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    I don't understand how people "don't care" because they're dead. It's your funeral. Don't you want the people you love to remember and celebrate your time of being alive? To me, it's sad that no one shows up to your funeral. I'd rather no one show up to my wedding. It's really only for me and my husband anyway...  
    I'm too afraid that if I answer, it'll come true.  
    All white girls are going for starbucks haha  
    It's not stupid if I didn't know.  
    I didn't. That's why I asked.  
    Well I met my boyfriend by talking to a random person on the phone..  
    A tiny chat..  
    I thought it said be half your weight  
    Roar is my favorite song...  
    RAAACISTS!! +1
    Both would be so funny +3
    I'm always being shhhed at movies... +2
    If it's an awesome house, with a pool like that, I wouldn't need wifi. I'd have parties all the time! +54
    Don't hockey players wear masks?  
    Ronald might rape me... +1
    There's no wifi in the 1700s  
    What the heck is tinychat? +1
    True love lasts forever. Money will run out eventually and then your left with nothing.  
    I'm already in wonderland  
    It doesn't say the you are doing something dirty.. They could've caught me watching Dora.  
    I'm a terrible actor so..  
    i just think dying in a stampede is a funny way to die +4
    How about Toy Story?  
    I watch Finding Nemo all the time, time for something different  
    I barely watch TV anyway, i'm on the computer 24/7  
    I'm too afraid that if I answer it's going to actually happen  
    i cant answer this...  
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