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    The Doctor is an alien! +1
    Friends are just family that you choose.  
    Die the way I lived... like a BOSS  
    Today I don't feel like doing aaaanything~  
    fvck romance. WIN AT LIFE! +2
    it's called being a scientist in the bible belt. +2
    note to self: *actually* going 88 mph in a delorean is a bad idea.  
    bragging rights.  
    fvck you mum  
    I know how to unlock them from the inside  
    TARDIS for the win  
    You know what they say... where there's smoke, there's toasters.  
    wait... could I kill beiber?  
    discomfort +1
    no contest +2
    aint nobody got time fo' dat!  
    Where's the downside?  
    Model T's only come in black.  
    Yummy hair +1
    Brittle bones.  
    Neck bite=instant death +2
    is that like something that shaves pegasi?  
    The tiger would be acclimated to humans by then, so it would probably just be confused and silly.  
    Can't I just take a leak behind a tree or something? also, holding it in is horrible for your kidneys.  
    One room is all I need, as long as there's a bed, a computer, and a fridge  
    You mean listen to music, right?  
    instantaneous, and I'd be on the telly for weeks.  
    she's a grouchy cunt so yeah  
    Lions live in the grasslands, and they can't climb.  
    They're delicious, they taste like really good clams  
    Party ingame.  
    Bigger target  
    He'd just smack me in the face and be done with it.  
    But everything in the U.S. isn't trying to kill you.  
    greece is full of paedohlies  
    Root beer> water  
    More interesting bullsit.  
    Scarf weather FTW  
    Chihuahuas need to die.  
    N64 controllers aren't made for feet.  
    Stephen Hawking FTW  
    N2O? Tripping to death FTW  
    Is this even a question?  
    Love and admiration from friends and family that I can mooch off of!  
    so kill myself painlessly?  
    Hoboes FTW!  
    catch them with a harpoon!  
    Lovely view while my blood evaporates, though.  
    easy, just wear a plague mask for the rest of your life.  
    milk and soda ftw  
    How about we practice on sexist assholes' corpses? more lifelike. +1
    no lacerations to a blood-vessel-ridden area of the body, no problem.  
    Irish people ftw  
    small tits ftw  
    I'm atheist, joke's on you!  
    My keys always end up in my shoe.  
    Go home tomatoes, you are fruits, therefore higher in sugars, therefore more likely to ferment into alcohol, and therefore drunk.  
    stabbing is fun.  
    What's wrong with the car? Is it lupus? No, of course not. It's never lupus.  
    lol I am the smartest person in my school.  
    LA is overrated  
    Only meat= colon failiure  
    What's the point of being a grown-up if you can't act childish sometimes?  
    jeans are for staining  
    Christmas=Dalek attack  
    Don't need my mum's nagging  
    And this is my SPOON!  
    I am the Doctor  
    less animals to kill.  
    What's a shower?  
    Which national anthem?  
    Smoke together though.  
    Asylum... Better company :D  
    Charlie Chaplin FTW  
    If I were Bella, the story would have turned out waaaay more interesting.  
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