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Would you rather Have to sit all day or Have to stand all day? 4 years ago 111 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Spend a week adrift at sea in a life raft or Spend one month in Milwaukee County Jail? 4 years ago 102 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Have your first child when you are 19 years old or When you are 45 years old? 4 years ago 116 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be a parent or be a child? 4 years ago 164 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Would you rather be blind or not be able to talk for the rest of your life? 4 years ago 117 votes 18 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be stuck in a home that is constantly dark or a house that is constantly bright? 4 years ago 134 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather always be In constant Pain or have a constant itch 4 years ago 110 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Try to walk up an escalator that is moving downward or try to walk down an escalator that is moving upward 4 years ago 99 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Would you rather lose your sex organs forever or gain 200lbs for the rest of your life? 4 years ago 106 votes 6 comments 0 likes

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The best classic sitcom ever 4 years ago  
I love this song, I don't like the original of B though 4 years ago  
Lol, dat ass 4 years ago  
Nice name :) 4 years ago  
Really depends on the type of meat, if it's steak or fish it's fine, but if it's pork or chicken it's not because you can get sick. 4 years ago  
Whats your real name? 4 years ago  
Lol 4 years ago  
I don't use my real name in my usernames, I made this username because my otp is Jc and Lia 4 years ago  
Baitalon 4 years ago  
bassicly 17, your birthday is soon 4 years ago  
you don't know me 4 years ago  
Foreign movies kinda suck anyways 4 years ago  
Georgia, so I can meet RedEagle, he seems like a cool guy :) but it would be weird cause I'm only 12 and he's like 17 xD 4 years ago +2
-_- 4 years ago  
What if I was able to fly? I would love to go in the sky. I would fly with the birds and with the planes Think of how awesome it would be to fly in the rain. I would love to fly as high as the clouds Where everything is silent instead of loud, But it’s impossible for to fly when not in a plane because of gravity, But I will never stop thinking about how awesome flying would be. 4 years ago  
The city is not 4 years ago  
You don't want to live here either 4 years ago  
yea yah 4 years ago  
:o 4 years ago  
Anything but A. 4 years ago  
A makes me nauseous 4 years ago  
Green apples ftw 4 years ago +3
O yeh 4 years ago  
This was always my dream ^.^ 4 years ago +3
Me 4 years ago  
Lol, hotstreak xD 4 years ago  
I love both so much 4 years ago  
I'm Slim Shady, yes I'm the real Shady All you other Slim Shadys are just imitating So won't the real Slim Shady please stand up, Please stand up, please stand up? 4 years ago  
I think this one is a better singer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQ7QmLd2eVg 4 years ago  
Depends 4 years ago  
Both are unattractive to me, I think girls are prettier without makeup, hair dye, and piercings. 4 years ago +1
Duh, they won the game on Saturday and they are my favorite team, my dad is from Chicago, so 4 years ago  
Lol 4 years ago  
Hard one 4 years ago  
xD 4 years ago  
Both taste the same to me, but A is less watery then B 4 years ago +1
Thanks :) http://www.cateringspecialist.com/wp-content/uploads/internet-high-five.jpg 4 years ago +1
I'm kind of new so sorry :/ 4 years ago  
Duh 4 years ago  
To much work in A 4 years ago +1
I think his hair color is brown and I think he's 24 4 years ago  
I'm not a big fan of one republic, I only like a few songs by them, but I really dislike counting stars for some reason. 4 years ago  
Nope maybe 15, I'm easily entertained 4 years ago  
Read books, ride bikes, walk, go to park, play sports, get active, I wouldn't be bored 4 years ago  
Yep 4 years ago  
I like having no electricity, makes things more fun for some reason cause we aren't worried about our electronics and we can focus on the things that are really important 4 years ago  
http://38.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lmfafjGAct1qh17feo1_500.gif 4 years ago  
Lol, I knew that's why you said lol xD 4 years ago  
-_- 4 years ago  
How do you know? 4 years ago  
I'm reading one of his books right now, they are great ;) 4 years ago  
My brother kept throwing a pillow at me from upstairs and I kept throwing it back and I was telling him to stop, then the last time I threw it I guess my neck twisted and it pulled a muscle. He just laughed at me and told me I was weak, I didn't cry at all, if it was him, he'll be bawling his eyes out. 4 years ago  
http://m.memegen.com/9igi5h.jpg 4 years ago  
Chicago 4 years ago  
Lol 4 years ago  
Wow, what a beauty 4 years ago  
I pulled a muscle in my neck, it was my stupid little brothers fault, not my back, head, neck, and chest hurt like hell. 4 years ago  
I pulled a muscle in my neck, it really hurts 4 years ago  
Me too actually 4 years ago  
Yes xD 4 years ago  
All 5 of us r awesome :D we're so awesome, that the human race can't handle it and everyone dies but us 4 years ago  
My fav users are RedEagle, That_Person, Applecupphone, ReoGirl, and me 4 years ago  
Lol 4 years ago  
Hi 4 years ago  
xD Some people do 4 years ago  
true, he kept telling me to go play with my dolls and makeup when I told him that I'm a tomboy, CLEARLY 4 years ago  
This was hard, they both have good qualities and bad qualities 4 years ago +1
I know I am, but he called me a slut too 4 years ago  
I know right, Ilovefreedom called me a 12 year old slut, and for some reason dragah dislikes me and RedEagle is pretty much the only one on here who I like and is not rude to me 4 years ago  
I know that xD He called me a 12 year old slut 4 years ago  
At least 3 people on here hate me, only 5 know me and the rest have no idea that I exist, and 3 of those 5 people, hate me 4 years ago  
Yass 4 years ago  
A is a Man whore so 4 years ago +3
Me too xD, I'll lose tho 4 years ago  
He is an atheist 4 years ago  
Lol 4 years ago  
xD 4 years ago  
//www.rrrather.com/view/117815 4 years ago  
Is there a difference? 4 years ago  
Oh 4 years ago  
TLDR 4 years ago  
No problem :) 4 years ago  
Already am 4 years ago  
More useful 4 years ago  
Why? 4 years ago  
I'm confused 4 years ago  
Sorry 4 years ago  
I like both but A is an atheist 4 years ago  
I really don't gaf 4 years ago  
Lol 4 years ago  
Lol, that's funny 4 years ago  
OMG, MY MOM MADE COOKIES :D 4 years ago  
Ummmmmmmmm,Okay? 4 years ago  
Yes, if they aren't stupid 4 years ago  
Lol, she's white 4 years ago  
http://www.cateringspecialist.com/wp-content/uploads/internet-high-five.jpg 4 years ago  
It's not that awesome, I'm good at pronouncing things 4 years ago  
I can pronounce it 4 years ago  
I can't stand B 4 years ago  
http://images4.fanpop.com/image/photos/21900000/yay-pills-keeeeetooo-21977362-600-491.jpg 4 years ago  
Oh, yeah, I know I'm stupid 4 years ago  
B aren't even Mexicans wtf? 4 years ago  
Wrong one 4 years ago  
Yes what? 4 years ago  
I like gay people so this would suck 4 years ago  
Oh, I feel stupid :( 4 years ago  
Really? 4 years ago  
I know, but all animals and bugs are awesome except scorpions :) 4 years ago  
i'm not talking, I'm typing, use your f**king brain 4 years ago  
Daisy, I hate dolls, I want them to burn in hell 4 years ago  
Yes they are, not scorpions though cause I got stung by one when I was 11, I almost died 4 years ago  
I don't see why you hated me in the first place, I make pretty awesome questions and I'm not Emo so 4 years ago  
Okay :) 4 years ago  
B: Molester moon A: My stuffed animals 4 years ago  
I'm not :) 4 years ago  
A is just retarded, B is sad because butterflies are awesome 4 years ago  
Because it's awesome......DUH! 4 years ago +1
I like it when they give us the fresh and hot donuts 4 years ago  
You should go 4 years ago  
A is gross, I've never seen either tho 4 years ago  
I was just about to ask this question 4 years ago  
I don't look up stupid sh*t like porn and nudes so it wouldn't be embarrassing 4 years ago  
I like to do this, gives me freedom from my stupid siblings 4 years ago  
Mmm, food 4 years ago  
Y u do this 2 me? 4 years ago  
B makes me want to kick their ass 4 years ago  
Never tried it, sounds good 4 years ago +1
Yey 4 years ago  
It makes you look like a douche bag 4 years ago  
But it's permanent so 4 years ago  
Lol 4 years ago  
Both are stupid and ruin your body 4 years ago  
I'm both a good singer and a good dancer, but I rather dance then sing 4 years ago  
I'm a girl :3 4 years ago  
Jay Z isn't even that good of a rapper and his songs aren't catchy, at least Eminem can rap and most of his songs are catchy and his music is still good. 4 years ago  
B is too fat 4 years ago  
I don't have facebook 4 years ago  
Less likely to be hungry in the middle of the night 4 years ago  
But you said, he is actually a great friend of mine 4 years ago  
It can be sometimes, but most of it is real 4 years ago  
Most of it is scripted because if they hurt each other they can get in big trouble 4 years ago  
Look at what you commented and look at the option B 4 years ago  
Wrestling is fake 4 years ago  
Looks retarded 4 years ago  
But they are human 4 years ago +2
Lol, it's you xD 4 years ago  
Never ever A 4 years ago  
Really? I haven't seen either tho 4 years ago  
I knew it, he looks like James 4 years ago  
My name is Jeff 4 years ago +1
Duh 4 years ago  
I don't have a job 4 years ago +2
I've tried beer before, It was actually good, I don't see why some people find it disgusting 4 years ago  
This one was hard. 4 years ago  
Who? 4 years ago  
I've never seen it 4 years ago  
I don't watch wrestling so I choose a random one :p 4 years ago  
This is the end 4 years ago  
Nope 4 years ago  
French Toast 4 years ago  
So do Mexicans, but people don't seen to have a problem with that, they rather give an illegal immigrant a job in America when they're plenty of jobs for them back in Mexico, people disgust me. 4 years ago  
100% attempts aren't bad, you're not a hero, you're an asshole 4 years ago  
Always gets done right this way ;) 4 years ago  
No, I think asshole is the right word 4 years ago  
Asshole 4 years ago  
Lol, that's true 4 years ago  
ummm, ok 4 years ago  
Duh 4 years ago +1
Fascist, wtf? xD 4 years ago  
I don't like to skip questions so I voted randomly 4 years ago  
People over react, I have a germophobic friend, I want to slap her 4 years ago  
Yes 4 years ago  
Oh, lol 4 years ago  
You told me you weren't racist :( 4 years ago  
xD 4 years ago  
It wouldn't be any better if you were in control of it either so. 4 years ago  
He is D:, why u lie bro?! :( 4 years ago  
It would, since I'm so awesome, I'll take over and make this site better, I'll accept curse words and every question :) 4 years ago  
Some germs are good for you 4 years ago  
I always found A stupid 4 years ago +1
Lol 4 years ago  
Lol 4 years ago  
xD 4 years ago  
I believe in god so....Yeah 4 years ago  
I have this too xD 4 years ago  
Wrong one 4 years ago  
Really dude? How mature of you xD 4 years ago  
Now what is the truth? 4 years ago  
I usually can't handle the truth so, this was quite easy xD 4 years ago  
Lol 4 years ago +2
Me either 4 years ago  
It was so hard to choose xD 4 years ago +4
What kind of Mexican owns a Lamborghini 4 years ago +5
Lol, it is xD 4 years ago  
Okay? 4 years ago  
Okay :( *changes answer* 4 years ago  
Lol 4 years ago  
Mmm 4 years ago  
Already do, jk I only do it for about an hour but I wouldn't mind 3 :) 4 years ago  
Lol, I want the voice of Ellen DeGeneres, have you seen how the people react when she calls them, xD it makes me laugh so hard 4 years ago  
Hell Yeah! 4 years ago  
Wow what a great comeback 4 years ago  
I know right, plus, babies are cute :D 4 years ago +1
I love babies :D 4 years ago  
My Jam 4 years ago  
Lol 4 years ago  
Russian Tortoise 4 years ago  
it's okay, i cri evry tiem 4 years ago  
How is it? 4 years ago  
type of Tobacco 4 years ago  
I wish we could move from Vegas, but we can't :( 4 years ago  
Have you ever been there? 4 years ago  
lol 4 years ago  
Please stop 4 years ago  
Weed, it's not a drug but people say it is and it's illegal here so :D 4 years ago  
It's really not, trust me, it feels hot 4 years ago  
How are you going to add it if there's no atmosphere 4 years ago  
True but I don't like KFC anyways, I like Popeye's 4 years ago  
Gravity is controlled by the ocean, you need gravity to live on a planet, so you need to put oceans first.....but is their an atmosphere already cause if not then 4 years ago +3
Autumn is only 68-75° here, but spring here is at least 96°,here and winter here is 51-63° here but it doesn't feel like it, it feels hotter and summer here is 99-112°, so I don't like any, but I like flowers so I choose A >:I 4 years ago  
I don't know why but A seems cool to me 4 years ago +1
A=heart attack 4 years ago +2
I barely drink anything anyway so this is easy 4 years ago  
Already am 4 years ago  
The Dora the explorer movie 4 years ago  
It's when a person unauthorized use or reproduction of another's work on a film or a book. 4 years ago  
I wouldn't mind 4 years ago +1
Me too 4 years ago  
I like these questions but I hate the dating ones 4 years ago  
Already do 4 years ago  
Yummy 4 years ago  
Lol 4 years ago  
Can you post it in the comments? I wanna SEE! 4 years ago  
No problem 4 years ago  
Please don't stop, I love them, they are funny and cute 4 years ago  
It's more cute then funny, A is not funny at all 4 years ago  
Lol 4 years ago +1
I enjoyed them both, but B has is has a richer sound then A 4 years ago +1
Lol, I know, I just like that vid :3 http://i.imgur.com/as6Pw.jpg 4 years ago  
K, good :I https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsuIox8UIMs 4 years ago  
ARE YOU RACIST?!?! 4 years ago  
I hate racist people tho 4 years ago  
That pic in B tho 4 years ago  
I'm not a pu$$y 4 years ago  
Already am 4 years ago  
10:52 a.m 4 years ago  
Lol, I know right 4 years ago  
10:37 a.m 4 years ago  
10:33 a.m 4 years ago  
Watch me noscope 360 from a tree while I.........Pee 4 years ago  
10:30 a.m 4 years ago  
Using Forces 4 years ago  
10:28 a.m 4 years ago  
Lol, we are 3 hours time difference 4 years ago  
10:27 a.m 4 years ago  
I don't know 4 years ago  
10:26 a.m 4 years ago  
stfu guest 4 years ago  
http://s2.hubimg.com/u/8875021_f520.jpg 4 years ago  
I don't know, because people are racist 4 years ago  
http://s2.hubimg.com/u/8875021_f520.jpg 4 years ago  
Yes, black chick vs white chick or Asian chick vs white chick 4 years ago  
I have pity and sorrow for your soul https://agnostichumor.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/42079482.jpg 4 years ago  
Are you agnostic? 4 years ago  
Lol 4 years ago  
Fruit cake is gross 4 years ago  
I hate shopping 4 years ago  
I don't find it nice 4 years ago  
I'm a good swimmer, B would be torture for me 4 years ago  
Lol, I don't mean racist in that way, in my city, racist racist means choosing between a Mexican or a Black person. I've lived in this city my whole life, I was born here, so basically it's not my fault, so don't judge me bruh 4 years ago  
They made us choose between a black person and an Asian 4 years ago  
Lol 4 years ago  
Mmm 4 years ago  
Lol, both are cancer, but at least chipmunks sound better than Justin's faggoty voice 4 years ago +1
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4i_lezSDVv8? 4 years ago  
I really Dgaf 4 years ago  
Sweet Cheese! :D 4 years ago  
This seems racist xD, A is black and B is Asian. 4 years ago  
Me too >. 4 years ago  
Maybe it's fermunda cheese, BTW, furmunda means funky or moldy in my famiily 4 years ago  
I like Jack in the box chicken nuggets best, I've never tasted B, and A is okay, but they make me nauseous. 4 years ago  
I don't need B, I can jump really far already 4 years ago  
What about Zayn from 1D? Lol Just kidding, 1Direction sucks ass 4 years ago  
This one was hard 4 years ago  
Lol 4 years ago  
I don't mind either, I'm not scared of bugs, but I hate scorpions because one stung me when I was 11 4 years ago  
These hurt, trust me. 4 years ago  
Exactly what I was thinking xD 4 years ago  
Looks prettier 4 years ago  
I like "I threw it on the ground" best 4 years ago +2
That's basically what I meant 4 years ago  
SebaxU 4 years ago  
Lol, I know right, I'm a tween girl and I find that twilight s**t gay 4 years ago  
Both would suck and ruin our economy 4 years ago  
I'm confused 4 years ago  
This should be a homepage question 4 years ago +7
Don't be annoying 4 years ago  
Oh, k then 4 years ago  
Already happens, just did, nobody likes me but my family 4 years ago  
Duh 4 years ago  
Lol 4 years ago  
I love you? 4 years ago +1
He did? 4 years ago  
I have no idea what he said, he's crazy bro. 4 years ago +1
I'm almost 13, so you're 15? 4 years ago  
STFU Old man, lol jk, you're cool 4 years ago  
How is it easier? 4 years ago  
I do too, I just prefer digital. 4 years ago  
I think so 4 years ago  
Cool 4 years ago  
Lol 4 years ago  
True 4 years ago  
Lol 4 years ago  
Thanks lol 4 years ago  
*dances on grassy field* https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-wxgICHWhLoc/Uz8MQr0IrmI/AAAAAAAADgI/2LR5lpVKPoo/w426-h605/tumblr_inline_n2sauuxYa91qfyef6.gif 4 years ago +1
It's the same type of food content, vegan food doesn't have as much protein like bacon, ham, and chicken, does,you won''t get enough protein or iron and you'll become anemic sooner or later. 4 years ago  
Narwhals, Narwhals Swimming in the ocean Causing a commotion Coz they are so awesome Narwhals, Narwhals Swimming in the ocean Pretty big and pretty white They beat a polar bear in a fight Like an underwater unicorn They've got a kick-ass facial horn They're the Jedi of the sea They stop Cthulu eating ye Narwhals They are Narwhals Narwhals Just don't let 'em touch your balls Narwhals They are Narwhals Narwhals Inventors of the Shish Kebab Narwhals They are Narwhals Narwhals Just don't let 'em touch your balls Narwhals They are Narwhals Narwhals (Narwhals, narwhals) Narwhals, Narwhals Swimming in the ocean Causing a commotion Coz they are so awesome Narwhals, Narwhals Swimming in the ocean Causing a commotion Coz they are so awesome Narwhals Are really, really good You'll find them in the sea They're never in the woods Narwhals You know they're just so sweet They could stab you in the face With their long protruding teeth! Yeah! It's a tooth A tooth, tooth baby They don't need a dentist Coz they're washin' it daily It's a tooth! You know it's the truth! You don't need no more proof Coz I'm telling you it's a tooth 4 years ago +5
Lol wtf 4 years ago  
Yes 4 years ago  
A would freak me out too much 4 years ago  
Aliens are cool :3 4 years ago  
I don't, but you must be eating the same thing a lot. 4 years ago  
Mine does too 4 years ago  
I'm just saying that, you're just eating the same food over and over again and then eventually, it's going to get old eating it. 4 years ago  
"Uh, sama lamaa duma lama you assuming I'm a human What I gotta do to get it through to you I'm superhuman Innovative and I'm made of rubber So that anything you say is ricocheting off of me and it'll glue to you I'm devastating, more than ever demonstrating How to give a motherf**kin' audience a feeling like it's levitating Never fading, and I know the haters are forever waiting For the day that they can say I fell off, they'd be celebrating Cause I know the way to get 'em motivated I make elevating music, you make elevator music" 4 years ago  
Lol 4 years ago  
Wtf, this question made me laugh 4 years ago  
Why? I like him a little bit 4 years ago  
Lol 4 years ago  
Fake laugh at first, then you'll eventually end up laughing for real 4 years ago  
Lol 4 years ago  
I know :3 4 years ago  
Lol 4 years ago  
But it's boring just eating vegan food, it gets old 4 years ago  
I showed you my baby pics xD 4 years ago  
Yes it is 4 years ago +1
I only dislike most Mexicans, those f**king Illegal a$$ Immigrants 4 years ago  
Lol 4 years ago  
It's boring but healthy 4 years ago +1
I have tan/brown skin, am I not beautiful? Ok.....I understand.....I'm ugly.....Goodbye :( 4 years ago  
Lol 4 years ago  
If you're teacher has a sense of humor, then no, if not, then BOY YOU BETTER ERASE THAT SH!T 4 years ago  
Agreed 4 years ago  
Hahahahhaha 4 years ago  
Sexi 4 years ago +1
wrong one 4 years ago +1
Yes it was 4 years ago  
http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-q1FPzpvZ7YE/UoJp7funWDI/AAAAAAAAADk/WcPeUJgvRtM/s1600/yay.jpg 4 years ago  
I didn't like that episode, only because PewDiePie was in it, and me and my little brother watch him, but when my parents saw that episode, they jumped to conclusions and started saying that PewDiePie sucks, and they never ever watched a sing video by him, they only said that because he plays games and records the, but my dad watches people do that, but they don't do it with humor. 4 years ago +1
Yes it was 4 years ago  
I'm really good at science, I know a lot of medical stuff and I have a 89% in it right now so :) 4 years ago  
I want to kill my brother at times so, yeah, I'm good :) 4 years ago  
I don't go to school, I'm home schooled ;) 4 years ago  
Lol *internet high fives* 4 years ago  
How? 4 years ago  
Is this the shining? I'm reading the book right now, I'm on chapter 4 4 years ago  
Agreed 4 years ago  
Not all, but weed is not a drug, and I do think that it should be legalized 4 years ago +1
The moral sucks 4 years ago  
Nah, spongebob is bad, at leastThe Simpsons is funny 4 years ago  
Preach 4 years ago  
I got stung by a scorpion when I was 11 4 years ago  
lol 4 years ago  
Ok, that's fair ^.^ 4 years ago  
I know, you don't have to compliment me, but thank you 4 years ago  
You said that after I said that, that's not fair >:( 4 years ago  
No like you 4 years ago +1
If that is you.....gross, if it isn't.....Lol 4 years ago  
Thanks *takes Illuminati piece* IT IS COMPLETE!!! 4 years ago  
It is gawsh 4 years ago  
B would suck balls 4 years ago  
Lol 4 years ago  
More blood and gore 4 years ago  
► ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ Sorry, I just dropped my bag of ILLUMINATI 4 years ago +4
"My mamma always said that life was like a box of chocolates" 4 years ago +1
Ice cream with candy on it 4 years ago +1
It was hard 4 me 2 choose 4 years ago +1
Me too, but I love chocolate more >:D 4 years ago  
They were born that way, they can't change it. Back in time they were killed because of being gay don't you think they would've turned straight? "If you aren't born into a sexuality then why are you straight" is what I say, it's not a choice, god loves us all weather we're gay, black, white, Mexican, and even Canadian, we're all human, and that's what matters, we were not put on earth to judge, we were put here to love. 4 years ago +1
Lol 4 years ago  
Of course you don't 4 years ago  
This is cancer right here, they act like complete retards and they're annoying af, it kills your brain cells and there is no information getting into your mind 4 years ago  
Same :p 4 years ago  
Higher chance of a fire occurring than an ice age 4 years ago  
Lol 4 years ago +2
I knew it 4 years ago  
I love it 4 years ago  
Me too lol 4 years ago  
outlast? 4 years ago  
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