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    Obama screwed up the country. But bush was 5% unemployment. Btw Obama would’ve hidden if 9/11 happened. But bush fought with america 1 year ago  
    If your good at it then you like it 1 year ago  
    Yo what the [email protected] That is just wrong 1 year ago  
    What about the dream love... 1 year ago  
    It’s true though 1 year ago  
    Emma Watson ppl 1 year ago  
    Anybody remember the titanic 1 year ago  
    My tastebuds would never want to leave 1 year ago  
    Btw why can’t you adopt... that makes no sense 1 year ago  
    What about stealing... 1 year ago  
    A big a$$ hershery bar 1 year ago  
    It’s not that bad people... 1 year ago +2
    So your saying only the opposite genders can be happy together... 1 year ago  
    I get to flex on dem haters 1 year ago  
    It will eventually die though 1 year ago  
    Who doesn’t want to mine diamonds... 1 year ago  
    I meant the other answer cause you can use incognito mode 1 year ago  
    Just don’t do anything stupid that day 1 year ago  
    10% is a low number though... 1 year ago  
    Your not a wizard Gandalf choosers... 1 year ago  
    I can be a ninga riding a pirate boat... that works 1 year ago  
    To be fair though dr.pepper is the first soft drink soooo.... 1 year ago  
    Pepsi owns dr.pepper... 1 year ago  
    I CANT STOP LAUGING 1 year ago  
    Can you calm down you toxic player. 1 year ago  
    They’re cuter and last longer... 1 year ago  
    Its way funnier 1 year ago  
    The fu(k;nag elevator will fall 6 feet under 1 year ago  
    You still get sh;t food 1 year ago  
    To know when she cheating... 1 year ago  
    Music is amazing man 1 year ago  
    Monkeys become little sh;ts as in the words of ninga 1 year ago  
    I have a Mac... it sucks 1 year ago  
    If there is no divorce then that means that you aren’t able to be in a bad relashonship 1 year ago  
    That first one is pretty dark... 1 year ago  
    I hate justin 1 year ago  
    I wish I would have to not pay for anything! There fixed the money problem! 1 year ago  
    Man that would feel good 1 year ago  
    Man who wouldn’t want to listen to Freddie and micheal jackson 1 year ago +1
    Think about it, a mermaid would feel REALLY good in you know what... 1 year ago  
    I can make a spell to turn into a ninga 1 year ago  
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