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    I have tits 1 month ago  
    No 1 month ago  
    F you 1 month ago  
    Maybe society might give a crap about men 1 month ago  
    FAT 1 month ago  
    More interesting 1 month ago  
    Japan gotta get that anime and sushi 2 months ago +1
    Genius 2 months ago +1
    Which one does the dragon ball franchise fit? 2 months ago +1
    Layer 2 months ago +1
    The fuc'k with them photoz 2 months ago +1
    To sell them and make stonks 2 months ago +1
    Blink 1M times 2 months ago +1
    It said prototype 2 months ago  
    He won't need them muscles he is god 2 months ago  
    Still Australian also F'UCK PETA TO THE MOON 2 months ago  
    Alright i changed my mind 2 months ago  
    Alright i changed my mind 2 months ago  
    Still no sense 2 months ago  
    Wait B makes no logical sense 2 months ago  
    Watch this writing advice channel 2 months ago  
    Tragic past no motivation yes 2 months ago  
    No me did not... 2 months ago  
    They pulled of the anti-snap perfectly 2 months ago  
    Oh ok 2 months ago  
    Has powers 2 months ago  
    Genius 2 months ago  
    It's a 5 2 months ago +1
    Who cares Jimmy 2 months ago  
    Ok sure 2 months ago  
    Characters can develop!?!?!? Blastfermy 2 months ago  
    So death to protect life. Im sorry but if mumbo jumbo wanted to protect all life then why did he make it possible to eat meat? 2 months ago +1
    Who? 2 months ago  
    WW2 changed when America entered 2 months ago  
    Good idea 2 months ago  
    Yeah true sorry i didn't quite get it 2 months ago  
    But that does raise questions like can you go half way with it? 2 months ago  
    Stuff like this is why you worry me 2 months ago  
    You made this worse now u need to go to an actual hospital to 2 months ago  
    Sydney NSW 2 months ago  
    And the rest of him 2 months ago  
    No no it was not 2 months ago  
    How??? 2 months ago  
    Stabbing people is much better for action movies 2 months ago +1
    Ok i think you need to be put in a mental hospital if that is the case 2 months ago  
    I am concerned for you 2 months ago  
    A would make them hate you 2 months ago  
    The communism is over 9000 2 months ago  
    You are programmer 2 months ago  
    You are programmer 2 months ago  
    It is called fasting 2 months ago  
    I couldn't watch dragon ball evolution more then 3/4 time not joking i fell asleep while watching it 2 months ago  
    Yes finally someone we can all get behind 2 months ago +3
    Dig 3 blocks down and place one over my head 2 months ago +2
    Yes he can and he can stab people 2 months ago +1
    I live out of waking distance from my friends so yeah. 2 months ago  
    Lol 2 months ago  
    What why! There are many better things 2 months ago +1
    With A just make up a gender 2 months ago  
    Got feet 2 months ago +1
    What how 2 months ago  
    Better bring 999,999 cheese burgers 2 months ago  
    Turns out time traveler is me... 2 months ago +1
    Better life advice 2 months ago +1
    More the merrier i say 2 months ago  
    Ok 2 months ago  
    Never make one in the 1st place 2 months ago  
    Ok 2 months ago +1
    What is A and what is B 2 months ago +1
    Yay 2 months ago +1
    What is a and what is b 2 months ago  
    Wait does this include me? 2 months ago +1
    Elephant you now way 1 kilogram 2 months ago +1
    Epic 2 months ago +1
    So dr. Stone kills the human race through a mas illness 2 months ago  
    You are better then god 2 months ago +2
    The best thing ever said. But then someone said ww3 will happen in 2020. 2 months ago  
    Also collect all the bottlecaps you can find 2 months ago +2
    Someone bully me you now got 5 years less life 2 months ago  
    You murdered logic 2 months ago +1
    S e x "auto correct" 2 months ago  
    No i should of worded it better. so so sorry 2 months ago  
    Yes could have worded it better 2 months ago  
    No 2 months ago  
    Mabey ask your frfriends and family before hand 2 months ago  
    Oh ok 2 months ago  
    Who me or him 2 months ago  
    Or the cops will think it is an actual 5 year old and arrest you... 2 months ago  
    Once apon a time there was a 2 year old boy in a hospital undergoing surgery for something but they weren't useing a scalpel but something else and accidentally cut most of his penis off so the parents made him transgender. 2 months ago  
    But i don't want to eat playdoh 2 months ago  
    I changed my mind all hail meat 2 months ago  
    Reverse my age from 2-3 and keep it there and also make my parents think i have the mental age of a 2-3 year old. 2 months ago  
    Do you want to know what i would do? 2 months ago  
    Hmm... 2 months ago  
    Me to although how young is shota 2 months ago  
    LOL 2 months ago  
    Me got nothing with that person "can't assume someone's gender" 2 months ago +1
    Oh thats actually kind. Much kinder then what i would do? 2 months ago  
    Look feminists cares more about how good they look to people then actual equality. So if you want equality then do not call your self a feminist. 2 months ago  
    Swords are dead 2 months ago +1
    Also better then death 2 months ago  
    Then why is it that when a woman criticises feminism the feminists say they have internalized masogany as if women are to week willed to make up there own decisions 2 months ago  
    Actually true 2 months ago +1
    Oh ok 2 months ago  
    Ok lol thanks 2 months ago  
    No 2 months ago  
    Who cares its 2020 we through logic out the window here 2 months ago  
    Are there any consequences to the ritual 2 months ago  
    Who cares its 2020 we through logic out the window here 2 months ago  
    Me Australian also did you steal these pics from me 2 months ago  
    And you won't need a chair 2 months ago  
    I know 2 months ago  
    No stereotypes that is about as true as i have an IQ of -1 2 months ago  
    Free milk 2 months ago  
    Why did you change your statement? 2 months ago  
    Yeah i gess :( 2 months ago  
    What the!!!? 2 months ago +1
    How is it 2 months ago  
    The wage gap is just the average income from all men and all women it compares trump to a waitress getting payed $10 an hour among other things. Also with you glass sealing statement, there is simply more motivation for men to climb the corporate ladder dew to social pressure then there is a woman. 2 months ago +1
    Kill their parents or parent making it so they dont exist 2 months ago  
    Well in Australia we do still respect the queen so not much change there 2 months ago  
    We stand together in the face of ignorance 2 months ago  
    I know i can take a joke. :) 2 months ago  
    Woman wamen 2 months ago  
    Why u got a problem with homosexuals!!? 2 months ago  
    It is water 2 months ago +1
    What some lego and a rubber band? 2 months ago  
    No it doesn't it says like not only eat 2 months ago +2
    Oh sorry 3 months ago  
    Wait so you choose 10? Because if you did i just misunderstood. 3 months ago  
    I don't give a dam about their race as long as they aren't a baluga wale or a moron 3 months ago  
    Why not for a week? 3 months ago  
    But in Canada it is human rights violation to misgender someone witch is easy when there are 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 different genders 3 months ago  
    I am Australian 3 months ago  
    Anybody who loves cats is good 3 months ago  
    No 3 months ago  
    No opposite not the middle 3 months ago  
    RRREEEEEEEEEEEE 3 months ago  
    NO STEREOTYPES I AM LAUGHING AT THAT!!!!! 3 months ago  
    She still wasted police time and resources 3 months ago +1
    Lol 3 months ago  
    Yeah true 3 months ago  
    True buuuuuutttttttttttt........ 3 months ago  
    I was actually driving a train in red dead 2 3 months ago  
    Ok u do what you want it is your opinion 3 months ago  
    Oh ok 3 months ago  
    You don't know 3 months ago  
    But they won't work as fingers 3 months ago  
    Hi 3 months ago  
    Ok have fun in jail 3 months ago  
    They arn't i only found out about rrrather in 2019 3 months ago  
    Also i say again?????!?!?!? 3 months ago  
    Ok 3 months ago  
    Oh sh*t its 2020 3 months ago  
    No it ain't 3 months ago  
    I know thats why i stopped 3 months ago  
    I know 3 months ago  
    To find out that the Germans are stupid 3 months ago  
    It is illegal 3 months ago  
    Conquer America with it 3 months ago +1
    Australia Russia China and india 3 months ago +1
    No that person must of misworded or was misinformed 3 months ago  
    :( bra 3 months ago  
    I know 3 months ago  
    Look anybody who says B is lieing as human beings we have self preservation 3 months ago  
    They are a crossbread between a poler and grizzly bear 3 months ago  
    I would wishfor the ability to alter reality 3 months ago  
    Your brain will die 4 minutes into holding your breath 3 months ago  
    How young 3 months ago  
    DID ANYONE READ THE bit about it tyeing in to a question today 3 months ago +1
    I change my mind 5 months ago  
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