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    Eat fruit  
    Scream at people  
    I hate wet hair at night  
    It's called selling  
    50%is too big  
    Sit outside and do homework  
    It's called bleach  
    They look pretty beast  
    I'm awesome  
    I have a PS4  
    Get rich by telling people all the disasters that are going to happen  
    Where's the fun in that  
    Haven't seen the hunger games  
    Sith are cool but vicious  
    I can forget the scary scenes of jaws  
    I will prove myself  
    Pressed the wrong one  
    I could work a job for a second a day  
    I'm a boy  
    I win win win win  
    Don't have a computer  
    Batman is best  
    I wasn't here when bush was president  
    Get many houses and sell them al  
    McDonald's gives out chemicals not food  
    I don't have to do it  
    I mean a long time  
    I'll drink it over the course of a long week  
    Bad presents are fun and funny  
    Whoops put a double t  
    I love nuttela  
    Obama rocks  
    Dude I'm from britan too  
    Mine craft sucks people that are addicted to that don't know what a video game is  
    Bad drivers are killers  
    Star Wars rouge one out in 10 days  
    I don't have. Cellphone  
    I am from Britan  
    Take of the butter  
    Not sure  
    I don't wanna change nothing  
    Don't have a daughter  
    I can think of anything with my superpowers  
    I can love in my dreams  
    I don't have a computer  
    I don't have a computer  
    Cats are loving  
    I made a joke up about something like this not so long ago  
    Star Wars is epic  
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