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    Even though imma girl I would be doing the kickin +1
    How about 10. Have ten more wishes 11. To die peacefully?  
    It feels good to give : ) +3
    Sure that may be true, BUT that doesn't make you any better believing a long time ago some random explosion happened... +3
    Option 2. When finally caught by the police use your "Well-paid" salary to get yourself out and do it again.  
    How fat? +10
    This is a quiz? +1
    As I said before, for the rest of your life.  
    We r animals, you heartless b*tch +1
    Fly, so I wouldn't need to buy a car, plane tickets, and traveling would be soo much easier. +2
    Overpriced = More Quality +3
    Omg 73% Shut up. We don't care if you think cats are stupid and mean, that's not the point of this question idiots! If you think cats are stupid then keep it to yourself.  
    Obama smokes? 0.0  
    Option two. Isn't that basically a friend? +1
    ...if I were a boy then I would tell them to beat it. But i'm not a boy. But then again if woman weren't attracted to me I wouldn't have any friends : ( +1
    Your entire body? That'll take a lifetime.  
    Who's going to start your engine? +1
    Be single, you probably have no choice  
    Luke I am your father... SO SHUT UP AND DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!! +3
    I picked option 2 because if you picked option 1 you would feel that your crush likes your best friend rather than you.  
    Oops wrong button. I would've chose kill yourself so I wouldn't want revenge but never get it.  
    Darn, I wish I could thumb up this comment like a million times : ( +1
    Yeah you're Russian we get it. +1
    I would help lions with they're food by donating myself. A shark would keep me for him/herself. +2
    No I don't know what. Tell me. +1
    trust=love +2
    they are both adorable  
    Killers only kill you if they have a reason to. Or do serial killers kill you for no reason?  
    Yeah but you still feel the pain  
    Lol at everyone. Jk : ) Obviously you were all eager to pick the better one.  
    And way to cold at night.  
    Uhh... I haven't watched Teletubbies for so long I forgot how ugly they were. THANKS 4 REMINDING ME! +2
    lol everyone has blood. +2
    For the rest of your life. +5
    I won't have summer break : (... I'll have summer vacation! +2
    No 100% of you is nonsense. +2
    It depends in what country you're in.  
    I'm from US and I choice soccer :P +3
    It says would you rather have. I don't have to eat it. I'll give it to homeless people :D +2
    Txt. So i can talk like this. Omg this is 2 kewl lol. +1
    Before, this may seem selfish but before because you don't have to feel the pain. +1
    History, the future you'll see eventually but the past doesn't repeat itself and you may never learn the history again. +2
    Why Nintendo 64? What about Mario Kart Wii? +1
    What if the baby becomes a criminal in the future? I know this comment is stupid but what if...  
    You suck +1
    Im the youngest of my family... and i hate it  
    I luv katz. NYAN NYAN NYAN!!! +1
    Crappy toothpaste makes your teeth smelly and brown. Yay first comment!  
    Lol "Alpha and Omega" or "Guardians of Ga'hoole." Dunno haven't watched either :D +1
    100 more questions. I have no life, thats why I'm doing these. +6
    How can you find love if your butt is showing on a date or pooing on your food? +6
    The UGLY overweight green thing or fairy thing? Hmmm...  
    But "powers" don't exist, so you actually would be stuck invisible your entire life but everyone knows birds can stop flying whenever they want. +1
    If you had no blood you wouldn't be able to breath. I know, it sounds crazy but its true. +1
    If its mechanical. +1
    If its peeing i'll use public restroom but never will I ever poo in a public restroom  
    I rarely ever watch tv anymore. I don't know why.  
    ok its not that hard.  
    I don't blame her. I think her make up artist sucks.  
    But would've you had to link with a male? Not a pleasant thought...  
    OMG ME TOO!!! This is cool and creepy : )  
    What does that have to do with anything? +1
    0.o How do they find clothes that size?! +1
    Is there even a spell that lets you do that?  
    Yeah if you were like 4 years old :P +3
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