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    Obama screwed up the country. But bush was 5% unemployment. Btw Obama would’ve hidden if 9/11 happened. But bush fought with america 11 months ago  
    If your good at it then you like it 11 months ago  
    Yo what the [email protected] That is just wrong 11 months ago  
    What about the dream love... 11 months ago  
    It’s true though 11 months ago  
    Emma Watson ppl 11 months ago  
    Anybody remember the titanic 11 months ago  
    My tastebuds would never want to leave 11 months ago  
    Btw why can’t you adopt... that makes no sense 11 months ago  
    What about stealing... 11 months ago  
    A big a$$ hershery bar 11 months ago  
    It’s not that bad people... 11 months ago +2
    So your saying only the opposite genders can be happy together... 11 months ago  
    I get to flex on dem haters 11 months ago  
    It will eventually die though 11 months ago  
    Who doesn’t want to mine diamonds... 11 months ago  
    I meant the other answer cause you can use incognito mode 11 months ago  
    Just don’t do anything stupid that day 11 months ago  
    10% is a low number though... 11 months ago  
    Your not a wizard Gandalf choosers... 11 months ago  
    I can be a ninga riding a pirate boat... that works 11 months ago  
    To be fair though dr.pepper is the first soft drink soooo.... 11 months ago  
    Pepsi owns dr.pepper... 11 months ago  
    I CANT STOP LAUGING 11 months ago  
    Can you calm down you toxic player. 11 months ago  
    They’re cuter and last longer... 11 months ago  
    Its way funnier 11 months ago  
    The fu(k;nag elevator will fall 6 feet under 11 months ago  
    You still get sh;t food 11 months ago  
    To know when she cheating... 11 months ago  
    Music is amazing man 11 months ago  
    Monkeys become little sh;ts as in the words of ninga 11 months ago  
    I have a Mac... it sucks 11 months ago  
    If there is no divorce then that means that you aren’t able to be in a bad relashonship 11 months ago  
    That first one is pretty dark... 11 months ago  
    I hate justin 11 months ago  
    I wish I would have to not pay for anything! There fixed the money problem! 11 months ago  
    Man that would feel good 11 months ago  
    Man who wouldn’t want to listen to Freddie and micheal jackson 11 months ago +1
    Think about it, a mermaid would feel REALLY good in you know what... 11 months ago  
    I can make a spell to turn into a ninga 11 months ago  
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