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Would you rather own 10000 horses or die an awful life Own 10000 horses (Thats one of my horses) or Die an awful life 3 years ago 450 votes 30 comments 0 likes

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And the diet kind is very unhealthy 3 years ago  
I agree 3 years ago  
Neither I dont drink soda 3 years ago  
My true love is a horse XD already found it 3 years ago  
If I am wealthy I have privacy and money to feed my horses 3 years ago  
If 3 years ago  
I am a particularly nice person so why not and I cant survive without commanding horses or talking with da bae 3 years ago  
Nothing is better than curling up in the hayloft and reading some Harry Potter 3 years ago  
Saddle sores arent as bad as a girl... 3 years ago  
Go camping! Screw the tent I camp under the stars 3 years ago  
I may be white but Im not that white... 3 years ago +1
Hell yea I agree 3 years ago  
Thanks Its only one of them 3 years ago  
Your crazy horses are bae I own 25 3 years ago  
God thats so mean! poor horsies 3 years ago  
Sexist little rat... 3 years ago  
Im dating my best friend XD 3 years ago  
Neither cuz i cant ride horses without either one 3 years ago  
I already have babies they are horses.... 3 years ago  
I would rather make out with all 20 of my horses than kiss one of those things 3 years ago  
I actually prefer sharing an apple with a horse thank you very much 3 years ago  
Neither I am allergic to most fruit and I cant suffer for eating piggles 3 years ago  
I would rather spend a night riding one of my 20 horses.... 3 years ago  
I would rather have a bigger barn :) 3 years ago  
At least I would have my horses.... 3 years ago  
Im not gay 3 years ago  
A horse 3 years ago  
who da f i she 3 years ago  
Go and ride a horse is my choice 3 years ago  
Loosing my hair would be easy to handle with horses 3 years ago  
I would rather kiss my horses and boyfriend.... 3 years ago  
Red apples because my horses like them better than green 3 years ago  
I would rather go out with my horse then either of these people 3 years ago  
I would rather not leave my barn I got plenty of good sights there ahh manure 3 years ago  
Day because I can ride my horse to starbucks in the daylight 3 years ago  
I mean I dont talk to anyone but horses so yea 3 years ago +1
I need money I got 20 horses to feed 3 years ago  
I acidentally clicked the brushing teeth XD 3 years ago  
Horses are good swaggy no matter what 3 years ago  
God neither because I dont wanna die 3 years ago  
Neither of them can pull a horse trailer so its a waste of time 3 years ago  
I am a girl and I have big boobs and it is hard to manage riding horses 3 years ago  
Neither they both suck its called a good horseback ride for entertainment 3 years ago  
I dont drink for the 1000th time 3 years ago  
I dont drink.... 3 years ago  
Im a country girl lolz 3 years ago  
I dont drink soda. 3 years ago  
wealth means more horses 3 years ago  
I dont think anything mean I mean only if im training a horse and their owner is a real crappy owner 3 years ago  
I will stick with my life I love someone and yea... 3 years ago  
If I go camping I can take my horses.... 3 years ago  
Too bad I would rather have me 3 years ago  
Neither!!!!! 3 years ago  
Neither Idk who McCain is and Obama is evil also I dont drink 3 years ago  
Neither 3 years ago  
Idk either one XD 3 years ago  
Anyone else see obama and automatically click the other 3 years ago  
Neither WTF who came up with this 3 years ago  
Actually if you physically never age you just look like a child and can be smarter than einstien if you choose mentally your going to be real dumb 3 years ago  

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