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    Only 1 bad relationship all the rest will be good  
    Just not penny  
    Too far f#king weirdo!  
    JB IS A FAGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    No but u can suck something else  
    Said nothin about sex  
    already happened. It was the most awkward relationship ever. Lol  
    She already knows  
    Not getting raped today  
    F#kin happened already!  
    That next person could be the same sex as you  
    F u guys she's hott!  
    So ill stop drinking!  
    It'll happen anyway. Ill be dead  
    Like in goosebumps?  
    Paid to get played!  
    I'd stay a virgin  
    Clean the toothbrush  
    Rinse it  
    Stewie movie: suicide is painless!  
    Did just laugh. Besides I just got done watching clown porn  
    Didn't say it couldn't be sideways  
    10lbs of toenails keeps the doctor away!  
    Little hotel soaps here I come!  
    10 layers of rubber gloves please!!!!!!!!!  
    If it's a girl I'm cool  
    Ill use the not-rough side  
    M I N T  
    No need for the "no suicide" my dad will do that for me  
    Never said how much  
    The hair I WANT Wil grow back  
    No tongue  
    Never said it couldn't be safety glass trolololol  
    I ment to click kill mom. Dammit!  
    About quarter-sized  
    As long as you just got outta the shower  
    Good virgin practice  
    "Ill have a small pleas."  
    Rip that sh*t off!!  
    I've always wandered...  
    You women are assholes  
    Can I close my eyes  
    Pick the pubes out derps!  
    She won't pull you back when you leave the room  
    I like my man part thank you!  
    Better to scratch with  
    I must sedate my tongue first  
    Closed eyes plus a blender equals chocolate pudding  
    Hope not all at once  
    She looks hot  
    Im a guy so...  
    Then its npt your friend  
    Hottness makes popularity  
    I can play mc outside  
    Firefox sux besides the google bandwaggon  
    Maybe sweat a little or freeze to death. Didnt say i couldnt gat stuck with a medium size ladder and a crowbar.  
    Giv it all up and make more money through charity making you more famous. Charity will make ur family happy.  
    Two words. My Penis!  
    wrinkles or no wrinkles  
    envy is bad  
    Rather not be a schitzo  
    For A, which right are u talking about?  
    Reminder to all the pepsi fans... HOP OFF THE BANDWAGGON!  
    Have you heard of the man with the golden voice?!  
    Quick-witted or(as the picture shows) an idiot  
    Die or die?  
    cant trust a begger. Sometimes theyre thiefs. If ur a good theif there are no problems sneaking the stuff back.  
    Teenaged boy. Better to read it than to see me do it. The truth is gross  
    Cool/body guard or just plain annoying?  
    If you can write it, you can understand people speak it. DURR!  
    Hop out of the friend zone! Ur bf could be ur crush  
    No-one is exactly "average" therefore making u special. Trick question  
    Again... who r these paople? Im not a geek!  
    New movie ROCKED!!!!!  
    Todays music sucks! Wimpy whining or nwa? Definately nwa  
    Allready numer 2 lol  
    Lot of lolz!  
    Not many lines anyways. Win win  
    Im not a fag  
    Dogs wont take up the WHOLE damn elevator!  
    Never said it couldnt have been trained to begin with  
    I dont like this question  
    Not much of an apple fan  
    Jb cant get any girls only salena! Lol  
    You can have the libery to enable justice  
    Wisdom or inevitable stupididy  
    Wish for the ability to create money!  
    I agree with Underfried and Couldthinkofame  
    Im cool with not being EATEN(depends on which "eaten") ;)  
    Instead of making urself a ninja(as the rules say u cant) cast a spell making someone an expert ninja trainer. BOOM goes the dynamite!  
    Who r these people  
    To wrinkle or not to wrinkle? That is the the question.  
    Allways can underdress that overdress  
    holocaust wasNot in my country  
    Im still a kid...  
    Buzzcut that beyotch!  
    Make people laugh with u or make them vomit  
    Awsome romney pic!  
    Wrong channel? Oh no! Bad dream!  
    A penguin cant suck its thumb or hold ur finger like a cute little monkey can  
    Sex would MAKE ur relationship better  
    i have a kindle fire. App time baby!  
    Illegaly move back to the US  
    Axcuse: athsma  
    Internet not that important anyways. get a life  
    thats only theyre business. Respect it  
    Animals cant talk to u about human stuff  
    Ur rich if you win...  
    Theyre in prison if u lose  
    I dont like coffee  
    I dont have a significant other yet. MOOHAHAHA!  
    ? I dont get it  
    Once again, ill move to the other side of earth to the war  
    Less temptation for urself  
    There are more than one billion dllors worth of poor african families  
    get promoted!  
    i guess there are some hot chicks. They both suck  
    Ill move to a different part of the world till its over  
    Accused of lying or look at vaginas(gynaecologist)  
    Hawii here i come!!!  
    Ill get em both anyways  
    Im super tall. Ill be regular again  
    Immortality will get u payed big bucks for dangerous tasks  
    Well... i am already the hottest! Lol  
    At last i dont remember it. +1
    All those wrinkles and disabilities!  
    Bocome famous either way  
    Cant drown on the internet  
    1 true love or 1 fake love that steals that 10,000?  
    2 weeks > 5 days  
    Great power comes with great reponsibility  
    I couldnt spoil it for myself  
    Ill make myself known  
    I can always change it back  
    Those selfish asses!  
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