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    Drunk people are funny as hell  
    My last words will be: But I'm still hungry though  
    Deer and rabbits would be rather fun to hunt.  
    Stab him multiple times before shoving him into a pool full of lemonade +1
    This is too hard  
    I would speak in riddles and be an asshole  
    My only line before I am killed: But I'm still hungry though  
    New socks are pure bliss  
    I will draw on it  
    I wish I could do that  
    I want to learn the Language  
    I already live in a goddamn desert. I just want to play in snow.  
    Lose weight  
    I could flip people off from the sky  
    I don't want to break my neck  
    I survived 2016  
    We could go streaking at the same time in two completely different places for fun  
    I'm allowed to slap my friends and humiliate them back  
    I blindly picked one and was like... Oh damn. I'm a weak female. This will not end well +1
    I have an excuse to be an asshole  
    No thanks. I choose life  
    I can't eat like an animal and be naked in public.  
    Real Christmas trees are more fun to set on fire  
    I will wear goggles, armour and I will be the Mumen Rider  
    Invade the Ukraine  
    Good for my gay son  
    I have never tried sashimi. So...  
    Dance naked in the living room after I eat cereal and butt scoot across the table  
    Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia.  
    Then I'm not poor and we can donate to the Homeless  
    It gets too repetitive after a while. Desert land is fun too  
    I can Lose weight  
    Don't have a dad  
    I'd shave his head and then run  
    We'd probably set something on fire and eat smores  
    A hyper teenager and Obama on a plane together. Wonder how that will turn out  
    We can live in a shack in the woods and eat fish  
    It's called being on your period  
    I'm already a loser with friends that are dumb asses with me. What more could I ask for?  
    Obama: So how are you today Omega? Did you enjoy your meal? Me: I am doing very well today.... Um.. Are you gonna finish that..?  
    Tall people scare me  
    Won't have to do PE  
    Shave it  
    We can all work at Burgerking together  
    I am furry. I also would rather live in the woods and be co nsidered fake because if I remember correctly, Vampirism is a sex style  
    Neon lights are cool. That's my only reason  
    I can hear all my enemies weaknesses  
    Grandma tells cool WWII stories. It never gets old  
    They need someone to help them when they get old +1
    Nintendo is life  
    Let him be gay. I would enjoy talking to him about his crush/ lover and I support his choices  
    Skating is more fun  
    It will be yellow and have an Autobot symbol on it and I will call it Sunstreaker  
    Go to Japan with my friends. What could possibly go wrong?  
    My friends would stay with me and we could go to Africa and volunteer and donate money  
    I'm a girl who got hit in my crotch but footballs when I was younger. I would be used to it  
    We are not popular. We are infamous for doing dumb sh*t. That's even better  
    In front of my friends for support  
    Then I can b*tchslap him  
    Join the Harambe cult  
    Bright neon shorts, an Inuyasha shirt and a pikachu hat? Don't mind if I do  
    We would call it Idiot Island. We would have so much fun together  
    Holy sh*t. I would make all my teachers and Trump fart loudly 24/7  
    I would get shot so fast  
    I'll take him in.  
    Games for life  
    Get a new job then  
    Marth is my husbando  
    I could always eat them  
    I would keep all the elderly people company  
    Just stay with my Hamilton loving friends  
    I want to go outside and hike  
    Enjoy watching me eat cereal, listen to the Hamilton soundtrack, play with my pets, read, and stare at the sky  
    I want to be a 3rd grader again. Middle school is very stressful and I need a break. Nostalgia is the cure for street in my opinion  
    Pants, jacket, tee-shirt, boots and cat ears are all I need  
    Coffee makes me sleepy. I don't sleep alot  
    If I knew the date of my death I could accomplish many things.... After I flip off all the people I hate  
    I love chocolate too much  
    I like chocolate too much  
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