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    This was a hard choice...BUT I LOVE MAH POKEMANZ  
    PETA kills animals  
    Okay dont share it, buy things and them have it then  
    Spend the day in hiding or if you go to jail you wont have to deal with it more than 24 hours  
    Bandanna? Go all Mulan and bandage them down? I need pants  
    How about we not watch it in the first place?  
    5'7" and surrounded by tall guys? I'm barely 5'2" so anything taller than 5'7' and you probably can't see me  
    Great lips though  
    If you start as a singer they'd probably let you act to  
    Juice dammit!  
    Well you"d never have to stop loving someone if you made it so they loved you back  
    Nobody reads...50 YEARS AT ANY AGE. Not old  
    I just dont like flats  
    So die regardless?  
    Pretty much everyone who said "God is real" didnt vote  
    Choose a better picture  
    Well...I can always think of Shark boy...  
    What if you admit it?  
    Rest of your life could mean 2 days until he kills you. Then that'd be the end of your life... +1
    Lets just pretend Twilight doesnt exist here  
    Does noboy fully read the options? OPTION 2 SAYS YOU'LL BE UNKNOWN  
    Have people make fun of your car -> invite them to dinner and laugh at their expressions when they see your house  
    Okay so theyre in jail and it can ruin you. If it was legal they wouldnt have gone to jail. So it can only ruin you if it's illegal  
    Your parents dont have to live there  
    Das me  
    Except be a sucky hero in general  
    Educate them = cooler stuff  
    Im a girl. Yay for cosplay wigs!  
    This is me already  
    wait i chose wrong...  
    I would probably stay away from the human meat during my trips to the grocery store...  
    I hate them both completely but at least I used one at one point  
    Being a girl sucks  
    Thats the worst reason to like a president ever..  
    Nobody would give a good presentation ever again!  
    Woah, nothing against Family Guy but who the hell honestly thinks its better than South Park? Really?  
    Nobody could watch my fat jiggle... +437
    If your wife was a lesbian then your whole relationship was a lie pretty much...  
    Anyone who likes the movies has never read the books  
    Even if I somehow stay poor I can invent things I need  
    Knowing me I'd get caught underwater and drown  
    So? Plenty of Christians enjoy having fun and being normal people  
    kill, eat, repeat x3  
    I meant adult. As long as I could stay like...28  
    What if the town named after you ends up being a popular place for prostitutes or something?  
    I'll live unless i'm Cedric Diggory on the wrong day  
    I'd be brutally murdered within the first hour...I spend a lot of time txting and typing anyway! Never have to answer questions in class! Ignore people would be so much easier without the temptation to yell at them! So much better  
    The you could redistribute the money s you see fit  
    "I prefer Bing!" said no one ever  
    Well i didnt think not liking to talk made me creepy...  
    You could probably get a nice house with all the money you save traveling places (even everyday places) for free..  
    **is a girl who chose games** most movies suck anyway  
    How disabled???  
    Im already a short nerd so...  
    Make it so that I have to personally approve any and all laws old or new before they're officially accepted as law  
    The kid will take driving advice so...  
    yes it did  
    You can drive somewhere with good food  
    Why did I even vote???  
    Maybe some of the people you'd bring back would somehow live longer if the Holocaust didnt exist  
    Now You See Me and Oceans 11 it...  
    Harry Potter movies suck compared to the books know....  
    How exactly? Their entire lower half is a fish tail  
    Well then you could see how other people see you naked +1
    If you were somebodies famous friend then not only would literally nobody care about you you'd be accused of only being their friend for attention and their money and the only thing people would ever want to talk about with you is how much they are in love with/despise your friend  
    Filmed for how long...?  
    Entirely untrue. I just have a thing about old people and retirement homes  
    Do what you want cause a pirate is free!  
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