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Who loves America more? Svamp or Osama Bin Laden 5 years ago 202 votes 11 comments 0 likes

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You are the reason I bombed people 2 years ago +2
R00d 3 years ago  
Every user who doesn't listen to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cXqmN3c5AE 3 years ago +3
I always seem to be unpopular nowadays 3 years ago +1
Lel too late. Illuminati already got me feg 4 years ago +5
How about I bomb your b*tchass 4 years ago +7
I wish I could do this, then I wouldn't have got shot 5 years ago +5
I'll just bomb them all 5 years ago  
Who are these lesbians? 5 years ago  
Why am I here? 5 years ago  
Exactly 5 years ago  
Well I got b*tched out for being a bully, so leave me alone 5 years ago  
I can already talk to ghosts 5 years ago  
Only if I get to be the back 5 years ago  
B happened to me once and then i got shot 5 years ago  
Why don't you leave me alone and go f*ck yourself 5 years ago  
*bleeds to death* 5 years ago +1
No I'm not 5 years ago  
I call it food, I'm not picky 5 years ago  
Perfect 5 years ago +2
I already have an evil twin, he's the one who bombed America and I got blamed for it 5 years ago +4
I had rough sex with a Jawa once 5 years ago +5
They both look like my mother 5 years ago +1
I'm pimping you're whole f*cking family niglet 5 years ago  
Yes i am you queer 5 years ago  
Yes he does silly 5 years ago  
Yes he does faggot 5 years ago  
Nope 5 years ago  
I got shot by the U.S while using the ray gun mach 2 5 years ago  
Not at all, f*ck kids 5 years ago  
Our beards match 5 years ago  
I love rubbing chocolate all over my mother's body 5 years ago  
I am a pimp 5 years ago +5
Katy Perry is a cunt 5 years ago +1
I'm busy getting shot by stupid Americans 5 years ago +2
It did 5 years ago +1
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