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Just another stressed, depressed gay teen.

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    Well obviously, that would be the only reasonable course of action.  
    Yes, but once you used your new skill enough you'd be more athletic. Dancing is a form of exercise.  
    Would that mean also have their skill level? In that case you'd also become more athletic and things, so I'd definitely choose that over having a nice voice.  
    No, you would be a physical child but a mental adult, which sounds a lot better than being old and having the mind of a child. As you age you gain more knowledge and wisdom, if your mind never ages you will be unable to improve as a person.  
    No, choosing option A is stupid. You can't gather wisdom if you don't mentally age.  
    He was actually very intelligent, his ideas were terrible, but it was likely a mental illness.  
    I'd rather keep my friend :)  
    I'm a lesbian so this is a no-brainer  
    Wow. Just wow. No out of marriage sex for this guy huh  
    I'm a teenager  
    Same. I'm a lesbian so...  
    I'm a lesbian...  
    Exactly, I'm a lesbian. Why/how would gay men be attracted to me!?  
    I'm a lesbian so....  
    Well, I am a lesbian so.......  
    I'm a lesbian...  
    Then say you aren't attracted to guys, not that you are a guy. Stop encouraging heteronormativity  
    I'm a lesbian  
    I like snakes :D  
    I'm a lesbian and she's asexual... +2
    They're both hideous  
    My friend is asexual lol  
    I'm a lesbian... and my sisters are all straight... also, I really don't care if she cheats on me tbh  
    I am  
    I'm currently dating someone online and she's amazing  
    Short girls are hot  
    Then I could teleport to Canada to be with my girlfriend ;-;  
    I'm a lesbian  
    I'm a lesbian so this wouldn't happen lol +1
    I'm a lesbian +17
    We're lesbians so...  
    SO AM I BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN ANYTHING! NOT ALL GIRLS ARE STRAIGHT DUMBASS! Don't say "I'm a girl" say "I'm not attracted to girls" Don't encourage heteronormativity and homophobia!  
    I'm a girl too, and short girls are adorable!  
    I'd rather have a girlfriend  
    I'd rather date someone who's actually hot.  
    The audiobook is always too slow :T  
    It really doesn't make sense to blame someone for something that their ancestors did. If one of your parents went to prison, you aren't automatically a criminal.  
    I have three dads...  
    It's not like there is any prejudice in modern Germany...  
    Hitler's dead  
    This is so freaking biased...  
    my parents met online :T  
    I hate sports  
    I love bacon, but I don't really like pork :T  
    Dark chocolate  
    I'm bigender, so this is irrelevant  
    I clicked the wrong one! I have three dads and no mom.  
    Why would you need ten cars?  
    I'm bigender and bisexual...  
    I would find out when my child was old enough to tell me themselves (I'm bigender)  
    I don't like most fruit :/  
    I can't dance.  
    i haven't had my first kiss yet :/  
    I'm bisexual, and I'd prefer a girl shorter than me.  
    i'm 13  
    either way it's really creepy :/  
    i don't care  
    I'm all for anarchy  
    Most of my family is vegetarian, so I'm used to it :/  
    I hate 99.9% of humanity, so working alone is far more appealing  
    I can't decide because I wouldn't mind either :/  
    I'm bigender, but I decided that if I had to fit the binary, I'd prefer to be a man :/  
    I would get thrown in a mental institution, but so what?  
    Bros before hoes  
    I'm single XD  
    religion sucks  
    I'm an atheist, but I was baptized Catholic, so there's nothing wrong with me loving Christmas, right?  
    I like the cold, and living in a log cabin would be awesome! I hate hot weather  
    I clicked the wrong one T^T  
    I'm polyamorous...  
    BIG DOGS!!!!  
    I'm bigender so this is irrelevant :/  
    VADER BITCHES!!!!!!!!  
    HELL YEAH!  
    19% of people had better be trolling us. otherwise i have lost all faith in the human race  
    I really want to meet my ancestors, plus I'm a total history nerd XD  
    I don't believe in love.  
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