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"Mythological, an Irish gamer who spends his time editing IGN wikis, gaming, or just messing around on the internet."

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    I'm a guy  
    Spray tan  
    What the [email protected]#$ do you think I'm gonna pick!!  
    Challenge Completed.  
    That's not ugly hair.  
    Get a name change. Problem solved  
    Duct tape.  
    I am fine as an Irishman.  
    I'll bring a tent. Didn't think of that did ye.  
    I'll take internet over telemarketers any day.  
    Never join In  
    Some people have done that  
    Never eat sh*t  
    The neighbor has water  
    Coal Burns but glass cuts.  
    Horrible car accident with 4 cars flipping all over the place fire and debris everywhere  
    you can't stab steel  
    -with a parachute  
    Friday night in a nutshell.  
    Way ahead of ya.  
    100 years of hell, ∞ years of heaven.  
    I use this.  
    I'm not letting some dumbarse have my keys! My phone is password locked  
    I didn't even read it.  
    First thing I do is Knock out the person I hate.  
    My car  
    Intelligence out talked popularity.  
    Outrun police  
    Your mum  
    I'll use them up and eliminate them.  
    Just the tip.  
    I'll be a smart kid, with a young body.  
    I have drowned into a state of unconsciousness, it is horrible!!  
    I'll buy another.  
    March 17th  
    I would rather be able to see and be in peace.  
    If I bite my tongue I won't potentially fall to my death.  
    I will through the spoon.  
    Why the picture!?!!!!  
    NO SCHOOL!!!  
    I can still quit my job and murder everyone who saw.  
    I'd wish that I could wish for money.  
    This is an unacceptable question.  
    the US military wouldn't be as good without fighting Germans. I care more for the Irish military but whatever.  
    -and a Gas Mask.  
    I'll get over it.  
    That would be funny, out of nowhere you just collapse a painless death. And everyone is like wtf.  
    You'll get more done at home.  
    Cheese is more processed.  
    I'll wear a hoodie.  
    What if I already have?  
    I'll take a PC any day. I respect Steve Jobs and Apple but I prefer PC.  
    In the military you could understand enemies.  
    I'll take knowledge.  
    Knowledge is Power.  
    I saw that Twilight and tapped the other.  
    In other words, Are you a Man or Woman.  
    I will change that!  
    I would be a Ninja with insane speed and martial arts capabilities.  
    If you stopped 9-11 you could board a plane faster.  
    Would you always be freezing or always feel like your going to have a heat stroke.  
    Ulysses wouldn't be able to see the cuteness of the monkey with crap all over you.  
    ➡ is classic  
    50/50 I'll negotiate with animals.  
    I already breath like Vader after sprinting a mile.  
    I'll cheat at Russian Roulette. #^_^  
    Would you rather be murdered or commit suicide?  
    50/50... Would teleportation and invisibility hurt? +1
    You can obtain anything off of Amazon and if you need food just resell Amazon items.  
    You are free being homeless.  
    Starbucks... no  
    Depends what WWIII consists of... I am in pretty good shape so I'll take option A all day long.  
    Broken headsets suck.  
    Sorry son, your going to have to take one for the team. +1
    I would still donate! But it would kill me to know I missed my 1,000,000,000$  
    Can you still move when your paused? This is strikingly similar to Life Is Strange.  
    It was instinct to click Harry Potter.  
    I will argue with Judge Judy!  
    With my Immortality I can set up my life.  
    You could Spend your first '100' years setting how your second '100' years.  
    I suppose...  
    I've done both...  
    The friend is always treated like sh*t.  
    I enjoy how people on the internet say God doesn't exist, and then they turn around and act like God does exist while outside.  
    And you'll survive...  
    Agai, screw people I'll take my money and run.  
    50/50 again. It appears that the picture is of some poor woman falling not flying. I picked Read Minds.  
    So people would rather do the opposite of what they do...  
    Ooooh 50/50... I chose vacation, screw people.  
    So basically, Would you rather be Daniel Radcliffe or Harry Potter?  
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