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Welcome to my profile. Wipe your feet before you enter.

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    I can grow tits whenever I want 1 day ago  
    ESTP-T, forgot what it all meant 1 day ago  
    good question, I like this 1 day ago  
    I might reconsider if my partner would discuss it first 1 day ago  
    I think it's right in between, really depends. 1 day ago  
    He was really good in The Lighthouse 1 week ago  
    maybe back in 2005 1 week ago  
    How I hate e-thots 1 week ago  
    what even is that chick? No thanks, I'd prefer these Daft-Punk looking dudes 1 week ago  
    Tough one. I really hate losing at Uno 1 week ago  
    preferably with weed 1 week ago +1
    pussies 1 week ago  
    Was expecting a nudie but I downloaded the webpage, found your black picture source and tried adding brightness to see what would appear. Can say, kinda disappointed that there's no nudie. 1 week ago +2
    I think with option B the world would go to sh*t a lot faster. Imagine the waste. I think A might even destroy a part of racism. 1 week ago  
    They'd be very small laser beams 1 week ago +1
    Sounds incredibly useful 1 week ago  
    but what if constant fear = less wars and less wars = more peace? 2 weeks ago  
    What asthomasa says. If someone would acquire absolute power (which I think is hard to measure), would they then 100% use this power fraudulent and unethical 2 weeks ago +1
    :) 2 weeks ago  
    Haven't played a lot of 2019 games but I do like these questions 2 weeks ago +1
    There's solid arguments for both statements, so I'm curious to see what everybody thinks. 2 weeks ago  
    What. 2 weeks ago +1
    Went to the store to get some toilet paper and bread because I was out. Everything was gone. I think this has blown up to unnecessary proportions. People can't think on their own anymore. Monkey see, monkey do... 2 weeks ago +1
    I love sightseeing  
    the higgs boson particle  
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