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    cause i gotta tweet about it either way #everywhitegirlsproblems  
    looks like a butt with dimples  
    or ... get another lightsaber  
    then how are baby owls made... its okay ill wait...  
    ACID IS ACID..  
    murder seems like a fun thing to try  
    Would you rather (without any equipment)  
    its called adulthood  
    what is this freaking Instagram now  
    im sitting my happy ass either way  
    yeah text is dead... if Morgan Freeman isnt reading to me then i rather watch it ..  
    i cant remember the last time i went on A FLY  
    hahahahhaha... look at all the lying girls...  
    their red ad blue stick figure men... you might remember them if you think of a mens bathroom sign  
    never said you couldnt take ur "true love"with you  
    is there wifi?  
    never trust a man who wears blush... didnt even read it but now i feel like an ass for my choice.  
    they never said you couldnt walk with the wheel chair they just said confined to it ... not in it .... so i mean you could walk ... in theory but you would have to take the chair everywhere..  
    take it from someone in TEXAS ... DONT COME HERE!... USA sucks +1
    they never said you were going to be attacked by the shark or lion they just said they were hungry  
    yes but in that time it took you to read that book about street smarts you would have gotten jumped by 12 rival gangs  
    then you have to see her gain $100,000 dollars ... personally i would magically get back with her right after her gets the money... but thats just my idea...  
    i dont know man... i mean every religion is on some form based off one another but to say theres only ONE religion is like saying there's only ONE true race of people! ... might wanna think before you talk..or type  
    let all the porn comments begin....  
    God watches you masturbate  
    why is this even a question  
    really people... really.... you wanna stop people from beating up animals but you dont wanna ... oh i dont know make it easier for people to get cleaner water... no okat just me awesome  
    if its a one night stand... aint no body got time to feed her..  
    i will gladly sleep through that ..  
    how sh*tty is the friend....  
    its already a bad world... Trump is President  
    sometimes its better to just not know everything  
    .......................................................................... well then.....  
    and breaking your legs doesnt... i dont know keep you from going home... they never said how high the ski lift was  
    they never said for how long you see the scary things...  
    why are we 50/50 on this! really people! Is standing in line as bad as a wreck that kills someone  
    its called baby daddies.. you dont need to get married to have kids!  
    either way you look like u did a ton of meth before any picture  
    WHAT?! you gotta read it into my good ear!  
    love doesn't pay my light bill every month... or my rent  
    sadly we already keep all our current possessions and sleep very nicely knowing there are other people in this world suffering .. so stop lying by saying you would give up half of everything when you already haven't! if you would then start sacrificing instead of taking this test.  
    sweet its okay we all believe in the Easter bunny and tooth fairy... but hey what do i know about an invisible man in the clouds thats always needing money for his houses...  
    its the same thing in the long run.... but i mean they didnt say how long i had to live in the haunted house..  
    you b*tches need to stop lying  
    there's no such thing as a perfect relationship. might as well be famous  
    its called being a trust fund baby.... wow ... you sure you aren't "rich" yourself?  
    i guess the 20% who voted no arms are against masturbation  
    its the same sh*t either way  
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