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    What, when did pence do this? I legitimately have no idea. Also that picture is amazing 2 months ago  
    Well what are the basics? Educated us. I’ve researched. 2 months ago  
    Unless your a f*cking Changling from DnD or some sh*t like that you cannot change your gender from day to day. You can change if you FEEL like a women today and a man tomorrow but that doesn’t change sh*t. You either have a penis or vagina. End of story. Now you can disagree with me and we can have that discussion. But the science is on my side. But let me be clear to anyone who is on my side and advocates for violence against these groups. YOU are in the wrong. They have every right to believe what they want and I would readily call you out if you call for violence. I’m not saying gender fluid people shouldn’t be allowed to exist, but I am saying that I don’t think it’s real and biology agrees 3 months ago +1
    Oh he’s going my to win the nomination alright. Then get his ass beat in the general election 3 months ago  
    How does that relate to the question though? 3 months ago  
    I chose the wrong one 3 months ago  
    No, it’s more renewable but the reason we focus on fossil fuels is because solar and wind is un reliable and inefficient. Nuclear on the other hand is reliable and efficient and cleaner then oil 3 months ago  
    Because it’s unknown weather killing Hitler would have a better outcome. Maybe killing him paves the way for an even smarter and even more evil person to take charge and become successful in achieving what they have planned. 3 months ago  
    Where you there when it happened? No. So do you know what happened? No. People can believe in whatever the f*ck they want because some people don’t like to just have a pessimistic view of dying that you have. Having something to believe in helps people go from day to day. Imagine if you told a suicidal person that after death you just rot in the ground. How would that turn out? Then tell them that if they are a good person and follow the rules of insert holy text here then they will have an amazing after life. 3 months ago  
    I’m sorry I don’t speak Weeb 3 months ago  
    My dads belt 3 months ago  
    What you can’t believe people disagree with you? 3 months ago  
    This question is disgusting. What the actual f*ck. Unless it means actually sleep. Then that’s fine 3 months ago +1
    Yes because that’s totally related to the question 3 months ago  
    Eh half and half 3 months ago  
    Stfu LIBERAL 3 months ago  
    If they killed your religion how are you alive? Germany is one of the only nations in the world that recognizes its genocide and tries to make amends for it. Be happy you get that. People like the Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians will likely never get that from Turkey. Or the Chinese with Japan. Germany is the model that nations with a past like theirs should follow 3 months ago  
    They apologized and tried to make amends for it. 3 months ago  
    GREECE 3 months ago  
    If your a guy, then It’s too late my friend 3 months ago  
    Canada sucks. Just because your healthcare is free doesn’t make it good! 3 months ago  
    No but I’m a better at being a decent f*cking human being 3 months ago  
    Why am I not surprised you are from Florida. Seriously dude. Why not make her do it to you? 3 months ago  
    Stalin killed way more people then Hitler. He was a push of sh*t who only cared about himself. At least Hitler cared about Germany no matter how wrong his plans were. 3 months ago  
    Because the fact that bad things happen isn’t an argument. The reason bad things exist is a punishment for Adam and Eve eating the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden. The pain of childbirth is one example. 3 months ago  
    No but it’s the best place 3 months ago  
    I’m sorry what was that? I couldn’t hear you over my FREEDOM 3 months ago  
    Yes because your happiness is more important then that child’s right to be born. If you don’t want the child then give it up for adoption. Killing an unborn fetus is wrong no matter how you slice it. 3 months ago  
    Depends on what’s being asked. I’d shag both of them but if that’s not the question at least Kim K is married to Kayne. That dude is cool 3 months ago  
    AMERICANS! 3 months ago  
    You should follow Guest form NC and run it hypothetically 3 months ago  
    Who said text text is obscene? He could just be asking you how your day was 3 months ago  
    This is my favorite comment I’ve seen on this site 3 months ago  
    Your lying and you know it. Besides their is nothing saying you can’t SPEND it to help the less fortunate 3 months ago  
    What the actual F*ck is wrong with the author of this question? 3 months ago  
    You really think Scientology is better? 3 months ago  
    Greeks are pretty good too 3 months ago  
    Ironic 3 months ago  
    Nazi stuff can get you imprisoned in Germany. Hitler is dead and has been since 1945. Jesus 3 months ago  
    Neither is Thailand 3 months ago  
    French people are gross ( I’m joking don’t get your panties in a wad) and Americans aren’t all dumbasses. Americans don’t know much about Europe because it doesn’t affect them as much. What do you know about America? 3 months ago  
    If your the best gambler that means it’s not gone 3 months ago  
    It’s what British call A condom 3 months ago  
    Why. Because women’s sports are statistically less popular? It’s just asking which sport one would prefer watching. 3 months ago  
    If you can turn invisible then that means you cant see. Your eyes see by reflecting light so if their invisible then the can’t reflect anything 3 months ago  
    The light reflections in the pics we have would have been impossible to fake at the time. We didn’t have the tech. Plus we would have to convince EVERY nation to keep quit because they would know. And the USSR would never do that 3 months ago  
    Kinda black? How does that work? 3 months ago  
    Which is why U should visit it. Tourism is its main source of income 3 months ago  
    In Romania? Cool 3 months ago  
    He could do the same at a movie. You never know 3 months ago  
    Author really shouldn’t have put god up there. 3 months ago  
    This would have been better if the picture of meat was of a human. Because that’s the way the wording makes it sound. Vegans are so self righteous 3 months ago +1
    I’m already hated by misty AND I’m ugly it’s a win win!! 3 months ago  
    British sometimes lack intelligence, they don’t realize that people of British ancestry are different then people from Britain. Every American who’s family has been in this country for a few generations has some Native DNA. 3 months ago  
    He’s still a hypocrite 3 months ago  
    Most bullies have problems at home. That’s why they bully. Plus if you stand up for yourself they’ll likely leave you alone. 3 months ago  
    Rather deal with the hot weather then the housing crisis and literal sh*t in the streets of San Fran 3 months ago +1
    Trump baby 3 months ago  
    It says you stop the world from starting over 3 months ago  
    I’d rather have my daughter pregnant because then I can have a grandchild. Both are sins but you can be forgiven by god for premarital sex. I couldn’t live with myself if I knew my son was going to go to hell. And before anyone says there is no hell, I say this. How do you know? How do any of us know if god is real? It’s what I choose to believe in so it’s what I believe. I have nothing against gay people. In fact I support their right to marry. But because I support gay marriage doesn’t mean I have to like it. And if your gay and reading this comment, I wish you a happy life and god bless 3 months ago  
    America still is better then Australia. 3 months ago  
    Yeah but if I was a women then I wouldn’t be as disposable. I mean seriously. I work in the most dangerous jobs so your life can be easy. I wouldn’t be drafted and thrown at the enemy like an Artillery shell so you can sit in your cozy apartment without a care in the world. There are advantages and disadvantages for men and women 3 months ago  
    Who says it’s illegal? 3 months ago  
    Why because it’s black and white? If you think something like this question is racist it’s because you can’t stop inserting race into places it doesn’t apply. 3 months ago  
    No 33 percent just do screw their cousins. *sweet home Alabama starts playing* 3 months ago  
    What if I want to do both at the same time? 3 months ago  
    That doesn’t matter. You become A god to them. The text says their god not just god. Read the text before spewing you Atheist dribble 3 months ago  
    Girls can pick whatever they want. I didn’t fight Nazis just so people could force them girls to pick hotdogs. I fought so they could pick hotdogs or hamburgers and for you to have the right to say it. Good night to you all. 3 months ago  
    PC 3 months ago  
    I think for the sake of the question your supposed to think he is real 3 months ago  
    Both kinda suck 3 months ago  
    What if I’m a loser with fake friends? 3 months ago  
    Just as long as your not Leonardo DeCaprio. Dudes not that smart 3 months ago  
    At least in an authoritarian nation there is a sense of order and justice even if it is skewed. But I guess in an anarchical society I could start my own government. Oh sh*t I chose the wrong one. GET READY BOYS WERE FORMING NEW BYZANTIUM 3 months ago  
    But isn’t bringing attention to the issue helping it? I don’t see it as making light of the condition. 3 months ago  
    ....... no 3 months ago  
    Ha. Jokes in you. I don’t have any friends 3 months ago  
    So that means the baby doesn’t deserve to live? We don’t punish children for their parents crimes. Why should that change for abortion? 3 months ago  
    Endgame b*tchs 3 months ago  
    That is until he takes credit for Trumps economy 3 months ago  
    Nice try liberal 3 months ago  
    It says communism in the text you commie 3 months ago  
    No more people thinking I’m a rapist because I just so happen to be walking behind them! IM FREE 3 months ago  
    Guest from Western Cape. Yeah because Africa is a thriving continent that is currently leading the world in all or most fields. Oh wait. It’s just a fact that most African nations aren’t that advanced. While there are some exceptions, Africa hasn’t been in the best of circumstances. And Trevor Noah is retarded 3 months ago  
    @melaniea, still doesn’t work out well 3 months ago  
    Who said the aliens aren’t hit? 3 months ago  
    SonGokuh. Whatever weeb 3 months ago  
    Guest from London, at least it’s quick. I’d imagine acid hurst much more 3 months ago  
    Guest from Florida. That’s very brave from someone coming from Florida 3 months ago  
    I’m never going to find love as it is 3 months ago  
    @lewisd I remember seeing that on a curve men are smarter and dumber then women. Women are average. But the reason I voted male is because I feel like he would understand my problems more as I am a male as well 3 months ago  
    As much as I don’t like Obama at least he knows how the system works 3 months ago  
    *laugjs 3 months ago  
    Sorry oceans but you can’t pull on my heart strings like a puppy can 3 months ago  
    What do yo expect girl from Ohio, he doesn’t live in America 3 months ago  
    Wow, the picture of trump totally isn’t biased at all 3 months ago  
    Just because your Jewish and support gay marriage doesn’t mean all Jews do. 3 months ago  
    How is this racist? Both are pretty bad. 3 months ago  
    Guest from Texas. But what if I think small babies are rats? 3 months ago  
    If I win I get money, if I lose I die. ITS A WIN WIN 3 months ago  
    Andruc, let people believe what hey want. I could call you a pessimistic asshole because your an atheist but I’m not going to do that because my religion taught me otherwise. Religious values (mostly Judao-Christian values) have shaped the ideas of western civilization. 3 months ago  
    Just because I believe the baby’s right to live trumps the mothers choice( even if she was rapped ) didn’t make me a sick pig. You baby killers besides over 90 something %of abortions r because the mothers too young, didn’t want a kid or didn’t want her looks to go 1 year ago +3
    Just because I believe the baby’s right to live trumps the women’s right to choose Dosent mean I’m a “sick pig” you baby murderers 1 year ago +1
    The eu is doomed, almost all of Eastern Europe is thinking of leaving. And if it weren’t for the US. The Nazis would still be gassing you’re guys asses 1 year ago +2
    The EU is falling apart. Britain left, Italy France, and most of Eastern Europe are thinking of leaving. And if it weren’t for America. Nazi germany would still rule Europe 1 year ago +2

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