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    I do both anyway  
    I already am  
    "Normality is a disease"  
    I don't plan to out live my lil bro  
    I dont care, im alive and that's all that matters +1
    If it's in the same spot everytime  
    It'd be interesting, depending on the text  
    I actually take my time, i hate it when there's still stuff stuck to the dishes; its gross  
    Haha, just cause she wants it doesn't mean she'll get it  
    Either is good for me; as long as i don't have an only child  
    The voices make me wanna sleep  
    I don't like sports  
    I'm afraid that if i change something in the past, I'll lose something i care about now  
    Here, most waiters/waitresses give a lot of sass and I honestly would rather not deal with them +1
    Is this a trick question?  
    To an extent  
    where's this from?  
    I chose this only because I'm on finals right now, if it's wyr quiz; 100 more  
    I can't stand spinach  
    so many religious comments  
    so many religious comments  
    Never said the siblings had to live together  
    It depends on who caused the child (loved one or other) but i may still give birth  
    I love wearing the same clothes, i don't mind  
    i have just enough friends  
    No sleep it is then  
    Demon baby????  
    I don't want my stuff lost!  
    I don't mind either or but I'd rather just be an Atheist +1
    I don't care for socks  
    Ha! Jokes on you, I don't have a social life, ha! *cries in a corner*  
    I don't trust my friends with dares anymore  
    I worry for 37% of people out there... That's just wrong  
    Does Blockbuster even exist anywhere anymore???  
    neither, anything beiber/on beiber is evil and should be burned  
    Whether i have a perfect relationship or not; i don't want to live THAT long  
    I can't stand cold weather!  
    i already live in a desert now. I'm so used to the heat, i won't last long in antartica  
    i'm terrified of heights soooo  
    i'm pretty short already and i'd honestly want to stay the same; plus everyone i know likes my size  
    Don't guilt trip me....  
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