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    It doesn't look like blood so I am guessing that it is better 3 years ago  
    OBVIOUS. I love the Matt Smith episodes 3 years ago +3
    It looks more fun 3 years ago +1
    Mountain climbing is really boring and I really hate it. 3 years ago  
    How did 21% of people choose blind? When you can't see, you are a LOT more limited than not being able to hear. If you are deaf you can still play computer games and use the internet really easily. I would also quite like to learn sign language and I would be able to read people lips so I could spy on people which would be fun! Being deaf isn't actually as bad as you think. I would quite like it. 3 years ago  
    I have only watched it 3 years ago  
    ER HOW DID 23% OF PEOPL CHOOSE B? 3 years ago  
    I don't have a penis. AND HOW THE F*CK COULD 70% OF PEOPLE CHOOSE B? I wouldn't like to be homeless or get laid all the time. I want unlimited money. 3 years ago  
    I don't have a penis 3 years ago  
    I at least don't eat it 3 years ago  
    Rape means that I would have to have sex with my parents. I am not going to have sex with my parents... 3 years ago  
    AT LEAST IT IS ALIVE 3 years ago  
    I have always wanted to taste cat food 3 years ago  
    I have extremely sensitive nails and having them ripped off would be as painful as someone shooting me 100 times all round my body 3 years ago  
    I don't need to have sex 3 years ago +1
    Well, they are technically hotter but A are more beautiful and I prefer beautifulness to hotness 3 years ago  
    I have really sensitive nails 3 years ago  
    I will as long as I don't have to have sex 3 years ago  
    I like spaghetti more 3 years ago  
    HOW THE F*CK COULD 59% OF PEOPLE HAVE SEX WITH A WALRUS. I don't even necessarily want to ever have sex anyway 3 years ago  
    I didn't realise what blue waffle was 3 years ago  
    I really really really really don't want to do either. I really really don't. So badly I don't. But at least with B it wouldn't be painful forever and I can get fake teeth to eat with 3 years ago  
    Isn't diarrhoea poisonous? 3 years ago  
    I wont have periods anymore and I want to use my laptop well 3 years ago  
    I am a girl! 3 years ago  
    Yay! Blowing things up with poop! 3 years ago  
    I don't want to get pregnant 3 years ago  
    I don't want periods and penis's are cool 3 years ago  
    I don't want to give a bj 3 years ago  
    If I rape then I get to choose how much 3 years ago  
    It is clean. I am a girl and I am not gay but still, it is not dirty 3 years ago  
    Less disgusting... 3 years ago +1
    That young girl is just convincing to choose. I wouldn't actually want to have sex with her if I had the choice though. Anyway, I am not gay so I wouldn't 3 years ago  
    Vomit is disgusting. Although, when I was younger I had a bit of an obsession with people vomitting 3 years ago  
    You would choke on a tampon... 3 years ago  
    HOW WOULD 78% OF PEOPLE RATHER SLEEP WITH A DEAD WOMAN? I am actually a girl but I am imagining myself as a male cause this is the internet so I do that. I would not want to sleep with a dead person... also, wouldn't that mean that the person has to die? I don't want someone to die just so that I could sleep with them 3 years ago  
    I am a girl! 3 years ago  
    Butt is disgusting. I am a straight girl so it is weird for me to have an opinion 3 years ago  
    I prefer sitting down to standing up and anyway I can wear a diaper 3 years ago +1
    I don't like xbox, ps or those things 3 years ago  
    Taking someones bullet off of them in the stomach would be less painful 3 years ago  
    Life 3 years ago  
    Linux is sh*t 3 years ago  
    The other one looks ugly 3 years ago  
    OBVIOUS 3 years ago  
    That gun looks cool 3 years ago  
    Windows is magical 3 years ago  
    I like the colour blue more 3 years ago  
    FUN 3 years ago  
    Mario 3 years ago  
    YAY 3 years ago  
    I have always thought of apples as green. I don't understand how 57% of people chose red! I also hate the colour red. I hate green too but I hate red more 3 years ago  
    Well, I have a Nintendo 3ds xl and it is quite good so maybe a nintendo64 is! 3 years ago  
    I want advanced technology. 3 years ago  
    I WILL NEVER GIVE COMPUTERS UP! Seriously, that is practically giving my life up. Anyway, I can watch TV on my computer and youtube 3 years ago  
    It is a laptop... obvious 3 years ago  
    I just like it more and people that I like use it more 3 years ago  
    Minecraft. 3 years ago  
    This is obvious. AND HOW COULD 73% OF PEOPLE GIVE UP THEIR COMPUTER? It is mad. I don't even like having friends that much. COMPUTERS ARE MY LIFE. 3 years ago  
    Minecraft 3 years ago  
    Keyboards and mouses are much easier to use and they make more sense. It is also a LOT easier to type things with a keyboard. The only games that I really even like playing with controllers are 2d ones and I really prefer 3d ones. 3 years ago  
    touch screen 3 years ago  
    My laptop already has chrome installed. I can't be bothered to install firefox 3 years ago  
    I can actually spell practically all of normal words that people would usually use perfectly. 3 years ago  
    I am serious. How can you scorpion? And how can you Sub-Zero? You can't do either of those things therefore it does not make sense. I can't tell if you are serious... 3 years ago  
    I can spell sense. My e button is just really bad and I hadn't realised that I hadn't pressed it. 3 years ago  
    Doesn't affect me going on my laptop 3 years ago  
    I can be their friend! 3 years ago  
    Err... are people stupid? Shit is poisonous... 3 years ago  
    OH NO! MY MOUSE CLICKED THE WRONG ONE. I want free mayonnaise :(. Shurikens would destroy me asshole 3 years ago  
    wut 3 years ago  
    I really... don't care 3 years ago +2
    No, it has not. It is the best creation ever, forever 3 years ago  
    I am not going to kill people. No one deserves to die. I do not have hate towards murderers, rapists, child molesters, drug dealers and other forms of scum unless they affect me in some bad way. They haven't 3 years ago +1
    I don't particularly get orgasms. 3 years ago  
    Adorable 3 years ago  
    Kind of, has it ended now? If so, I miss it 3 years ago  
    Never watched it 3 years ago  
    I don't even watch anime 3 years ago +3
    I find cold torture. Pure torture. WARMTH 3 years ago  
    Look at those pumpkins claws 3 years ago  
    Neither 3 years ago  
    Obvious 3 years ago  
    Blonde hair 3 years ago +1
    Okay, though. Come on, look, it is a leaf that WALKS. That is amazing. 3 years ago  
    Just choosing one 3 years ago  
    Reading A just hurts my mind. I don't need to touch a girl. I can touch boys. Why would I need to? Easiest question ever. How could anyone choose B? I mean, seriously? Are you joking by pressing B? Computers are basically the meaning of my life. How can I become a computer programmer without touching computers? AND MORE PEOPLE CHOSE A. WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH HUMANS? What is wrong with you people? Honestly, though. Sometimes I really hate you all. 3 years ago  
    No one would speak to me on an island. Why not have the same thing but not on an island 3 years ago  
    I love SpongeBob! SO MUCH 3 years ago  
    Must be tasty. I love coconut. Everyone should. Coconut is amazing. 3 years ago +1
    Wow, leafy seadragon 3 years ago  
    Now that I think about it, it might be quite nice to only hear music. I picked the wrong one 3 years ago  
    It would be amazing 3 years ago +1
    Well, I am not girly 3 years ago  
    I am a female but women's voices sometimes annoy me a bit more. I wish that I could make it so that I couldn't hear the voice of sporty men though, I absolutely hate their voices. I mean REALLY HATE their voices 3 years ago  
    I don't want to be sad when I drink soda 3 years ago  
    Funnier 3 years ago  
    Just picked this because yolo 3 years ago  
    I don't know anime 3 years ago  
    There is no point in having a good amount of money if you can't have fun... 3 years ago  
    I hate every stereotype that is wrong about me 3 years ago  
    Easy A* with those big words 3 years ago  
    Sell infinite food = infinite money 3 years ago +4
    FUN 3 years ago  
    Don't know either, just guessing 3 years ago  
    Ew 3 years ago  
    I don't want something bad to happen 3 years ago  
    I don't have a spouse 3 years ago  
    Pretty 3 years ago  
    Interesting 3 years ago  
    I will force him to put me in one of his video's and become famous 3 years ago  
    That does not make sens 3 years ago  
    The picture looks slightly better. Never seen them though 3 years ago  
    I don't have a boyfriend 3 years ago  
    Don't want to play either 3 years ago  
    I would be in the Guinness world book of records! 3 years ago +2
    If I chew off five of my fingers I can't go on my laptop. I would enjoy marrying an elephant and I get more choice over our relationship with eachother 3 years ago  
    What even is B? and how is this a would you rather question? 3 years ago  
    Awww, can't choose 3 years ago  
    Would be pretty funny 3 years ago  
    I would only answer questions that good things happen. If everything I thought turned to gold then if I touched myself I would turn to gold and die. 3 years ago  
    They are my family. 3 years ago  
    I don't like changing usernames. 3 years ago  
    I don't want to be miserable my whole life, it makes there not so much point in being alive. I would have chosen A when I was younger though. 3 years ago  
    Picked the wrong one. I thought that it meant that you would be the animal forever but only keep you intelligence for 1 year. 3 years ago  
    I sort of like it 3 years ago  
    It would help with overpopulation. The amazon rainforest one could badly affect economy and wood. If China's population was reduced painlessly then I don't see why it matters as much. I seem mean. Sorry Chinese people. 3 years ago  
    I need internet. Without internet there is practically no reason to be alive. 3 years ago  
    I just want to be able to tell a good joke 3 years ago  
    I don't particularly want to know how much people insult me in their minds... 3 years ago  
    If I lived in Harry Potter's world then there would be a higher chance of dying. 3 years ago  
    If I lived in a world where I rule then not only would the world have no problems but it would have the opposite of problems. 3 years ago  
    If I go back in time I would be scared of getting a disease or dying or something but if I go into the future then maybe I could get my own time machine and go to whatever time that I want! 3 years ago  
    Okay... seriously, having no one show up to my funeral would mean that no one ever knew me or liked me and my life was meaningless but having no one show up to my wedding wouldn't mean that my life was meaningless. It would just mean that the only person that would like/love me would be my husband/wife. 3 years ago  
    How could I not eat chocolate...? Also, legally changing my last name to Hitler could be funny. 3 years ago  
    You can't exactly even use you cell phone if you don't have internet and anyway my one is terrible so I don't care. You can use things like computers, laptops and tablets. What is such the big deal about cell phones anyway? You can do the things that you can do on cell phones... let me correct that, you can do way more of the things on cell phones and better things on a laptop or computer or tablet. 3 years ago  
    I have already gone to many European places and they are not very interesting. I also already live in Europe anyway. Caribbean vacations seem fun! 3 years ago  
    I would feel evil if I chose the lightsaber and I don't care too much about them too. 3 years ago  
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