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What song is better? A Holly Jolly Christmas, Burl Ives or The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year, Andy Williams 2 years ago 40 votes 5 comments 0 likes
What song is better? Both, Gucci Mane Featuring Drake or Moves, Big Sean 2 years ago 33 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather do it with The taco or The bun 2 years ago 61 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Ramen with broth water or Ramen with no broth water. 2 years ago 53 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Play kissy face with Taylor Swift or Play kissy face with Carrie Underwood 2 years ago 47 votes 4 comments 0 likes

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I was shocked when I first heard Zayn's solo work. Not a fan of 1D but Zayn is very nice. 2 years ago +1
Trolls like you are the reason this unmoderated site is such garbage. You should honestly kill yourself. 2 years ago +1
Have you ever gone outside? Or talked to somebody who was a Hip-Hop fan? 2 years ago  
Most people consider Hopsin to be one of the worst rappers of all time but ok :/ 2 years ago  
Also, when it comes to the "giant corporations", they rely on the people, and of course they're going to put money first. Overall, I felt a ton of positive vibes from the commercials and from the halftime performance. 2 years ago  
Pew research shows the majority wish that Obama was president again and that 40% of Americans want him impeached. Up from like 35% a couple weeks ago. And you have to wonder how many people out there want him gone but are smart enough to know that Pence could arguably be more dangerous. 2 years ago  
Nah, I'm talking about people in general. The majority already ready to impeach Trump 2 years ago  
A lot of positive vibes coming from the commercials and halftime show. American people obviously fed up with minority rule. 2 years ago  
73% of people are obviously lying, or else they wouldn't be here. 2 years ago +1
They're in the cosmetics section. It's weird. 2 years ago  
3rd most successful band of all time. 2 years ago  
Both annoying 2 years ago  
Don't really know B off the top of my head, but Summers is obviously a legend. 2 years ago  
One of the best, 2 years ago  
B was not sexual enought 2 years ago  
But it was a romance... and there wasn't even a bunch of sex scenes, lol 2 years ago  
I don't really care about the guy in B. A didn't happen, but if it did, it would have ruined the performance. 2 years ago  
Lol, what? 2 years ago  
I'm already perfectly toned and eat whatever I want. 2 years ago  
Cuter and a better rapper. 2 years ago  
Halftime performance was one of the best I ever saw. 2 years ago  
Good day for liberals yesterday. 2 years ago  
Hard one. Both are kinda funny. I imagine Hulk Hogan dressed up from the 80's repeatedly punching a woman in the vagina. 2 years ago  
Never heard B, but sadly, I have heard of A :/ 2 years ago  
I guess that explains it then... 2 years ago  
The odds of me ever having heard of these random toddlers is astronomically low 2 years ago  
How did either of these movies get to round 2? lol 2 years ago  
Because it's a major upcoming event. Glad they gave it a change instead of it being the light saber one like it always is. 2 years ago  
I asked this question because I genuinely couldn't decide, but then I decided. It's clearly Moves. 2 years ago  
100,000 little old ladies are out there marching for your rights and you're afraid to go to the grocery store x_x. What a pathetic loon. 2 years ago  
Talk to a therapist, that's called agoraphobia. 2 years ago  
The hundreds of thousands of people out there peacefully protesting aren't afraid to leave their house, lol 2 years ago  
200,000 people marching peacefully and 200 people throwing garbage cans is not a riot. 2 years ago  
Anything > The 8th most popular cover of a classic song 2 years ago  
This site is crap, Idek why I'm here/ 2 years ago  
Everybody on the Epic Rap Battles of History Wikia does this. Go there, and people will read your stuff. 2 years ago  
Rich and hot vs old and poor 2 years ago  
I don't think A is really racist. I think the things he's said are only jokes. 2 years ago +1
Pretty sure the question isn't about riots. It's about the marches and protests that are happening all over the world. I think it's awesome that people in Europe and Australia are assembling in concern for Americans. I hope that if the worst comes to worst their governments can help in more substantial ways, 2 years ago  
They're effective in reminding the current government that we are still the majority and that we aren't OK with their changes. Not going to actually fix their changes though. We have to wait until 2018 to do that. 2 years ago +1
Good luck 2 years ago  
Not by "Gorillaz" 2 years ago  
Imagine thinking this 2 years ago  
Hard one. I ended up choosing T-Pain because of just how influential he is, but both have a ton of classics and are excellent on hooks. 2 years ago  
How about no. 2 years ago  
Well orange juice is technically acid. 2 years ago  
I don't ever fall for it.... but I do sometimes click it... 2 years ago  
Fire looks cool, but it's pretty useless for anything other than setting things on fire. Ice can be used to slide quickly, kill people instantly, make walls, protect your skin, etc. 2 years ago  
Chance and Kevin Gates are good, but not Kendrick good. YG, Mac Miller and Meek Mill are on A too 2 years ago  
Picking A for J. Cole and Sean. B has some good ones though 2 years ago  
Younger siblings hold you back. Older siblings do the opposite, and you can learn from their mistakes. 2 years ago  
I think Taylor Swift is probably pretty comfortable with her career tho 2 years ago +1
It makes the flavor really intense 2 years ago  
Oops. I forgot to mention. The flavoring is still there, but the water is not. If you haven't tried it (drain the water and add the flavoring to just the noodles) you should try it. 2 years ago  
I'd just get a bunch of brain. 2 years ago  
Money and recognition for creating something meaningful or no fame or recognition for making something inherently stupid. 2 years ago +1
i wanna know what the meme is on B. 2 years ago  
I don't like his face 2 years ago  
A security guard ain't a cop. Also, cop shootings aren't the cops getting shot at, lol 2 years ago  
Don't have enough sympathy to click A. 2 years ago  
Clicked A out of sympathy 2 years ago  
Sounds like a much easier job, for more money. 2 years ago +1
Well if you say so. 2 years ago  
How about I'm electrocuted until I enter my refractory period? 2 years ago  
Nah, I just haven't gotten any in like over a week, so I feel weak. 2 years ago  
Clicks for the titties 2 years ago  
Ok. I promise I won't have sex with men for at least a month or two, if that makes you feel better. 2 years ago  
And? 2 years ago  
WTF is wrong with you? 2 years ago +1
Low levels of education. 2 years ago +1
Don't know what A is, but B is gross. 2 years ago  
Don't know a ton about Ab-Soul. Heard he was good though, I don't know a ton about Logic, but I liked his verse in Sucker for Pain. Hated that Flexicution song. 2 years ago  
Gotta go fast! 2 years ago  
Young Savage why you trapping so hard? 2 years ago  
Better at what? lol. I think our rate of survival is certainly increasing, but so is our reliance on technology. 2 years ago  
THAT Hispanic guy? no thanks, 2 years ago  
Never heard of A. 2 years ago  
Plus, ScHoolboy, Trinidad, Keef and $cott are all pretty dope. 2 years ago  
There's a whole lotta trash in the 2012 class. MGK, Iggy, and Hopsin's terribleness overtake Future imo. Plus French Montana Roscoe Dash and Kid Ink? Yikes, this has to be one of the worst ever. 2 years ago  
A is one of the only acceptable memes. 2 years ago +3
Meek, Mac Miller, YG and KENDRICK. vs Yachty, Lil Dicky, 21 Savage and Uzi? Defo gonna have to hit A 2 years ago  
Never heard Yelawolf, but from what everybody says, he's one of the worst. 2 years ago  
Trump. It's like people forgot that he was Kanye level hated in 2014. 2 years ago  
Yachty has yet to really impress me. I did enjoy Uzi's verse on Bad and Boujee. 2 years ago  
Thanks, 2 years ago  
I've already died a million times. Every time I learn something new, an old me dies, and I am born anew. 2 years ago  
Ah man :( Chy let out the joke. I thought this would have been a fun troll opportunity. 2 years ago  
One of the best reviewed video game movies ever, sadly. 2 years ago  
Because it wasn't very good. 2 years ago  
I'd rather wake up every morning and see you.. 2 years ago  
I guess we're using the word "reincarnated" differently then I guess. I'm not using it as literally I guess. 2 years ago  
A second ago, you were preaching about how everybody give their own life purpose. That's how I see things. I'm not the same me that I was when I was 20, or 10, or 5. So I see every moment of learning as a little death, and a little birth. 2 years ago  
I am reincarnated in every moment. Every second an old me dies and is replaced with a new me. The life of a human is like that of Theseus's ship. 2 years ago  
What about that girl who was 12 and loved PewDiePie and Ed Sheeran. She was annoying, but kind of funny too. The only other person I remember is Extra Sausage Pizza. 2 years ago  
So I haven't been here in about a year. Apparently this place is less active than it once was. Do you still have that Nazi poster who would post a bunch of white supremacist stuff every day? 2 years ago  
The great wall of Gina! 2 years ago  
The idea of building a wall through the Rio Grande is certainly "romantic" in the classic literary sense that it's never gonna happen. 2 years ago  
Yay. I love you. 2 years ago  
Pleeeease. I'll love you forever and ever. 2 years ago  
Will you be my girlfriend? 2 years ago  
I would rather date a star, girl 2 years ago  
These are really funny 2 years ago  
Seems like longer ago for some reason. 2 years ago  
You're just mad because I said girlfriend and not boyfriend. 2 years ago  
I feel like this is from 2015, not 2016. But maybe it's just my memory playing tricks on me. Anyway, I really need a girlfriend. 2 years ago  
Does anyone here want to be my girlfriend? I just joined. 2 years ago +1
Never heard of the second one. 2 years ago  
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