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Would you rather Have a good social life but bad grades? or Have good grades but a bad social life? 6 years ago 225 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather use rrrather on computer or mobile 6 years ago 283 votes 19 comments 0 likes

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$50,000 is still a lot 6 years ago  
Those would be the worst 5 years of my life 6 years ago  
There are better ways to earn $100,000,000 6 years ago  
If I went back in the past, I would probably accidentally change something and it would probably make the present worse 6 years ago  
What kind of question is this? 6 years ago +2
What if they clog the toilet? 6 years ago  
Only if I don't throw up 6 years ago +1
Those who chose option B, are greedy people 6 years ago  
Rain can cause floods 6 years ago  
I'm scarred for life 6 years ago  
You can still live if you drowned because I've drowned before and I'm still alive 6 years ago  
The sharks keep staring at me... 6 years ago  
Both suck 6 years ago  
I already feel badass 6 years ago +1
Eww coconut! 6 years ago  
Being a Kristen Stewart wouldn't be fun 6 years ago +5
WTF?! 6 years ago  
cool that you have that as your wallpaper but i still dont care about the conversation 6 years ago  
I like both of them 6 years ago  
I already am 6 years ago  
You actually care 6 years ago  
Whatever 6 years ago  
It just does 6 years ago  
Immortality sucks 6 years ago  
Ronald would rape me 6 years ago +9
A nerf bullet 6 years ago +92
Would u rather die or be annoyed 6 years ago  
Cars suck 6 years ago  
2 liters is nothing 6 years ago +1
I have both 6 years ago  
Cars suck 6 years ago +2
The first option is funny 6 years ago  
Aren't they the same? 6 years ago +2
YUCK! 6 years ago +2
There both the same 6 years ago +2
Coke FTW! 6 years ago +1
I'm a girl 6 years ago  
Until they rip your face off! 6 years ago +1
I'm shy in public 6 years ago +1
My crush would be rich 6 years ago  
I don't want messed up kids! 6 years ago  
$100 ain't that much 6 years ago +1
Money and fame isn't everything! 6 years ago +2
More money 6 years ago +1
My intelligence will make me richer. Then I will be stronger. 6 years ago  
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