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Would you rather Have a cold for the rest of your life... or a really annoying headache for the rest of your life? 3 years ago 84 votes 4 comments 0 likes

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KILL THEM ALL!!! 3 years ago  
I'm going electric, so that means I will have terrible mileage. Only because I don't use fuel 3 years ago  
ONLY CHILD! I WIN! 3 years ago  
That was deep. Also, I like having the power of strangling and electrocuting people... 3 years ago  
But you can't contrlo being a werewolf. You might kill your own family. Plus, modern day vampires in TV shows are immune to daylight. And you get to turn into bats, wolfs, and dust. All the perks. 3 years ago  
What if you just srtike up a deal with a guy called Satan. Also, it might be a good deal with the demonic lord of hell. I did say maybe... 3 years ago +1
Ummm. It says you voted on the deathone. Nice try though... 3 years ago  
My family counts as society... 3 years ago +1
As long as it's solar powered, I'm fine... 3 years ago  
More food for me. And no, I didn't choose alone on the island. If you see were I'm going... 3 years ago  
Salsparilla is the best 3 years ago  
Actually, now it's 1070 people. UPRISING OF THE BUTT SPOON PEOPLE!!! 3 years ago  
Not really, because you would have to do whatever you were doing (say writing a story) all over again. Kind of anoying. Then again, you could fix your past mistakes, but, of course you would have to relive everything after that again. All in all, I think I prefer the pause button. Also, just saying this is my opinion. 3 years ago  
Depends where and how I would go to space. And if I would die. 3 years ago  
Whose to say I can't start a family while chasing my career 3 years ago  
Well, right now theres a huge storm outside and it's pouring with rain. I... I think I would rather play minecraft. 3 years ago  
But then if your a genius, you can find out how to make yourself happy! 3 years ago  
I'd wish for more wishes, then wish for what I would want to buy instead of the money needed to buy it. Logic, right? 3 years ago  
But if you could speak all languages, that would mean you can speak with animals as well, so... 3 years ago  
If you lived in a poor country, whose to say your not poor and you could move back? 3 years ago  
It is basically a very dangerous game of put-a-bullet-in-a-gun-spin-the-loading-thingy-and-pull-the-trigger type of thing... 3 years ago  

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