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    Theres water in the cliff picture 2 years ago  
    Once your black you wont go back 2 years ago  
    Im to confient 2 years ago  
    Tame it and then ride it to freedom like " fuc you trump" 2 years ago  
    Yoloy b.itches 2 years ago  
    People can survive zombies but not f.uckin nukes 2 years ago  
    Some frogs are pousonis 2 years ago  
    My life already 2 years ago  
    And you=dumb 2 years ago  
    One Dinner with trump and he's dead 2 years ago  
    Longer life expectancy 2 years ago  
    Shot through the heart and your to late, you give love a bad name 2 years ago  
    No more diarehea 2 years ago  
    A small room in a big house could mean the room is just small compared to the house so if it was a mansion it would still be a huge room 2 years ago  
    I trusted him enough to give me no pain and thats what matters 2 years ago  
    I dont know either of them 2 years ago  
    Sexist dikbag 2 years ago  
    No hes not dumbas 2 years ago  
    Supermans weakness is a rock 2 years ago  
    Riin somones day 2 years ago  
    Take out the people i hate 2 years ago  
    Sacrafice yourself and you will go to heaven while people live in heaven on earth 2 years ago  
    Ipods fit in your pcket 2 years ago  
    This dosent matter any more 2 years ago  
    Theres fire boobs in notredame 2 years ago  
    Fuk friends 2 years ago  
    God created the big bang 2 years ago +2
    Boobs dont difine women 2 years ago  
    Respect biches 2 years ago  
    What if you end up gay 2 years ago  
    I wouldnt cheat 2 years ago  
    3 way 2 years ago  
    Looks dont matter if they did i wouldnt have a girlfriend 2 years ago  
    Flash can pretty much teleport if he runs fast enough plus time travel 2 years ago  
    3 way 2 years ago  
    Live sadly or die sadly 2 years ago  
    I wouldnt do that to a person ever 2 years ago  
    For mother russia 2 years ago  
    Never seen either 2 years ago  
    Doesnt mean you cant have a three way 2 years ago  
    I dont have friends 2 years ago  
    Neither 2 years ago  
    Sexy beard 2 years ago  
    Bench boys are so useful 2 years ago  
    The bottom of tubs aren't dirty 2 years ago  
    Titfuc 2 years ago  
    No school 2 years ago  
    Of all people why leather face 2 years ago  
    You can still masturbate 2 years ago  
    Sterilized poop is air 2 years ago  
    All the people who picked A are guys 2 years ago  
    Walk down the road then boom projectile sh*t 2 years ago  
    Lots of banana it masks all flavors... Hopfully 2 years ago  
    It would be squished everywhere when you sit down 2 years ago  
    A lot of stuff already tastes like sh*t 2 years ago  
    Its gallons guy honestly 2 years ago  
    Those are gallons guys honestly 2 years ago  

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