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Would you rather Drink Soy Sauce for the rest of your life or Eat your least favorite food for a year 4 years ago 127 votes 7 comments 0 likes
What can you live on, A tiny TV or Tiny food 4 years ago 159 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Listen to Kiddy Music or Have a tiny pig as a pet 4 years ago 198 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Have your crush propose to you or Think of any punishment you want for your worst enemy 4 years ago 131 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Smell like poop for the rest of your life or Only eat bugs for the rest of your life 4 years ago 80 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Would you rather Stay up awake all night or Have explosive diarrhea every time you pee/poop 4 years ago 111 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Lose all your money & you can never get money back or Lose all your friends & never be friends with them again 4 years ago 69 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Give up Rrrather or Give up Social Media 4 years ago 98 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Guess my name or watch this guy cry 4 years ago 93 votes 25 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Never eat cupcakes again? or Never eat icecream again? 4 years ago 129 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Whitch one would you choose, would you choose to, See your future or See other people's future 4 years ago 165 votes 5 comments 0 likes

Music4ever has posted the following comments:

I just found out now.. Duh.. 4 years ago  
If we can't read, how are we gonna read minds?! 4 years ago  
Hard one.. 4 years ago  
Music is a language... 4 years ago  
I don't even know who Harry Potter is ! 4 years ago  
Ohhhhh.............................. 4 years ago  
Hearing aids only help people if they have trouble hear.. Not if your deaf.. 4 years ago  
I don't do sports.. Sorry guys.. 4 years ago  
You can't do that dum dum 4 years ago  
I already know how to read.. Don't you people? See, your reading this.. So you know how to read.. And we are learning types of reading as we go.. 4 years ago  
Money can never buybhappiness.. 4 years ago  
I don't even use Internet much.. 4 years ago  
I never seen neither movies.. 4 years ago  
I met my ancestors already, I will again when I see God..... 4 years ago  
I don't eat chocolate much,, 4 years ago  
I always eat here 4 years ago  
I don't drink.. 4 years ago  
Yes because then you can save someone's life, knowing that even if you die, you still saved a persons life. 4 years ago  
Word are the most powerful thing there is.. 4 years ago  
Yes. 4 years ago  
Or Josie 4 years ago  
Joshie 4 years ago  
Eh, they are weird and the law DIDNT say it is banned 4 years ago  
What are video games? 4 years ago  
A one story building. 4 years ago +1
U can say you are, it's a contraction. 4 years ago +3
Wow. 4 years ago  
$5.00 4 years ago  
Aight but I bet u can't guess my name 4 years ago  
U can't do that 4 years ago  
We take them off, arrest them instantly 4 years ago  
Who is Harry Potter 4 years ago  
HE KILLED OVER 2,000,000 PEOPLE! 4 years ago  
Don't you guys know who hitter is?. 4 years ago  
What's suede 4 years ago  
I would have all the glory!!!!! 4 years ago +1
I don't have a religion.. 4 years ago  
Be for real. 4 years ago  
At least I don't get hurt a lot. 4 years ago  
Wrong answer 4 years ago  
ICECREAM cupcakees are still cupcakes 4 years ago  
Why are u guessing boy names??!!! 4 years ago  
No 4 years ago  
No 4 years ago  
No 4 years ago  
No 4 years ago  
No 4 years ago  
No 4 years ago  
No 4 years ago  
Hint: It was one of the most popular names in the old days and is an odd number 4 years ago  
I don't like Hatprry poter 4 years ago  
Already have iphone 4 years ago  
I am 4 years ago  
Can you give us a hint? 4 years ago  
We just like too 4 years ago  
-_- Dude just go to my post 4 years ago  
That's not my name -_- go to my profile, click on the most recent one and guess 4 years ago  
This is hard..... Maybe like mine.. 4 years ago  
Jaxxx, Bet you can't guess mine! 4 years ago  
Wait, there is an Easter dinner??! 4 years ago +2
I don't watch these 4 years ago +2
Dave? 4 years ago  
Dreamie? 4 years ago  
Christina 4 years ago  
Alanna 4 years ago  
Tatiana 4 years ago  
Ariana 4 years ago  
Athena 4 years ago  
Angelina 4 years ago  
Amanda 4 years ago  
Banana!!!! 4 years ago +11
Maddie, Allie, Andie, Angie, Tonie, Achie, Archevie 4 years ago  
I LOVE ED EDD N EDDY 4 years ago +2
WHAT IS WIRONG WITH U!!!! 4 years ago  
I have $561,623.2 4 years ago  
It's a picture of a n**** man running towards the screen 4 years ago  
Is it the same if UR eyes are watery 4 years ago  
I GET STUFF ON APRIL!!!!! 4 years ago  
If u kissed someone's pain away, U would save their life already! 4 years ago  
The old one is better... 4 years ago  
I love the old logo! 4 years ago  
It's not.. Victoria 4 years ago  
Makeup.. 4 years ago  
If they were Gummies! 4 years ago  
No more slavery!!! 4 years ago  
W.HAT IS WITH THIS 4 years ago  
Never been to Disney world 4 years ago  
RAPUZUZAL 4 years ago  
I don't have a dog.. 4 years ago +1
What are aids 4 years ago  
U make more money if u clean toilets 4 years ago  
Why kill 4 years ago  
Piranhas are dangerous to us 4 years ago  
Aren't they both the same? 4 years ago  
I never played a video game........ What are video games 4 years ago  
I WILL EAT THE JELLO 4 years ago  
Never heard of oovoo 4 years ago +5
Let them have what they want! 4 years ago +1
Do pedmas the answer is 268 4 years ago  
It's a boy and that's makeup 4 years ago  
Don't have a sis 4 years ago  
Don't use train. 4 years ago  
UR not alone 4 years ago  
It's the same thing. 4 years ago  
.... 4 years ago  
Let the people be what they want! 4 years ago  
Gifts are sometimes cash 4 years ago  
One of my livings friends are a boy I can be with him 4 years ago  
Who are these people 4 years ago  
I'd wish for whatever I wanted,no,tricks no pranks anything like that in a journal 4 years ago  
If u love twice as long U can try to win the lottery 4 years ago  
Money then I can buy time 4 years ago  
If I'm the best friend of someone famous I'll be famous Duh! 4 years ago  
The cause CUZ then I can live longer! 4 years ago  
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