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whatscha wanna read here ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Would you rather fight a titan without an 3d maneuver gear or godzilla with an 3d maneuver gear 3 years ago 669 votes 4 comments 0 likes

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u serious?? xD 3 years ago  
hey u have a chance of 5/6 to get $100,000,000! 3 years ago  
lol zombies don't have nukes 3 years ago  
good bye 3 years ago  
love anime.. but can't lel :3 3 years ago  
what is google? LETS BING IT! xD 3 years ago  
should i watch it? lel gimme an advise :3 3 years ago +2
none of them lel 3 years ago +1
i'mma try it lol 3 years ago  
LETS BING IT! 3 years ago  
can't touch my girlfriend anymore... Worth it .. xD 3 years ago  
[This question is retarded] 3 years ago  
of course , i want to dehydrate! 3 years ago +2
no 100% for you.. >:D, xD 3 years ago  
what does that mean... Lets BING it! 3 years ago  
go get bald xD 3 years ago  
sry, but miku hatsune is a vocaloid ;D 3 years ago  
FATALITY! 3 years ago  

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