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    10,000,000 dollars? Legos? Pokemon cards? Bottles of beer on a wall? Cookie crumbs? Ants in your house? Drops of water in a bathtub? People screwing in a lightbulb? Reincarnations of Hitler? Subscribers? Specks of dirt on your china? 9 months ago  
    Well that was easy 9 months ago  
    Death Valley can't be much different from where I already live 9 months ago  
    I'd be a failure in magic, I'll have tea with a fawn instead 9 months ago  
    One of my favorite shows of all time, self-five! 9 months ago  
    Having dinner with the god that is Morgan Freeman cannot be passed up 9 months ago  
    You wrote this a REALLY long time ago but it bothers me. You realize that two of the main characters in Modern Family are gay, so how does that insult work? 9 months ago  
    Considering i want to be an artist... being blind sounds just a little counter productive 9 months ago  
    1. "Saving" the child by, i assume, feeding it does not mean it will have a good life. If everyone there is starving than they live in a terrible place and have to watch everyone they know starve. 2. Lightsabers can be used for good 3. I'm selfish. 9 months ago  
    Seriously?! Get perspective! Your family is not important in the long run! That is millions of innocent men , women, and children! And animals! Many over the few! 9 months ago  
    You know, getting kicked in the groin is painful regardless of gender. It is actually really damaging to girls so don't think you're getting off easy. Still, better that than burning to death. 9 months ago  
    Pokemon reminds me too much of dog fighting. It doesn't seem right at all. You find a wild animal, fight it with your pet, confine it, then force it to do whatever you say. Mate, fight til it's unconcious, etc. And pokemon are intelligent! 9 months ago  
    Tornadoes make it an automatic "nope". 9 months ago  
    It isn't racist, it's historical. 9 months ago  
    How do you properly operate without being able to hold things? 9 months ago  
    I'm not sure if being asexual is muddling my view (probably) but the votes disappoint me 9 months ago  
    Ack! Neither! Both are terrifying 9 months ago  
    Could i become a master thief or sneak on planes? 9 months ago  
    Only girl! Win! 9 months ago  
    Meat is delicious but stabbing a cow and then going through the steps to make a burger is... yikes 9 months ago  
    At least it looks happy 9 months ago +1
    I don't drink soda so... 9 months ago  
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