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    I already live somewhere that's tropical and I'm more of a historian than a guy that takes Tans at the beach +1
    I love chocolate but I don't want to be that YouTuber or kid in school that has his last name as Hitler  
    Good Pun  
    Life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you're going to get  
    What type of friends Xbox friends or real life friends  
    People still use these  
    None because I'm a guy  
    Xbox Live  
    Blockbuster is still a thing?!?  
    The other 50% people is retarded that because the controller is the best  
    So does that mean I could stop 343 from making bad halos  
    More useful  
    I'll rather have the Master Chief from Halo to be real  
    We all know Justin Bieber is cinge  
    To be honest both  
    Both will be horrible  
    I want to go back in time so I could see America better than modern America  
    I wish that Halo wasn't a Call of Duty clone anymore  
    And Justin Bieber made the world's most disliked YouTube video  
    Michael Jackson made some great music and Justin Bieber made music that made alot of people cringe  
    You guys never know what technology they could have that are superior to us  
    I have no idea who watches TV anymore cable TV I mean  
    I rather visit Rome and have pizza then visit Paris and have those croissants or whatever you call them  
    Trekkies are going to get rested and Star Wars will be all over the world  
    She did  
    How awesome would it be to have a Lamborghini Veneno or better a Lamborghini Diablo that will be really awesome  
    I don't wanna be unable to play some Battlefield  
    I'll rather be the coolest teacher in school then the meanest teacher in school  
    Has anyone taste cookie dough it's so yummy  
    So does that mean watching some of my funniest and most epic gaming moments  
    At least I'm not listening to a terrible song by Justin Bieber  
    More delicious that's all I have to say  
    Chose the wrong one I was going to make a law if your racesist you will go to jail for the rest of your life  
    All of us pretty much seen everything from Earth search sos pace  
    When someone says the date that the first Star Wars comes out I'm going instantly run to the movies and buy some tickets if I go back then  
    im playing this game on Chrome  
    So does that mean me reviewing which car is the best in Just Cause 3  
    A stereotype pirate I want to be a stereotype pirate +1
    So that means Star Wars in real life it will be so awesome to have Star Wars in real real life  
    I'll be happy any day  
    People getting are getting killed because of dumb driving and you can wait in line so I chose a  
    More funny  
    Is there a both button?  
    80s clothes look neat  
    Option A because I love Starbucks coffee what was some of it because they're so yummy and tasty  
    What kind of question is this +1
    As long as it's not Battlefield vs Cod questions then yes  
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