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Would you rather watch The Flash or Arrow 2 years ago 50 votes 5 comments 0 likes

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sloths will take over the world on 2020 (PS: blaziken said 2 years ago  
Brazo de Mercedes my top 10 cake! 2 years ago  
idk yes-ish 2 years ago  
pssssss 2 years ago  
psss 2 years ago  
ps 2 years ago  
sight 2 years ago  
monkeys gimme some ps4 2 years ago +1
picked 2 years ago +1
IDK i just pciked 2 years ago +1
i love quotes so osom much like if you agree! 2 years ago  
comment 2 years ago  
RANGERSSSS 2 years ago  
I only use IG 2 years ago  
Ill be the zebra 2 years ago +1
Shyscraper lol 2 years ago  
Be shed by everyone tf xDDDDD 2 years ago  
Do?? 2 years ago  
I am Immortal so yeah I cant die 2 years ago  
I CAN FLY B*****S 2 years ago  
Australia! 2 years ago  
neither 2 years ago  
robo leg b*tches 2 years ago  
I can fly so i chose live under water 2 years ago  
oops i misclicked LOL 2 years ago  
I can fly! bietchezzz 2 years ago  
16 inch of a leg? 2 years ago  
im a boy... 2 years ago  
I am immortal 2 years ago  
I can live with my grandma, even if shes annoying 2 years ago  
Idk hollister and ebrcrombie so i picked hollister cuz its a cool name 2 years ago  
You can give them a chance 2 years ago +1
Adult but SUPER CHILDISH! I have mah own credit card! (If i work hard.) 2 years ago  
I can fly..... 2 years ago  
u can use hearing aids. LIKE THIS COMMENT IF IT IS 2016,17,18 upo to 99 2 years ago  
he is number 1!!! 2 years ago +1
my birthday is on Dec 18 near christmas so yeah! 2 years ago  
You obviously don't live in the Philippines... 2 years ago  
Im a boy soooo yeah 2 years ago  

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