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O'hai, I'm Nicholson. Thats actually my last name but whatevs. My real name is rob. Rrrather is habit of mine, and I love answering questions, writing obscene comments and asking wierd questions of my own. Anyways, if anyone wants to chat or anything just inbox me and I'll get back to ya. Aussie aussie aussie!

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What would you rather watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 or Frozen 5 years ago 196 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather listen to The Beatles or Michael Jackson 6 years ago 200 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Are you the Real Slim Shady? Yes. or No. 6 years ago 195 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Are you religious? Yes or No 6 years ago 231 votes 57 comments 0 likes
Which is better? The Toy Story franchise or The Shrek franchise 6 years ago 227 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Which death was sadder? Mufasa or Bambi's Mum 6 years ago 200 votes 18 comments 0 likes
Who is better? The Avengers or Dumbledore's Army 6 years ago 182 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Which would you rather watch? Complex adult movies that need a great deal of understanding and thought. or A fun kids movie that is easily understandable. 6 years ago 209 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Who would win in a fight? Spiderman or Bowser 6 years ago 225 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Have you ever heard and/or played Australian Rules Football (AFL) Yes, I know it is the Australian version of football around the world. or No, is it some kind of koala eating contest? 6 years ago 153 votes 11 comments 0 likes
What do you look forward to more? Your Birthday or Christmas 6 years ago 206 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Which is worse? An earthquake or A tsunami 6 years ago 203 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather drink Dr. Pepper or 7up 6 years ago 222 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be extremely smart in life, with an excess amount of cash, but no love life or friends. or Be extremely stupid in life, with a a scarce amount of cash, but surrounded with the love of a love life and friends 6 years ago 189 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather watch A comedy or A horror 6 years ago 221 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather eat A burger or A hotdog 6 years ago 215 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Which are you weaker in? Physical Ability or Mental Ability 6 years ago 199 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Do you usually post rrrather questions consecutively? Yes, I usually have all these question ideas at once. or No, I post my idea and then have to wait a while before I post another question idea. 6 years ago 180 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Ask out your lifelong crush with a 50% chance of rejection and a broken heart. or Leave it as be with a 0% chance of a rejection and a broken heart, although no BF/GF. 6 years ago 231 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Is Eminem the best rapper? Yes, he beats the lot. or No, they're are much better rappers than him out there. 6 years ago 241 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have A rock in your shoe all day that you cannot remove. or A dog barking all night that you cannot stop hearing. 6 years ago 258 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Who was a better villain? Syndrome or Charles Muntz 6 years ago 221 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Are you For or Against people legally getting an euthanasia? For it! people should be able to die if they are in lots of pain and don't want to live. or Against it! Human birth is special and no human being should choose to die. 6 years ago 222 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be Lost in the mountains or Lost in the desert 6 years ago 189 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Which animation is better? Finding Nemo or The Lion King 6 years ago 186 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Would you rather play Wii or Nintendo DS 6 years ago 177 votes 6 comments 0 likes
What would you rather have a pet Reptile or Bird 6 years ago 185 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather play Mario Kart or Mario Party 6 years ago 172 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Angry Birds or Doodle Jump 6 years ago 201 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Who would win in a fight? Batman or Mario 6 years ago 234 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Mother or Red Bull 6 years ago 198 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Dr Dre or Snoop Dogg 6 years ago 256 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather watch? The Simpsons or Family Guy 6 years ago 269 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Who was better in Two and a Half Men? Charlie Sheen or Ashton Kutcher 6 years ago 228 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Which is more annoying? Planking or Harlem Shake 6 years ago 260 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Which is better? The Big Bang Theory or Two and a Half Men 6 years ago 211 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Frank Ocean or Bruno Mars 6 years ago 209 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Snickers or Mars 6 years ago 268 votes 23 comments 0 likes
Do you have a clean room? Yes or No 6 years ago 287 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Which are better? Films set in the past or Films set in the future 6 years ago 260 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Who would bring back alive? John Lennon or Michael Jackson 6 years ago 439 votes 16 comments 0 likes
(Girls) What is more attarctive in men? (Boys) Which would you rather have? Handiness or Athleticism 6 years ago 253 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be a Wizard or Ninja 6 years ago 262 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Crash or Spyro 6 years ago 363 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather? Amazon or Ebay 6 years ago 248 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Which is better? The book or The movie 6 years ago 267 votes 18 comments 0 likes
Which subject is better? Maths or English 6 years ago 280 votes 5 comments 0 likes
What is more attractive in a person? Good Personality or Amazing Skills 6 years ago 272 votes 11 comments 1 like
Who is funnier? Jim Carrey or Steve Carell 6 years ago 240 votes 6 comments 1 like
Which are you more scared of? Small, deadly, poisonous insects or Big, land-dwelling carnivores 6 years ago 240 votes 7 comments 1 like
Who was the better child star? Macaulay Culkin or Frankie Muniz 6 years ago 230 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Do both genders do an equal amount of work? No, my gender contributes more to society than the other or Yes, both genders contribute equally 6 years ago 219 votes 21 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Fall of the top of the Empire State Building. or Drown at the bottom of the ocean. 6 years ago 217 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Make out with your ugly sibling. or Make out with your hot mum. 6 years ago 163 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Have it all or Know it all 6 years ago 235 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather go to England or Australia 6 years ago 223 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be able to Hear any conversation or Take back anything you said 6 years ago 228 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather explore... Unknown Depths of the Ocean or Space 6 years ago 226 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Which is more famous? YouTube or Facebook 6 years ago 234 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Which is better? Contact Sport or Non Contact Sport 6 years ago 226 votes 7 comments 1 like
Which is better? Old Music (The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Elvis etc...) or Current Music (Eminem, Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars, Dr Dre etc...) 6 years ago 240 votes 22 comments 1 like

Nicholson has posted the following comments:

you're whats wrong with the world 5 years ago  
I'll be like a Jehovah's Witness 5 years ago +3
Will eat anything with ketchup 5 years ago  
IDK there's alot at STEAK here. AWWW YEAAHHH 6 years ago +2
I was doing something extremely important, do you really think I'd be at rrrather? 6 years ago  
Jazz style 6 years ago +1
America has already nuked the sh*t out of one, they'd be happy to do it again. 6 years ago  
Hye, if there are severe massacres every 6 months with mild gun laws, I'd hate to think the damage if they were abolished. 6 years ago +1
Nintendo Forever 6 years ago  
Alot of the Harry Potter's castle is computer generated so yeah 6 years ago  
Mellow ^_^ 6 years ago  
WTF is Reuben 6 years ago +1
I'm australian, so a boomerang kinda comes naturally 6 years ago +8
I would rather say "GET THE F*CK OUT MY FACE OR I'LL MURDER YOUR DOG!" 6 years ago  
Oh misread I'm not bi >. 6 years ago  
I... hate... Miltank 6 years ago  
I have better things to do than spend hours on the toilet sh*tting out my life savings 6 years ago +6
Couldn't be stuffed doing the math :33 oops 6 years ago  
Would that make me poop out "Holy Shit" :33333 6 years ago +6
I forgive you for murdering my family. Wanna see a movie? 6 years ago +1
Darn... guess it wasn't skill 6 years ago  
Banana SMOOOTHHIIIEEE 6 years ago +2
If the people are already dead, and if it's to live., then yes it's acceptable 6 years ago +1
LIKE A MAN 6 years ago  
Soup... 6 years ago  
easy access 6 years ago  
Why does everyone think everything is a conspiracy, the f***ing government isn't out to get you god dammit 6 years ago +3
If it's spam or some kind of stupid inside joke, then I'll probably be obliged to tell the question maker that no one cares and he's wasting space. 6 years ago +1
Spanking is short pain, grounding is mind-numbing is worse in the long-term 6 years ago  
SLAP DAT ASS 6 years ago +4
Glasses are funny 6 years ago  
As long as no-one plus 1's Sauron 6 years ago  
It'll be like Sims 6 years ago  
It is only 344 days until my birthday, how many people want to wish me a happy birthday 6 years ago +5
Creepy Face 6 years ago  
Don't know either, the first option looks more... appealing 6 years ago  
Some Oscar winning sh*t 6 years ago +4
Witches are better at handling wands ;) 6 years ago +10
as a guy... ummmm 6 years ago +6
America seems to think voilence is the only possible alternative. That's why they have failed to ban guns, despite massacres every year. 6 years ago +4
yum yum starbucks 6 years ago  
whats up with all these user questions? 6 years ago +1
Gurl watchu talkin bout. 6 years ago +6
I shall call it squishy, and it shall be mine. and it shall be my squishy 6 years ago +4
Vince Vaughn has such a monotone voice, idk why it's so funny XD 6 years ago +1
sexy bunnehz 6 years ago +2
pizza 6 years ago  
Fix up past mistakes... 6 years ago +1
TELL MEEEE 6 years ago +2
makclemore had two mild hits, eminem is just boss 6 years ago +2
Mate, his girlfriend and my lonely self 6 years ago  
Hurray for underage drinking 6 years ago +2
Despite the fact that both are pretty interesting, schools often miraculously find a way to make extremely boring. Schools are good at that. 6 years ago +6
My life is basically B, so a change would be nice 6 years ago  
wallpaper just doesn't work 6 years ago +1
hopefully that dollar has been handled by hot celebs 6 years ago  
That would be make a killer party trick!! :3 6 years ago +3
what? 6 years ago  
DUF DUF DUF 6 years ago  
Lol fish food...? 6 years ago +1
STRAYA LEGEND 6 years ago +1
Haha these user questions are awesome 6 years ago +4
I'm sorry but the british one came first and are therefore better. 6 years ago +1
I would rather go out and be social 6 years ago  
Choking down noodles with the legends. 6 years ago +3
ohh ohh ohh ahh AH AHAHA AH 6 years ago  
These guys can officially say they are rrrather famous 6 years ago +2
contests are alright, but inside joke questions are quite annoying. 6 years ago +4
They make the funniest sitcoms on TV xD 6 years ago +2
WTF that channel is the most pathetic and stupidest thing I've seen. Well done, it's just yourself rambling on about black ops and minecraft. NO ONE CARES JUNIOR!!! Oh btw please don't spam on this site, or you will be reported... 6 years ago  
America is far from perfect, but not the worst 6 years ago  
the moon 6 years ago +2
There's much more make-up there ladies 6 years ago  
TELEKINESIS 6 years ago  
All you uneducated morons who picked God are aying "how can a human come from an explosion." Humans weren't the first things in the whole F***ing universe. The universe took billions of years to make Earth, and then the Earth took millions of years to make us. Something called evolution, if you don't think it's real get a grip, it's more real than the stupid fairytale God bullsh*t. 6 years ago +3
I have abysmal throwing range and accuracy, so i'll go with punching 6 years ago  
Haven't seen either. I know, I'm misisng out 6 years ago  
Save me Slenderman! Save me from Bieber!! 6 years ago +10
Imagine making your enemy start bawling in the middle of essay 6 years ago +1
With 10m, I can buyy the hobo a nice little penthouse while also enjoy my share 6 years ago +3
Not that big of a fan I'm afraid 6 years ago +6
SHIEZAHOUSEN 6 years ago  
95%!!?? I'll take my chances for those odds 6 years ago +1
Banks are cool 6 years ago  
Internet...too...slow 6 years ago  
Call hollywood, a new paranormal activity material right there. 6 years ago +9
lolwut? 6 years ago  
As long as the well has wifi, I can keep occupied for a day 6 years ago +3
At least I have a trusty umbrella 6 years ago +6
I live in Australia, snow? Is that some kind of new fruit. 6 years ago  
request that they give some to charity but sh*t, dem kids better go to college 6 years ago  
MASSAGE ALL THE WAY 6 years ago +1
They will no longer be a friend of mine if they puke in my car 6 years ago +4
i am the sorest loser... 6 years ago +1
i can' t sh*t in the presence of others 6 years ago +2
only when he isn' t making sh*tty movies 6 years ago  
Cars? 6 years ago  
wrong ine, wtf is chilli seasoning 6 years ago +7
Im sh*t at pretty much everything so having fun is really the only option 6 years ago  
Na na na nananana! HEEEYYY JUUUDE 6 years ago +1
already the youngest, i want someone to boss around 6 years ago  
Mwahaha come at me legos!! 6 years ago  
You at least get a break in soccer, when it's down the other end of the field. Tennis you're always on the move. 6 years ago  
Doc Brown made that movie 6 years ago  
Sauron's army > Death eaters 6 years ago +4
sugar... give me sugar (Men in Black) 6 years ago  
That way I could steal their weapons and money, BONUS! 6 years ago +6
Darn... 6 years ago +6
Look at my DP 6 years ago +1
After we've stolen the money, I'll just kill them all and run away with all the money 6 years ago +4
I can't stand apples 6 years ago  
Sh*t movie, I would prefer my fries with some seasonings thanks 6 years ago +1
shower is the only real time, and getting changed, other than that it's just awkward 6 years ago +1
It's complicated. You can tell these jokes if you really are kidding, but know when to do them , and when you've crossed a line. 6 years ago +3
Shootouts are only good if they're actually necessary and realistic, which is very rarely, 6 years ago +1
Reality shows will always use cliffhangers before a big decision or announcement is made, so you watch it for longer 6 years ago +1
Then I could finally ask him who the real slim shady is!!!!! 6 years ago +3
been asked before. Batman 4ever 6 years ago  
Always liked the PlayStation, plus Xbox One is a pretty stupid name 6 years ago +1
Either way, I'm non existent, so that sucks 6 years ago +1
I would lead the scarer list with my ugly face 6 years ago  
MY PENIS, WHERE IS MY PENIS? 6 years ago  
Although I have to choose Skyrim, the olden day music from Fallout was legendary 6 years ago +1
Miley Cyrus is hot... 6 years ago +3
One time I went to an amusement park with friends and blew nearly $75, but it was worth it for the Tea-Cup ride 6 years ago +5
Sorry America, but Batman is just too good 6 years ago  
My condolences 6 years ago  
Sleep-study 6 years ago  
if you really want if the site has more boys or girls, you can click on one of your achievements and it will come up with a table that has how many people have clicked either Male or Female. Perhaps this is not what you're trying to achieve but just trying to help. 6 years ago +2
Villains winning to get everyone surprised, then a sequel to clear everything up 6 years ago  
Haven't seen either. I know, I'm missing out, but I enjoyed Iron Man 1 so... 6 years ago +1
superman would beat up hulk right after he flew around the Earth 3 times 6 years ago +1
I just want to be a psychiatrist so I can hear people's problems 6 years ago +1
God, how many Mario Karts have they made??? 6 years ago  
I like turtles 6 years ago +1
That plane looks high, too much Sea-WEED. YEEEEAHHHHHH 6 years ago +6
It's actually great when a goodie dies, that way I get to bawl like a little b*tch and people don't comment on it. 6 years ago  
Don't really know but hey T-1000 is surrounded by fire so why not 6 years ago +3
Oz, the great and powerful and Rise of the planet of the apes. He was just awesome 6 years ago  
Hulk would F8ck up hancock, as much as I love will smith 6 years ago  
Hiring a limo, ain't nobody got time for that 6 years ago +1
Hahahaha 6 years ago  
Thanks 6 years ago  
Fair enough 6 years ago +1
Shit... 6 years ago +2
Squirrel Army > Everything 6 years ago  
Despite the fact that bender wants to kill all humans on Earth, he seems pretty loyal to Fry 6 years ago +6
I think girls spread rumors more often, while boys m"bullying" other boys can be sometimes be mistaken for play fighting 6 years ago +7
Can't stand cold showers, even in summer 6 years ago +6
Obviously if they hated me for being myself, then I am a giant douchebag 6 years ago +1
if you never get tired you could train to get faster and win all the races 6 years ago  
Hell, my wallet is already empty 6 years ago +7
Encouraging them to do it isn't bad, it's when you force it that it turns illegal and disgusting 6 years ago +4
I got sent B in a message on Facebook and almost fainted 6 years ago  
Then there would be a whole lot more mass shootings... 6 years ago +1
Why would I want any to be real. My world is fine without dangerous, carnivorous dragons and murderous gangsters 6 years ago  
Do companies ever realize that advertising obnline makes me wanna ring up the manager and scream abuse and insult his mother? 6 years ago +1
No more awkward situations with old Italian men 6 years ago +1
I like a song that really gets into it, and really gets exciting 6 years ago +1
I doubt will father would make you return a gift you brought him for fathers day. that's pretty heartless 6 years ago +4
Fluttershy... 6 years ago  
It really depends on the profile pic 6 years ago +5
Do it for the dough 6 years ago +5
Not much good can come if you have a random superpower, say flying, and then you just start randomly flying sometimes 6 years ago +2
I never really noticed it until now, I guess it would be the strategic thing to do if you hope to get higher votes 6 years ago  
Are you kidding?? Marge all the way ;) 6 years ago +3
don't trust god, he won't do much if you're getting bombed by terrorists 6 years ago +6
It will better for the child in the long term. Get it over and done with, that way the child can move on faster 6 years ago +1
This is a really tough question. I guess I would rather the battlefield, so at least I can die a hero 6 years ago  
I would have probably have lost hope in him being alive, but I will want justice and be able to find where he was and who did it! 6 years ago +2
He's going to die anyway. It will be sad, but I don't see the point of both of us dying. I will survive to carry on his legacy :) 6 years ago  
don't know the pickles guy, but satan is pretty funny 6 years ago  
get that b*tch some flowers. b*tches looove flowers 6 years ago +5
Pikacu would f*ck up any gay digimon twat 6 years ago +84
spongebob squarepants 6 years ago +8
waldo... 6 years ago  
i just wanna be the guy on the left 6 years ago +1
VERY NICE 6 years ago  
little child. wat r u doing? little child? STAHP! 6 years ago  
You must be right. If there was a MOVIE about dogs going to heaven, then it's obvious that it's completely and utterly true, and obvisiously cats just miss out because of some religious chance. Is that right? *sarcasm* 6 years ago  
i don't know why talking about sex should b awkward. I was taught about sex at a young age. I wasn't scarred for life. Sex is a natural thing, and only an overprotective parent will procrastinate in telling their kids about puberty and sex... 6 years ago +2
then after that say "evolution BITCH" 6 years ago +4
Wouldn't mind some some "Cheer up french kissing" 6 years ago  
Let it out motherf***ckers 6 years ago  
Atheist 6 years ago +1
...but they will never take... MY FREEDOM 6 years ago  
Eminem = Legend 6 years ago  
How about nintendo stop and think before making another franchise with sh*tty pokemon 6 years ago +2
Epic Rap Battles of History.... 6 years ago +2
Voldemorts looking the other way. *jumps in* AVADA KEDAVRA. Gte in hermoine's pants 6 years ago  
Nightmares... O.O 6 years ago  
I am the biggest procrastinator and I... 6 years ago +1
I think I have had enough talks with my english teacher, so talking to an angel would be nice 6 years ago +4
I'm fine with super strength and immortality thanks... 6 years ago  
That way I can make up stories about me, and they won't know the truth ;) 6 years ago  
Battleship equipped with luxury cruise items 6 years ago +1
We're the one, we're the only... 6 years ago  
At last I could beat all them asians 6 years ago +2
Honey, get the bazooka and electric fence 6 years ago  
I said oh lord jesus it's a fire 6 years ago +3
you would get more well known through the second one 6 years ago  
Science b*tch 6 years ago  
don't really know coz I'm from Aussie, but that Daniel Day-Lewis thing he did was pretty amusing 6 years ago  
No time to waste 6 years ago  
or a sick looking bike 6 years ago +3
Dem doors!!! 6 years ago +1
Coming from someone who knows squat about cars, I'm just going to go with the red one :33 6 years ago  
I would attempt to talk them out of it, but I won't supervise twenty four/ seven. Their life, their bad choices 6 years ago +1
Look at all them dem pretty colours 6 years ago +9
hahaha sorry i was tired when i did this. who would you rather listen to 6 years ago  
how about no 6 years ago +5
where the hell is Simon Cowell?? He was my favourite 6 years ago +4
depends who it is... 6 years ago  
WHEEZYWAITER 6 years ago  
Want to hear something? No one actually gives a crap about your friends channel. Hell, I have a youtube channel, but I respect that this site is about questions and not spam -_- 6 years ago +2
twice... 6 years ago +1
Are you kidding?? Sleep all day, don't have to catch prey. The only problem a house cat has is being stepped on accidentally 6 years ago +4
how is god real? how is the big bang real? Answer the questions of the universe 6 years ago  
EYYYYYY sexxyy ladyyy 6 years ago  
well... I was loving it ;))) 6 years ago  
then i slipped and fell on my ass on the bathroom floor 6 years ago +8
think dirty thoughts 6 years ago  
$90 for Vans where I got mine. One is enough thank you 6 years ago  
that way you can know who not to trust, the ones with the burnt stains on their pants xD 6 years ago +1
Hint the madame tusseures background on #2 6 years ago +3
Why not both? 6 years ago  
spaz 12... 6 years ago +1
She wears so much damn make-up I couldn't decide 6 years ago +9
lol nice 6 years ago  
mwa ha ha 6 years ago +1
At least he has his shirt on 6 years ago +4
finally I get it right... 6 years ago  
Already do that ;) 6 years ago +2
My parents will be so proud 6 years ago  
Line up ladies, I'm a laser tagger 6 years ago +2
No blame, no shame 6 years ago  
Majestic Beast vs some sort of big cat 6 years ago +1
The door is secretly flipping you off 6 years ago +6
but people who collect thse are pretty weird 6 years ago +1
I say sorry too often 6 years ago +3
Pickleman always makes me laugh 6 years ago  
I don't really read the second option 6 years ago +3
If I start an internet argument, I have achieved what I set out to do 6 years ago +4
as long as had heaps of floors and heaps of mysterious rooms 6 years ago  
Why? 6 years ago +1
Never back down!!! 6 years ago +3
Making crossiants 6 years ago +2
I'd like to get to know people better before I brutally stab them 6 years ago  
If you make the wrong decision, there will be no tomorrow... 6 years ago +7
One word... brothel 6 years ago  
pfft, with a trillion dollars I could buy my own island 6 years ago +4
I'm really slow... 6 years ago  
Leonardo DiCaprio needs one soon 6 years ago +8
Amanda just can't handle a damn car 6 years ago  
C-3PO is a good advice giver 6 years ago  
My heart can't stand to be broken anymore 6 years ago +2
I don't have a significant other lol forever alone 6 years ago +1
O hai pornhub :3 6 years ago  
Death Star for Christmas ^_^ 6 years ago +1
Bestiality is worse than being an inbred 6 years ago  
You can't die of a broken heart 6 years ago  
I could mooch of all my friends. Mwahaha 6 years ago  
Could Bane choke people with the force????? I didn't think so 6 years ago +2
No one 6 years ago  
Wash the heat down with $1,000 worth of ice-cream 6 years ago  
Which meme is funnier? Yes 6 years ago +6
Mum, my chameleon ran away again! 6 years ago  
Fawlty Towers 6 years ago +2
Clicked the wrong one: Physical punishment will definitely make them learn not do something much faster. 6 years ago  
I'm not letting loud abuse interrupt my T.V time. 6 years ago +1
"Why are you late for school?" "I was curing AIDs" 6 years ago +1
Don't freak me out in my sleep or I flip sh*ts 6 years ago +2
everybodys a winner ^_^ 6 years ago  
Girls actually dig these untalented fags... -_- 6 years ago +3
Burn them f***in goombas 6 years ago +3
Planes are really thin and only have like 6 rooms but ships are way bigger and lots of underneath rooms 6 years ago +2
YAY GLOBAL WARMING 6 years ago  
chances are they'll get hotter through puberty and such 6 years ago +2
Pinkie Pie IS my identity 6 years ago  
I ain't even close 6 years ago  
The fact is that no one expects you to be good at dice, thinking its all about luck, so if you were given some sort of power, it would be easier to bet and win money. 6 years ago +3
No broken back... 6 years ago  
My name is Cage, Nicholas Cage 6 years ago +1
I ain't paying off my hard work for that fat bastard 6 years ago +7
Either way my arteries will hate me 6 years ago  
Strawberry cakes are like dreams, rainbows, smiles and self -raising flour put together ^_^ 6 years ago +2
THUNDERRRRR 6 years ago  
little Nicholsons running all over the damn place 6 years ago  
Trolls = Internet 6 years ago  
If it gets anymore broken it will shatter into a million pieces... 6 years ago  
Too many deadly animals waltzing around 6 years ago +1
Batman would bribe Superman to lose with his tonne of cash 6 years ago +2
greenland is a bit too... negative temperature-like 6 years ago  
portable... 6 years ago  
AMEN 6 years ago  
Although my skin resembles sour cream, I wouldn't mind being a black person. 6 years ago  
who needs sleep anyway? 6 years ago  
"Hang on, I'm just going to show you something on viddy..." -said no one ever.... 6 years ago +2
If I have to go every month I will demand a lollipop!! 6 years ago +2
Have you met my girlfriend... Dickbutt AssMilker? 6 years ago +464
I answered about 700 questions before I got an account, and I got pissed when it didn't count them -_- 6 years ago  
As long as I don't pay for my fatty food, I'm happy. 6 years ago  
Subways can be altered more than pizzas... 6 years ago  
well, who/what made god...? 6 years ago +1
If people starting using condoms and weren't so religious, we wouldn't be in this goddamn AIDs mess. 6 years ago  
Damn, drowning takes way too long 6 years ago  
i have a terrible feeling a big dog would not go well with kids... 6 years ago  
dogs are cute ^_^ 6 years ago  
For those who asked, "What created the Big Bang Theory?" well, what the heck created God? 6 years ago +2
A slut to end all sluts 6 years ago  
Soz but Mac gets less viruses 6 years ago  
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