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    Thats like asking someone would they rrrather be broke or rich 1 month ago +2
    I have before, but i was high and drunk at the same damn time 1 month ago  
    I am angry everyday so what's new? 1 month ago  
    Real question: Are you crazy? 1 month ago  
    No it doesnt lmao, I guess I'm burning because I'm gay 1 month ago  
    yes i would NOT eat foodwith frog 5 months ago  
    Franklin is waaay better than him, trevor, and micheal. He street wise and badass 5 months ago  
    I am not answering. 5 months ago  
    lol that wont work 5 months ago  
    if the crust is hard as f*ck, into the trash it goes 5 months ago  
    "I AM GOD, BOW DOWN TO YOUR CREATOR!" llol 5 months ago  
    Nobody takes my soul, not even lucifer is worthy. 5 months ago  
    misclick I LOVE MY TEETH 5 months ago  
    Trash 5 months ago +2
    When you have sex with an alien in your brain 5 months ago  
    Looks like I'm going to Rally's now, gon get me a BACONZILLA! 5 months ago  
    Lol haha 5 months ago  
    I'll make people bow down to my greatness! 5 months ago  
    Lol misclick. I would have been like "Guess what" "Your not chinese your korean, so we have raised you improperly... LOL" 5 months ago  
    Nope this is reality. expectation: she will not give af. Reality: she will whoop your ass 5 months ago  
    That will take a million years 5 months ago +1
    Not :) 5 months ago  
    POKEMON IS TRASH! NO! 5 months ago  
    No she will whoop your ass. Thats stealing from the women who brought you into this earth. Dont do that stupid sh*t 5 months ago  
    Cancer can catch deez bullets 5 months ago  
    sand is sh*t from a fish, no thankyou 5 months ago  
    Lmao we dont even close doors, anybody can catch these bullets anytime. 5 months ago  
    No. 5 months ago  
    im immortal 6 months ago  
    I want a retractable mechanical tail with a blade at the end lol 6 months ago  
    Obviously, that metal hand will take his ass out instantly 6 months ago +3
    Master shifu is too much 6 months ago  
    X1000 times better 6 months ago +1
    lol 6 months ago +1
    Zim looks like a pickle with 2 drops of jelly on it 6 months ago  
    Yap! 6 months ago  
    A meteor killed most of them, then the rest died out 6 months ago  
    Both! *Gobble* *Gobble* b*tch! 6 months ago  
    Lol i am both of the those things 6 months ago  
    it dependz 6 months ago  
    bc god proves his power everyday, he is the creator 6 months ago  
    lol is that freddy? 6 months ago  
    Just kick the hoe lol MISCLICK 6 months ago  
    Just teleport 6 months ago  
    A little lol 6 months ago  
    X1000 better. Get on taco bell's level D.T 6 months ago  
    If your list contains men and women, then you are not gay. 6 months ago  
    If I get to go to heaven, then I'll burn for a million years 6 months ago  
    I'm not being poisoned 6 months ago  
    Lol the real question is: Do you wanna watch TV or get torured from birds, rusty nails and f*cked by a dragon 6 months ago  
    lol head ass 8 months ago  
    I wouldnt say sh*t. If a girl does it, I'll slap her edges off and kick her in her coochie. If its a dude, I would push his ass down and stomp on his nuts 8 months ago  
    If I was a girl I would be pulling all the nigguz, but I'm not, but still be pulling all the b*tches 8 months ago  
    wtf it means "wash your hair" like when you "wash" your body, you "wash" your hair.. like lmfao 8 months ago  
    We are land creatures not fish 8 months ago  
    I dont pay school fines, they really that broke to where they need the money to replace something thats broken or lost? 8 months ago  
    lol my niga you scan 8 months ago  
    her fat ass gon eat up my whole refridgerator 8 months ago  
    FUK YEAH BITCH! 8 months ago +4
    bye b*tch 8 months ago  
    thats not a girl thats a paranormal creature 8 months ago  
    Gang 8 months ago +1
    ne how!!! Looking ass 8 months ago  
    oops misclick 8 months ago  
    lmfao 8 months ago  
    His cheap ass finna buy me whatever the hell I want 8 months ago  
    I'm asexual soo... BISH GIMME DAT MONEY 8 months ago  
    Dont have kids BITCH haha 8 months ago +1
    with a nerf gun da f*** 8 months ago  
    MIGHT GO DOWN IN G.O.D 8 months ago  
    I dont tuck my shirts 8 months ago  
    They both look scary af, spiders are my biggest fear, the first one looks like its gonna jump out the damn screen 8 months ago +1
    Misclick 8 months ago  
    who gives af 8 months ago  
    I'd rather just drown than get my plane shot down and fall down over 1000 feet 8 months ago  
    the hell is a pop 8 months ago  
    I'll grab it all, run away and pray to god that I live 8 months ago  
    Hell nah I'll beat her ass 8 months ago +1
    Me is TaUrUs 8 months ago  
    LMFAO I wanna do the same thing too! 9 months ago  
    Now I can slap people's ass and disappear 9 months ago +1
    That's f*cked up lol is your life that bad? You'd really rather not have a life than have a life? You sound really crazy right now lol are you suicidal? You need someone to talk to? lmfao! 9 months ago  
    "We should round up all the gays, send them to an island, and then nuke it until it glows" - Mike Priefer you are a complete b*tch, I'm not gay but I would never say some sh*t like dat damnnn 9 months ago  
    I used to be homophobic, but then I realized that everyone is different, It's not entirely their fault because most people who are gay dont choose to be gay or just wake up gay, a situation may have occured in their life that made them that way. I used to hate being around my brother because he wore fingernails and lip gloss and sh*t. But now that I have made myself whole, I dont mind being around him at all. And you should do the same as well. 9 months ago  
    Already, jk (no I'm not) 9 months ago +4
    If they dont back wash, we're good 9 months ago  
    about 25 seconds, get the mail then come back lol 9 months ago  
    Damn a whole essay 9 months ago  
    I'm a very negative person soo, ya 9 months ago  
    devil, satan and lucifer are all the same names of him lol 9 months ago +1
    lol 9 months ago  
    onex ikr 9 months ago  
    Because sex brought you into existance, they gave you life, without it, you wouldnt even exist, its natural, that's just the way it is lol, aren't you happy that you exist? 9 months ago  
    YES 9 months ago  
    Money is my happiness, u should be able to tell 9 months ago  
    what u said, just read my name 9 months ago  
    why the hell would I do that lol 9 months ago  
    LMFAO 9 months ago  
    unfortunately he did win the elections, assassinate him 9 months ago +1
    ikr 9 months ago +1
    If she flat out just call me hot then ask to have sex, then she a hoe, and hoe+too much dick=HIV, so NOOOOOOPA! 9 months ago +1
    Bust them upside the head wit it, just BOW! 9 months ago  
    lol 9 months ago  
    Snatch her edges off then kick her in her coochie 9 months ago  
    I get to respawn 9 months ago  
    we need fear, it tells us to reconsider on a dangerous decision 9 months ago  
    Your basically sitting in your own dirt as you clean yourself, I dont need to soak myself like a greasy ass pan 9 months ago +3
    there's water there 9 months ago  
    Classic level of privacy 9 months ago  
    To celebrate the day of your existance 9 months ago  
    SKIP 9 months ago  
    MISCLICK 9 months ago  
    MISCLICK BITCH 9 months ago  
    it said bitten, not STUNG by the scorpion 9 months ago  
    MISCLICK 9 months ago  
    DEMONS 9 months ago  
    Misclick 9 months ago  
    u wierd af 9 months ago  
    wtf 9 months ago  
    I had 108F at 7, I passed out twice, my mom thought I wouldnt make it in time to wait for the ambulence, so she immediately got a bucket of ice and told me to put my head in it lol, within 4 minutes of cold hell, it dropped down to 98F. 9 months ago  
    GanG! 9 months ago  
    I hate death metal 9 months ago  
    lmao life ain't a video game, u hella funny 9 months ago +2
    PUB G is like the bullsh*t a** bootleg a** version of fortnite 9 months ago  
    sushi is nasty, I'd choose a burger and fries anyday than that sh*t 9 months ago  
    right 9 months ago  
    wat? 10 months ago +1
    I dont even own a PC 10 months ago  
    I love u google 10 months ago  
    Eating brains might make me smarter! Head Ass 10 months ago  
    Who the hell uses spoons for macaroni 10 months ago  
    I do have these, paying $275 dollars on these angered me, but I wanted them. Which was only $25 dollars less than my phone bill 10 months ago  
    Walgreens is better. Sparkle Sparkle 10 months ago  
    Satan can't touch this 10 months ago  
    That's an iphone 4 lol 10 months ago  
    canons are way better 10 months ago  
    never said it couldnt be a nerf gun bullet 10 months ago  
    People don't even buy blackberries anymore (besides old people, you know they cheap) Blackberries are mainly purchased by companies as business phones 10 months ago  
    I was born as a male, so dats what im goin ta be 10 months ago  
    Karai bad af 10 months ago  
    oh really? 10 months ago  
    bruh when I was 13, I went to the pool with my hood friends and after a while, I got out and It was so cold, but then i saw a kiddie pool, so I decided to pee in that b*tch because I could barely walk I was so goddamn cold. Then when I got out to go jump in da pool, "Keshawn" arrow head a** pushed me in 10 months ago  
    fire ants will f*ck u up 10 months ago  
    lmao 10 months ago  
    The statement on the sign the man is holding is comepletely true. Homosexuality is a demon that attaches itself to a person's life. Homosexuality, is not considered a sexuality. It hurts me so to see people mistreated and damaged emotionally, physically, and verbally because of this spirit. Thou name of the spirit is "Sitri". Homosexuality is a true demon and I know this because I once had it. And it sure as hell put up a fight lol.You can ask god to remove it, or get deliverance, I know this sounds like bs but you have to understand that this is the truth. I thank God for my deliverance, I am nowhere near "saved" but I do thank god for his greatness. I am TRULY sorry if this offended anyone in anyway, but I wanted to put this out there, God Bless You All. I have no hatred or discomfort against gays in anyway. 10 months ago  
    the real question is, would you rather live or die 10 months ago  
    lol not choosing 10 months ago  
    My electric bill is too high, them mother f*ckers gon be off 10 months ago +3
    GODDAMN MISCLICK!!! 10 months ago  
    i'll live 10 months ago  
    my family does it to me all the time, and they wonder wy im so evil 10 months ago  
    I'll take the anaconda, but it will be in a 3 inch thick glass container thats about 6 feet wide, with a solid 2 inch thick metal lid, with 5 master locks on each side, with books, shoes, and weight lifts on top of the cage, with tiny 2 millimeter sized holes all over the the glass so it can breathe, with a small hatch to slide in food for it, and a goddam camera in the room! Anacondas are giant snake like demons! 10 months ago  
    That happens to me all the time 10 months ago  
    id rather get rid of every negative emotion in me, like jealousy, sloth, anger, wrath,hatred, and deception 10 months ago  
    lmao me too!!!!!!! 10 months ago  
    HIV and STD too 10 months ago  
    I cant swim so how can I save either of them? lol 10 months ago  
    pitbulls rule 10 months ago  
    If I ask the other person, did they tell you that they were in a relationship, and they say no, I will beat my lover's ass. But if the person says yes, I will beat they ass instead, just dat simple 10 months ago  
    I would be able to buy earth, cuz somebody ALWAYS got something to say 10 months ago +2
    i'll beat his ass da f*ck 10 months ago  
    YEAH! 10 months ago  
    its the same damn thing! 10 months ago  
    lol i picked the wrong one, u should hire dat gang, hire some bloods, they will f*ck dat a** up! 10 months ago  
    Both are a bit too far, but you should do the hornets, less devastating 10 months ago  
    lol wtf 10 months ago  
    lmao 10 months ago  
    God created the big bang 10 months ago +1
    If its water at the bottom then yes i would jump off a cliff 10 months ago  
    didnt say it couldn't be a toy train 10 months ago +1
    Who would have sex with animals that's disgusting, and who would have sex with their mom? You on some freaky sh*t, and my mom is not ugly 10 months ago  
    it depends what they look like 10 months ago  
    based off of my name, You know which one I chose 10 months ago  
    still making dat money doh 10 months ago  
    MONEY!!!!!!! 10 months ago  
    I can mind control everyone to randomly give me money 10 months ago  
    A the hell. I hate snow 10 months ago  
    Rats may come in my house hell yeah imma look for dem eggs!!! 10 months ago  
    No, only outside the house. My 40 will handle any craziness on the inside 10 months ago +1
    I listen to rap 10 months ago  
    I would gather up all my sh*t (my electronics, my shoes,my money,my dog,and my fruit roll ups) drive my "Lamborghini" out the drive way, drive it about 75 feet away from my house, and set a 10 minute alarm, while eating my fruit roll ups, and wait for the b*tch to explode. If it does, r.i.p bullsh*t as* house with barely warm water (I pay my bills). If not, I would wait 2 days somewhere else, just in case if they tryin to trick somebody and then go back in and bless the house, you only live once! 10 months ago  
    Batman, Mortal Kombat and Minecraft 10 months ago  
    I would pull out my 40 and say "Who is u?" cuz i keep it on me on the regular for protection cuz niggaz is crazy these days, the ghosts can catch these bullets too lol 10 months ago  
    Do you get to have a phone, wifi, and a gun in minecraft? If you can then hell yeah I would rather live in mc! 10 months ago +1
    I love to get high, I smoked me some good sh*t yesterday, lol pray for me 10 months ago  
    u a good person unlike me 10 months ago  
    Do you have sex with inanimate objects? 10 months ago  
    EVERY SINGLE TIME! Its April and its supposed to SNOW on this sunday and its SPRING 10 months ago  
    Because I don't like it 10 months ago  
    I am christian and will always be be, I do do dat hindu and voodoo stuff 10 months ago  
    blueberries are cursed, jk 10 months ago +1
    Wow you typed up a whole essay 10 months ago  
    Random comment? Ok. I like pizza. 10 months ago +2
    2 weeks ago I saw people abusing a pit bull, beating it and just laughing, so when they turned their backs, I ran up there and grabbed it from over the gate. I started running and it followed me home, and so me and my roomate took it in. I know stealing is wrong, but stealing can sometimes help someone or something. 11 months ago +3
    f any other language out there I speak english 11 months ago  
    There'z things that we eat that is horrible for us, so why should we give af about them? 11 months ago  
    I celebrated the day out of school I had ON patrick's day >:D 11 months ago  
    that sh*t hurts hell nah 11 months ago  
    i dont know, fish 11 months ago  
    i hate horses it bit me while i was trying to feed it, dumb son of a b*tch 1 year ago  
    screw penguins 1 year ago  
    im selfish i want it to mself 1 year ago  
    you have lost your mind you probably did this 1 year ago  
    harry potter is trash 1 year ago  
    yay flying cars! 1 year ago  
    How are you going ta pee? How are you going ta live? how are you going ta f*ck?! 1 year ago  
    lmao 1 year ago  
    That's my lunch 1 year ago  
    ew 1 year ago  
    didn't say it couldn't be toe nails 1 year ago  
    fornication is a sin 1 year ago  
    lol I'm asexual 1 year ago  
    You can't tell me this person didn't kill someone like this 1 year ago  
    ouch 1 year ago  
    Today is opposite day so instead of it saying bad breath you really have good breath 1 year ago  
    My bathtub stay super clean I can eat food off that b*tch if I wanted to 1 year ago  
    if she has a penis then she is not a she 1 year ago +1
    You don't have eyes in your throat 1 year ago  
    I will never in my life do something so nasty like eating boggers even if ur by yourself that is completely down right despicably disgusting 1 year ago  
    This happened before, he was playing with his favorite toy from 1986 1 year ago  
    I'd love to get "gummy" worms 1 year ago  
    Dammit I clicked hairy donut by mistake 1 year ago  
    Why the hell would I want to have sex with a child? This question is sick 1 year ago  
    never heard of dirol 1 year ago  
    Boys are better than girls 1 year ago  
    I want to change the fact of that I got a D on a test which my dad was going to give me $200 if I got an A 1 year ago  
    ???????????????????????????? 1 year ago  
    pam looks like a white ass zombie 1 year ago +1
    im not GAY 1 year ago  
    Villiwaterboy you are sick 1 year ago  
    f*ck uniforms 1 year ago  
    Wow the building looks nice!! Better than regular jail where the food is horrible and always gotta worry about demon spawns that beat you up and rape you 1 year ago  
    All I wear is nike joggings, jordan and adida jackets, and jordans everywhere I go so it wouldn't bother me being "underdressed" 1 year ago  
    Dubstep isn't my type but it does sound a little tough though 1 year ago  
    My friend Jayden's laugh sounds like a horse, and gets roasted for it 1 year ago  
    You know how much money I can steal?! How many things I can take?! I would LOVE to be able to teleport and be invisible!!! 1 year ago  
    I feel so evil for answering forgive me lord 1 year ago  
    At least it didn't say you have to sell your soul 1 year ago  
    I wouldn't be the best ruler 1 year ago  
    Siri is dead to me anyway 1 year ago  
    I would be dead by now if other people made my choices because not everyone has a pure heart 1 year ago +2
    I'd rather bring something into existance than destroy something from existance 1 year ago  
    I'm bad myself so why the hell would I do that?! 1 year ago  
    I hate surfing 1 year ago  
    Pokemon is for white people 1 year ago  
    Chocolate is still better 1 year ago  
    Justin is gaaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 year ago  
    With a needle 1 year ago  
    You must like yo mom wit yo nasty a** 1 year ago  
    ... 1 year ago  
    wtf 1 year ago  
    You have issues 1 year ago  
    We are human beings are you? 1 year ago  
    Both, $1,000,000 dollars, bad b*ches is life 1 year ago  
    FUK DONALD TRUMP 1 year ago  
    screw australia they food whack 1 year ago  
    My computer costs $1,079 dollars I will merk a b*tch if they steal my sh*t, and who steals computers? 1 year ago  
    Shot with a nerf gun 1 year ago  
    helium 1 year ago  
    That is a he/she 1 year ago  
    NIETHER 1 year ago  
    I'm both 1 year ago  
    I would do citric acid 1 year ago  
    f*ck nah 1 year ago  
    duh 1 year ago  
    Why is sex like math? You add a bed, subtract the clothes, divide the legs, and pray there's no multiplying. 1 year ago  
    screw mario 1 year ago  
    screw swimming 1 year ago  
    you got me messed up and it's ALIVE?! 1 year ago  
    headass a star ship and be a jedi lmao 1 year ago  
    it's called bathroom or restroom who says washroom lol 1 year ago  
    I dont want to get raped!!!! 1 year ago  
    what's good? 1 year ago  
    I'm asexual anyway 1 year ago  
    I will rock they sh*t 1 year ago  
    I'm Grim Reaper Jr. 1 year ago  
    First of all you can tell the difference between a 13 and an 18 year old 90% of the time, second of all, It's not worth it to lie about your age just so you can do it with a grown person. 1 year ago  
    Why is sex like math? You add a bed, subtract the clothes, divide the legs, and pray there's no multiplying. 1 year ago  
    lol you will be dead so how are you going to get it, in heaven? 1 year ago  
    duh 1 year ago  
    i hate superman I will make him eat kryptonite 1 year ago  
    i only chose to see which percentage was the greatest your very f*cked up bro 1 year ago +1
    lol 1 year ago  
    lol the o's are spilling out of my screen 1 year ago  
    im not fat but i want to be more muscular 1 year ago  
    im already gay and rich 1 year ago  
    all they gon find is games and shopping websites 1 year ago +1
    im already depressed my life is horrible 1 year ago +2
    lol i do that already 1 year ago  
    i don't know what these are i drink water, milk, juice, energy drinks, and soda because I'm 14 1 year ago  
    reading if for hoes 1 year ago  
    im out 1 year ago  
    id me rich f*ck everyone 1 year ago  
    it's called. share money so he won't be poor 1 year ago  
    me the f*ck 1 year ago  
    Dad!!! There were some people in bothering me... DESTROY THEM.. 1 year ago  
    your mom probably looks like that so u trying to throw shade 1 year ago  
    im very materialistic 1 year ago  
    omg he bites people's ears wtf im scared 1 year ago  
    i dont want to be gay 1 year ago +1
    she will light a b*tch up don't try her, zombie or no zombie 1 year ago  
    i picked krispy kreme cause he had a gun in his hand 1 year ago  
    screw apricot 1 year ago  
    Gold all the way!!!!!! 1 year ago  
    My nickname is Redd 1 year ago  
    Both 1 year ago  
    Yellow reminds me of mustard and I hate mustard 1 year ago  
    My favorite colors is white black and red 1 year ago  
    twisted insane is the devil's child 1 year ago  
    heaven is life never forget it 1 year ago  
    skip 1 year ago  
    skip 1 year ago  
    hell no 1 year ago  
    skip 1 year ago  
    Neither BITCH 1 year ago  
    Strippers HELLA SEXY 1 year ago  
    skip 1 year ago  
    both, pussy, ass and tits 1 year ago  
    I don't want to bring back that rat lookin ass tiger 1 year ago  
    Mom, get me some mcdonald's. *Ok honey anything for you" 1 year ago  
    i would rather play neither 1 year ago  
    never judge a book by it's cover 1 year ago  
    I have thanatophobia 1 year ago  
    Heaven is better than earth 1 year ago  
    [stop] take a bunch of food from mcdonalds, shoes, and electronics [start] 1 year ago  
    barley 1 year ago  
    the hell, who takes baths anymore you are literally sitting in your own dirt as you clean yourself 1 year ago  
    Holy sh*t I want that many likes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 year ago  
    I'm a giraffe 1 year ago  
    If I didn't shower for a month I'd be more dirty than this boy named Rahkmond Mahomud 1 year ago  
    can still be used 1 year ago  
    still can eat, drink, shower, brush teeth and hair, sleep, use the bathroom, leave and repeat. 1 year ago  
    We need the moon, that's why it's there, the moon isn't edible anyway 1 year ago  
    I have better things to do 1 year ago  
    bleach really lollll 1 year ago  
    I might get kicked but I love kangaroos!!! 1 year ago  
    I'm a male lol 1 year ago  
    Macaroni is designed for forks 1 year ago  
    That 1 year ago  
    i have heard of gta not gte 1 year ago  
    Just because their called "King of the Jungle" doesn't mean their from the jungle... 1 year ago  
    Neither we cool 1 year ago  
    Money for me im very materialistic 1 year ago  
    I don't feel safe with ronald he is IT 2 1 year ago  
    Sorry I'm gon kick it wit future 1 year ago  
    The usa fa sho! which is where im at screw australia 1 year ago  
    kill the person who made this!!! There is totally a third choice can't you see it? 1 year ago  
    lol im a dude fam 1 year ago  
    omg 1 year ago  
    no 1 year ago  
    um... UNDECIDED 1 year ago  
    neither! 1 year ago  
    hell no 1 year ago  
    I have!!! jk 1 year ago  
    No because I'm crazy 1 year ago  
    I would choose the demon, but you better chain my ass up I'm already crazy I'm a must have for demons 1 year ago  
    I don't want to look like white board! 1 year ago  
    Night BITCH!!! 1 year ago  
    lol 1 year ago  
    Hell yeah a dark room with loud noise, who the hell would wanna sleep in a bright ass room?! 1 year ago  
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