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Hello! I am fairly new to I have made it through all of the questions from starting on the home page. I am hoping to earn some big rewards in my future! I do like Pokemon, and it is one of my hobbies. The one on my profile is Kadabra, the 64th Pokemon out of 801. Be sure to answer my new question down below!

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    I guess you're right. Jacket, pants, and face mask then, but that isn't the whole point of the Tomatina event.  
    I don't see the difference.  
    I would love to control people.  
    Children's and teenager's brains still need to develop.  
    This would be an epic talent.  
    Almost a no-brainer.  
    I don't want to die looking 24.  
    Watched all seasons. True fan.  
    They'll be with me.  
    Why not.  
    I can eat all the junk I want and not get diabetes.  
    Hundreds of thousands of lives is more than one.  
    I'll eat fruit. I love fruit.  
    I want to honor not just myself, but my family. Free admission for my family!  
    I am religious. +1
    I haven't had a good dream for years. +8
    I'll figure them out.  
    What if you already know how to read?  
    I like the shortness of t.  
    Fairy Tail! I do prefer emotional connection. +1
    I like silence, but not the type that is ignorance from friends.  
    I'm not the person to ask about this.  
    I'm not the person to ask about this.  
    I'm not the person to ask about this.  
    I'm innocent.  
    I'm not the person to ask about this.  
    I'd just be grateful for the $100. +1
    They already crash.  
    It would be a fun experience for the both of us.  
    I think they are at the same level of philosophy, even though Plato taught Aristotle, but he made some very good quotes.  
    I want there to be benefits in all of mankind.  
    I'm a teenager, but this is what my parents drink.  
    My parents wouldn't be impressed, but oh well...  
    As long as I can choose...  
    Kids should have a freedom of choice when it comes to wearing clothes. It lets them express themselves in creative ways.  
    If it's finger food, I'll take it!  
    Is Beethoven an option?  
    I think this is how it should be.  
    I don't know...  
    Being on Deal or No Deal looks painful. You have to stand there, in heels, for the whole time until the contestant calls you. No thanks.  
    I could do all kinds of things to him. +1
    We'll have a thinning, like the YouTube original.  
    I'm a man and apparently I act like a female. It sounds like me, though.  
    The Mercedes Maybach has reclining seats, a beer and wine cooler, and air conditioning and heating systems that reach the back.  
    Spanish would be useful in my state.  
    It would be easier to explain to her that she won't get everything that she wants all the time.  
    The Sahara get barely any snow, if any!  
    Boys tend to be less maintenance in the growing stages of 11-18, and you don;t have to deal with as much dating drama.  
    The Legend of Zelda series is longer and with more characters, and provides more entertainment than rolling around in a ball and changing suits. This is only my opinion, and I'm not that strong on both games. I prefer the Mario Kart series.  
    Maybe when I get to the confidence level of showing abs to the public, when I get them, I might go to the gym, but for now, I need to work some rolls off.  
    Eewww! Neither! +1
    I personally have nothing against the Alfa Romeo 8C, but apperently it is a crappy car, according to CrazyChixo. :l  
    Neither. I have never had filet mignon and I don't like steak.  
    I still want some testosterone when I stop aging.  
    The singing get annoying after a while. Your voice has got to hurt, too.  
    I know Wordpress and Tumblr personally, and I like Wordpress' layout better.  
    I actually like using our laundry appliances; they are easy to use and putting laundry away it second to nothing.  
    Haven't seen either.  
    Almost no one from the event is living today, or is very old. The majority of German people are new. +2
    I"ll never eat the tomatoes. +1
    The book gives you more of an image in your head.  
    Walgreens: Tried and true.  
    At my movie theater, you can get all you can drink, all you can eat popcorn, reclining seats, and you can bring a blanket!  
    I like whispering. I do it a lot.  
    It has to be a certain kind of buffet.  
    I am the same way.  
    It's 2017 now  
    It is called telekinesis, and I could smash somebody through a window if I hate them.  
    More rewarding.  
    You can't have people just singing with nothing else playing, that would sound awful. You need some soul in it! +1
    I'll pass on the smog-induced asthma, thank you very much.  
    Haven't seen either...  
    I like their accents.  
    Who would choose taxes??? Out of all things, taxes!!!! +1
    They're all great!  
    Idk anymore... I don't listen to rap.  
    I'm more interested in pop.  
    This would work if I lived alone.  
    Won the Series. +1
    R.I.P American Idol  
    HE created all animals, so the chicken must have to exist first!  
    Secret obsession with minivans.  
    Better service across the nation, and that is PROVED! I wrote an essay on this, no kidding!  
    Japanese cars last longer! +1
    I live in a desert, so...  
    Clothes are more expensive  
    Dating Spock!  
    Can't do it.  
    I already have one! :)  
    Friends maintain mental and emotional health, and will be there when you need them.  
    This was hard...  
    Nice house with a Pontiac Aztec. I'm set!  
    I am American and I love European football!!! +1
    If you had all of the money in the world, the world would go into anarchy. Not cool.  
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