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What came first? The Chicken or The Egg 65,470 votes 2,584 comments 1 like

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Isn't that the same thing either way pretty much?  
Tattoos are permanent, piercings aren't.  
Reading this has caused the largest, cringe-worthy, second-hand embarrassment feeling of all time.  
i like CVS plus it's closer to my house  
There are erasable pens.  
Most Australians speak English and you can obviously do that.  
everything in australia is poisonous or wants to eat you. also i don't like aussie accents  
um kit harington?  
i love tumblr. never heard of funkyjunk +3
mouth wash, floss, white strips....  
im not a huge fan of mint +3
Sperm can only get you pregnant if it goes to your uterus (missionary)  
The orphans could have already been dead. Didn't say I had to kill them.  
I could just dip my tongue in it.  
Necrophilia much?  
I could just glance at them each time and then leave the room. +1
It doesn't say I have to eat/drink it in one sitting.  
In the damn ground. +6
dumb asses like you don't deserve to live  
I'm drinking Sprite right now.  
I find them both extremely unattractive.  
What does the cookie monster have anything do with the question?  
Forever is one word. (not 'for ever')  
Five foods? +2
Personally, I hate both.  
I hate boats, so...  
What's with the red umbrella?  
What is funnyjunk? +3
So if you didn't have teeth you'd just refuse to eat?  
Sticks have longer lasting flavor. +1
Both are great movies +5
Plain chocolate gets boring. +1
Pepsi is sweeter and has more carbonation.  
Sure, 9-11 was horrible and all, but the Holocaust killed millions and tore families and countries apart!  
Yes they can, you idiot. There is no law against it, and if there was, you all would be sexist bastards. +4
Ron Paul kind of looks like he's gonna drop dead at any second. How old is he?  
I just wanna see what he likes to eat. +2
Any chihuahua would win that award  
God doesn't freakin exist, moron.  
Can I just avoid walruses?  
26% are sickos..  
In twilight, Edward looks severely constipated, and Bella looks like someone with a stick up their ass, who didn't have the ability to move her face muscles.  
I can be patient...  
But then where would the chicken come from? Nothing falls outta the freakin sky full-grown.  
An egg of some bird evolved into a chicken egg.  
Are you an idiot? DRINKING sperm can't get you pregnant.  
I'm a girl  
Crickets are commonly eaten.  
sith? wha...?  
Disney Land is so lame +121
At Lush, there are literally EDIBLE soaps and stuff.  
The average person swallows about 5 pounds of hair in their lifetime.  
Cat food smells good.  
Cricket soup is a real food! so good!  
I got no dick. Ima girl :) +926
Ugh, god doesn't freaking exist. +5218
29% of people are idiots +2416
i can pole dance while they're sleeping.... +6
Jolie is revoltingly ugly! Megan Fox is at least semi-attractive. +1
18 years old 4-ever. +1
I had the time of my life (when Dirty Dancing ended. And I never felt that way before. I swear, it is true.  
Talking to animals is more impressive, because no other person in the world can do that. Nobody has spoken all foreign languages, but it's still possible. +246
run. like. HELL.  
the South is frickin' infested with sharks.  
if you were a dog, you'd have to submit to orders and do stupid tricks. Cats can roam around, eat, sleep, hunt, and scratch the hell outta annoying, bratty humans. +761
zip cord, biatches! +1221
zip cord, biatches! +93
The bible was written by random idiot men! The only proof you have of your "god" is a freaking story book! And to everyone who's like, "Why aren't we monkeys, then?" it's because we EVOLVED into HOMO SAPIENS SAPIENS. +298
couldn't decide  
lodges are cozy and fun. +343
50 K for me! +1
I love MCAS  
I have both right now...  
Wolves are beautiful, intelligent animals. They are great hunters and are social.  
allergic to pine, so...  
Donate it to Locks of Love  
flashlights are actually useful  
Women can handle pain better, and are smarter. No man could ever endure childbirth. They can barely handle the sniffles. +3
I love the pumpkin bread and berry cake... mmm...  
I like Bella's eyes, though  
I wanna be the one who gets to kick them. +2
Love them both  
Small are obnoxious barking rats. Why does no one else see that? +3035
Justin is more famous, and he has more songs... +1
that dog picture is so adorable! +1339
Humans are overpopulated. We are rapidly killing this Earth, so it's best to die quicker, anyways.... +1910
oral sex- with Twinkies!  
At least it isn't real crap! +543
I'd be really disturbing in front of the window and scare them away. +145
Satan and god don't exist. +1
I can improve it. +3
it doesn't have to be a real one. +1
Pools are way more fun. +340
God doesn't freaking exist. Why won't you let people marry the love of their life? How the hell would you feel? +1
f*ck dads +79
not in one sitting, right??? +107
there is a chance i could escape....  
I'd sell 8 or 9 cars and get rich!  
humiliating to be dumped around people!  
zombies are friggin scary  
A king or a clown. It's that easy. +1
is my face showing?! +958
I'm not proud of the U.S.'s obesity problems and stuff, but I'm grateful for our freedom and stuff.  
Do guys push out pumpkin sized babies from a quarter sized hole! and bleed for 7 days straight! what do guys do that is soo terribly hard, you f***ing idiotic [email protected]?!?!?!?! +3
wish #1: infinate wishes! #2: etc. +2
I'm pretty sure Burger King's burgers are made of ground human testicals...  
You're an ass! +2
who-ever wrote that is an idiot--not everyone celebrates christmas (the "C" is not capitalized out of disrespect for the idiotic holiday, which celebrates an imaginary person who never existed)  
that'd be hysterical! +3
Ahh, Avatar, three frickin' hours of my life, gone..  
no f***in' clue.. +73
Grow a vagina, those can push f**king pumkins (babies) out. Balls just squirt stuff INTO vaginas.  
I'd ask someone reliable if I looked presentable.  
Hot dogs are made of pig, chicken, +33
I could cheat on that piece of metal. +538
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