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    GTA NUBS 3 years ago  
    I long for the day when when Europe grow some balls and take u out 3 years ago  
    your presidents mentaltity: hey we haven't been in a war for a long time lets just jump in to this 1 3 years ago  
    just plz 3 years ago  
    America go suck a dick 3 years ago  
    where is oreos and starbucks? 3 years ago  
    thank u 3 years ago  
    bill gates now made windows 3 years ago  
    OH MY GOD WHY DID I PICK COLA 3 years ago  
    OH MY GOD WHY DID I PICK COLA 3 years ago  
    but downside is no wifi 3 years ago  
    my grandma isn't annoying I love her 3 years ago  
    u cant see thru doors but u can hear 3 years ago  
    for the third hour I wud lose interest 3 years ago  
    2 hours would let me eat my popcorn in time 3 years ago  
    GTA IS NOW ON PC . PC GAMERS UNITE! 3 years ago  
    I would end sexism cuz middle east ;/ 3 years ago  
    to be honest I would be just as happy with an audio book 3 years ago  
    I love reading I just prefer the movies 3 years ago  
    I don't have a cell phone either -_- 3 years ago  
    I don't have a car JOKES On U ALEXW 3 years ago  
    you know what else is hard to find, truth from politicians -_- 3 years ago  
    gaelic football 3 years ago  
    im talking about a different type of football 3 years ago  
    BEER PONG! 3 years ago  
    I already has my mother 3 years ago  
    I live in Ireland where everyone is friendly and we have leprechauns and endless tea so yeah.. get fuqed 3 years ago  
    50 shades of grey biches 3 years ago  
    fuq Chicago Hawaii here I come 3 years ago  
    America saves over 1,000 ( not 900 ,sorry Goku ) gallons a year by peeing in the showerso don't say u don't pee in the sshower 3 years ago  
    but after a while with the babies and kittens you wouldn't really think they're that cute 3 years ago  
    guy from new jersey that is called "Surprise Adoption" 3 years ago  
    I has book smarts but not deh street smarts unfortunately 3 years ago  
    fuq u katniss Hermione has the balls to go out with a ginger and kiss harry katniss only screams "Peeta!" every 5 minutes and yes ive read the book 3 years ago  
    Sexting! 3 years ago  
    I already am weird :/ 3 years ago  
    that mothafuqa got buckshotted right in the kisser 3 years ago  
    oh its gadaffi 3 years ago  
    my religion is starbucks and god is refresha . jesus 3 years ago  
    but what if you could fit into the popular group 3 years ago  
    ThicketTail909 this is not just a coffee shop this is ife were talking about here so go jerk your self off you little ignorant bich ass pixie diq spccy priq . oh and before I forget #refresha4evah 3 years ago  
    If I get a prostate exam I don't want no guy doing it. it will give me flashbacks of prison 3 years ago  
    5 hours of sleep means more fapping 3 years ago  
    a coma cuz when u wake up everyone will e like ERMHGERD UR ALERVE I LerVE U AND sTERFF 3 years ago  
    oh I love that episode from South Park 3 years ago  
    what if you make your friends on the computer 3 years ago  
    wahtf u woke up beside subway with a sub in hand 3 years ago +1
    wait what about friends u met on the computer 3 years ago  
    you do realise that paris Hilton got famous only cuz she made a bunch of sex tapes and sold them 3 years ago  
    im not American and im a guy its a win win for me 3 years ago  
    ok so god loves all his children and he oversees everything. but how do people forget that when they see or hear about someone gay 3 years ago  
    and for people who said phones that still is technically a mirror 3 years ago  
    f0ocku2day u read my mind 3 years ago  
    Hermione granger FTW 3 years ago +1

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