one person cannot rule the planet lol 4 months ago  
    lmaoo 4 months ago +1
    omg their going to kill you!! lol 4 months ago  
    It would be a scary one 4 months ago +1
    Hey mom! So I guess these b*tches are no longer my parents! 4 months ago  
    It is not possible to ascend at a higher level than god 4 months ago  
    Depends, if your referring to instant death then no, torture is worse than instant death 4 months ago  
    women are much more kind and approachable than guys, unless they are gang members 4 months ago  
    I have had many manic episodes so regular depression wouldnt make much of a difference 4 months ago  
    Mainly kids eat this cereal and the company purposely mispelled the word for a particular reason that I cannot explain 4 months ago  
    People who have irrelavent excuses for laziness really works my nerves 4 months ago +1
    *Bop* Ya guilty b*tch! 4 months ago  
    your mother's vaginal discharge *cough* I mean a folder.. 4 months ago +1
    coffee is nasty so that couldn't be me 4 months ago  
    that movie was the sh*t 4 months ago  
    yes you need to get your life together lol 4 months ago  
    Gotta try new stuff 4 months ago  
    So I can put them in their place 4 months ago  
    gta! 4 months ago  
    Goodbye! *Drinks gasoline* 4 months ago  
    lmao wow 4 months ago  
    "Evil is good" 4 months ago +1
    you did? 4 months ago  
    I cant swim if i fall off 4 months ago  
    wow 4 months ago  
    blow fire on my enemies 4 months ago  
    YES bruh the man across the street be knocking on our door and sh*t to rake up our leaves, and he be doing yard work 24/7 4 months ago +1
    you b*tches are crazy lmao 4 months ago  
    lollll 4 months ago +1
    f*ck racism 4 months ago  
    gucci flip flops in my ass lmao 4 months ago  
    b looks cuter a is ugly as hell 4 months ago  
    My brother's breath is hot so maybe he would like one, some listerine would help too 4 months ago  
    the government is hiding things from us 4 months ago  
    yay! 4 months ago  
    that look hard 4 months ago  
    gimme dick lmao 4 months ago  
    looks less retarded 4 months ago  
    better 4 months ago  
    yep, maybe thats a sign that im crazy, next to the 5 people i poisoned 4 months ago  
    oh well 4 months ago  
    yes what do you want? 4 months ago  
    tik tok is ass 4 months ago  
    ain't nobody got time for dat 4 months ago +1
    My house is lame so a power outage cannot happen 4 months ago  
    I have seen it, it was crazy bruh 4 months ago +1
    No if somebody bully you, you are supposed to whoop they ass 4 months ago  
    Beat his ass! 4 months ago  
    summer forever! 4 months ago  
    Gurrrllll z-dont do datt! lmao jk 4 months ago  
    ya'll lame lol 4 months ago  
    Its tough love lol 4 months ago  
    Easier to cope with 4 months ago  
    Dont under-estimate spongbob, he could whip out a 40 and pop you real quick 4 months ago  
    Ferrari F80! 4 months ago  
    I would lock him up and force him to work for me.. muahahahahhaa 4 months ago  
    I could get them to change their ways 4 months ago  
    Its ok bro its never too late 4 months ago +1
    yay sisters! lmao 4 months ago  
    Honey mustard is the sh*t! 4 months ago +1
    everything happens for a reason 4 months ago  
    I need both of my eyes because I'm deaf 4 months ago  
    he look better 4 months ago  
    buy me white castle! 4 months ago  
    im bi so who cares 4 months ago  
    pancakes are lame 4 months ago +1
    He gon build me a mansion! 4 months ago  
    Patrick Star's children, but less dumb lol 4 months ago  
    i love sleeo, my cover is so soft it feels like rabbit fur, mmmmmmmh 4 months ago  
    them glasses on elton hella ugly lol 4 months ago  
    lol 4 months ago  
    lol 4 months ago  
    lol who could live like dat 5 months ago  
    Ok! Not too fast daddy.. lol 5 months ago  
    I'm sorry but that movie was ass 5 months ago  
    Depends on what you want to ascend about yourself or your enviornment. What exactly do you want to ascend about yourself? 5 months ago  
    I have noticed, dont really care though lol 5 months ago  
    diary of a wimpy kid 5 months ago  
    what time? lmao 5 months ago  
    lmao i know what i said i was just playin lol 5 months ago  
    throw b*tches in jail! 5 months ago  
    what are you talking about i never said dat 5 months ago  
    who's derrrr 5 months ago  
    Exactly, and there was a vegetarian woman that said all meat eaters should die and don't deserve to be on this planet lol 5 months ago  
    Wow you people are crazy, bacon is fire 5 months ago  
    Dont worry about what any of these dumbasses are saying. Another word for heaven is considered paradise. Paradise is open for all of god's creations. Human and Animal. 5 months ago +2
    Aye, watch yourself 5 months ago +1
    Burn all of my enemies! 5 months ago +1
    *SNIFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF* 5 months ago  
    omg misclick my whole class tried to jump me and I'm black myself 5 months ago  
    You know what he mean't lol 5 months ago  
    Satan owes me money, if you see him, tell him I said he gettin his ass beat 5 months ago  
    I can afford 6 bitcoins 5 months ago +1
    Is smoking weed considered a crime? Its just a plant 5 months ago +2
    I'm the wrong one to throw an egg at so I'm fighting everybody 5 months ago  
    Jax is better, never liked Johnny Cage 5 months ago +1
    Calm down mf lol, here, smoke a blunt lmao 5 months ago  
    Are you 6? lol 5 months ago  
    They choose who they want to win 5 months ago  
    lmao wow 5 months ago  
    I think I would be overwhelmed if someone acted like that to me 5 months ago  
    Loki? I'll pass 5 months ago  
    I would join them.. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (And this is why I am a bad person and going to hell) 5 months ago  
    Ohhh lol, well raven still looks better 5 months ago +2
    Thats f*cked up.. sister ProJared 5 months ago  
    Nope because I asked him to make one of my enemies suffer and it didn't work lol 5 months ago +1
    Old mcdonald had a farm, eei eei oh, and on that farm he "f*cked yo b*tch.." lmao 5 months ago +1
    Um raven is half demon so harley is getting her ass beat 5 months ago +1
    kill him 5 months ago  
    Nasty 5 months ago  
    Run me all the money thankyou.. 5 months ago +1
    Yeah the yanderes are done lmao 5 months ago  
    Who finna fly dat? yacht please! lol 5 months ago  
    6.5/10 5 months ago  
    Both are lame but roblox is worse 5 months ago  
    f*ck this question 5 months ago +1
    Once my ascension is high enough imma throw racks in my parent's face 5 months ago  
    Nobody takes me out so I choose C - neither 5 months ago +1
    This game is trash 5 months ago +2
    There is no damn gay gene, and nobody is born gay, I am bisexual because I was molested. And whether ya'll believe it or not, but homosexuality is a demon that attaches itself to one's life and convert their sexuality. It sounds like bullsh*t, thats what I thought to. 5 months ago  
    Satan has tried to take my mother out many times, she even got into a car accident on mother's day (Which is my birthday) and could have died, and he even sent a demon to our house to kill her and failed. 5 months ago  
    I dont really know, I don't even understand what you or actualfrisk is talking about, all I know about ascension is it is rising to a higher level 5 months ago  
    Done. 5 months ago  
    Everyone in A looks lame and weak lol 5 months ago +2
    Mike is ugly and annoying as f*ck 5 months ago +1
    I'll just hide in the woods forever 5 months ago +1
    you cute, you didn't hear that from me 5 months ago  
    I'm a very strong minded person, so if death decides to tap at my door imma laugh, I am very hard to kill 5 months ago +1
    I live in the hood, so I NEED a gun because b*tches are crazy 5 months ago  
    It depends on what its about, if its about hygiene then hell yeah 5 months ago  
    cake, chocolate, chips, cocaine *cough* I mean coke, and strawberries covered in sugar >:] 5 months ago +1
    Don't care about authority 5 months ago  
    Wish I could have used this on the election for trump 5 months ago +2
    for real? wtf lol 5 months ago  
    ooh they finna f*ck! 5 months ago  
    Misclick, I aint got time for professionalism, these people out here trying to better themselves and sh*t lol 5 months ago +1
    Ewww omg 5 months ago +1
    1. Mcdonald's 2. Rally's 3. Taco Bell 4. Jack in the box 5. White castle | Cockroaches crawl through dirty ass places, contract bacteria and contaminate our food with their shedding and have the audacity to do that to us? Wow 5 months ago  
    Yeah I dont think I wanna break my neck, bye ya'll! *Mixes two chemicals together* *SNIFFFFFF* 5 months ago +2
    Every Matthew in my school that i know uses me for money 5 months ago +1
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