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They're both indifferent honestly. Look at where religion comes from. Have you seen those mega churches? Have you seen rome? Golden statues, beautiful artwork, these things are not free, and not all the money donated goes to these treasures either. 6 years ago +1
So it's either jesus exists and the old testament was the perfect word of god word for word, or jesus doesn't exist and the holy books are written by sadistic men.... hmmmmm 6 years ago +2
of course because hell isn't real. 6 years ago +7
what grade are you in? Have you had advanced science classes yet? 6 years ago +2
Finally there are more intelligent voters than not. 7 years ago +1
Excuse me mr. modern warfare lol. I was being sarcastic because of how fu(king stupid these questions are. 7 years ago  
Hahahaha 7 years ago +1
kids are animals, only you are in WAY more trouble if one gets f***ed up while you are working with them. 7 years ago  
Dexter's lab, powerpuff girls Ohhh yeahhh! 7 years ago +1
Dude way to much estrogen, imagine all the drama. At least your dads would be your bros and take you for pizza and drape shopping. 7 years ago +1
butters is cute as sh*t 7 years ago  
Plus you could do all sorts of crazy drugs and drink fermented apple liquor. you might have to rent out your butt though. at least until you gain some rep 7 years ago  
Hi there, I guess i wasn't the surprise you were expecting. Why don't you take a seat right over there. Just have a seat sir, I'll get to who i am in a minute. 7 years ago +4
Sadly he has already been chosen to be president. As if people really think their vote matters HAHA 7 years ago +4
bag it and tag it 7 years ago +2
Hell yeah!! anyday 7 years ago +4
you people suck donkey balls with you pussy escapes 7 years ago  
hahahahahahaha 7 years ago  
yeah but the devil isn't real though 7 years ago  
same thing 7 years ago  
newest ninja gaiden SUCKKKKEEEDDD 7 years ago +1
And forever persistent :D 7 years ago  
Lmao you could try, but the F.B.I. would have just had you killed, look it up there are a couple people who DID try 7 years ago +3
which one though? 7 years ago  
And that's exactly how they want to keep it. 7 years ago +1
If you're asking a website for confidence in an answer, my guess is the latter of the two. 7 years ago +4
same thing. 7 years ago  
seems as if there is no real way to win here 7 years ago  
that sounds kinda awesome! 7 years ago +3
does happy = money to you? 7 years ago  
well we all know which one would/will be more likely ----------------------- 7 years ago  
Hahah 7 years ago +1
DUDE who wouldn't want to get their ass kicked by the marvel team....This question is so dumb bro. C'mon brah. Like who would want to be a superhero bro cake??!? 7 years ago +4
DUH who would want to HAVE SEX?!?!! stupid question. EASYYYYY 7 years ago +8
You havn't missed anything important. Ever 7 years ago  
Gtfo then 7 years ago +1
It would be so fun telling everyone about it 7 years ago  
dude you could f***ing die falling down stars 7 years ago +4
i was surprised at the votes on this one. I really thought the internet was full of more sick people than this. Oh well off to bloodshows(dot)com 7 years ago +6
GTFO of here 7 years ago  
Hey i guess it won't matter soon enough! 7 years ago +5
Yeah if you're a Neocon 7 years ago +2
dude this one was great. 7 years ago +2
If the question is until death i guess i picked the wrong one, because at least dehydration is better than freezing to death 7 years ago  
duh dude who doesn't want their most favorite thing stolen over their lesser favorite things? Duhhhh bro 7 years ago  
Aimbot! 7 years ago  
NFS Under Ground 2! 7 years ago  
You guys can't be serious?! 7 years ago +2
THAT'S EASY! 7 years ago +3
The children of the 60's, 70's and 80's ARE A LOT MORE INTERESTING than children of the 90's and 2000's 7 years ago +5
TRueeee that 7 years ago +1
least i would have company. besides how bad could it be after the first 10 million years, by that time it'd be like clockwork, but still at least you have company. if hell were real of course. 7 years ago  
god neither PLEASE 7 years ago +3
Avatar - they kill a bunch of aliens and leave. SO what the F LI C K was your point? 7 years ago  
There are many tribes in the world that communicate over long distances with the sound of beating drums. Most instruments are a form of mathematical cadences that can be written out, transcribed, and put to meaning. before modern day language music was used often as a means of communication. 7 years ago  
Hermoine is at least real, the way she looks and presents herself anyways. bella can get photoshoped all she wants but shes still an ugly sandy vag bat whore. 7 years ago  
Holy sh1t this question was harder than the drink my cum or eat my sh*t question. 7 years ago  
they are both going to be sh*t holes soon with the current monetary and political corruption 7 years ago  
2001-current is the same thing. pre 2001 yes capitalism. 7 years ago  
Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha 7 years ago +4
Anyone else notice the stars in the elephant are upside down? oh and they both such assholes. 7 years ago +1
I still can't believe it has to be between these two doush bags 7 years ago +1
thats A GOOD one, honestly I wish both. And now that i think of it skateboarding already has so much when it comes to national attention with x-games and things like that, where as surfing could really use the public eye, get more people into learning about the sport. 7 years ago  
awesome username 7 years ago +1
abused dogs love you SO MUCH, and i feel like they appreciate your love 7 years ago +3
The truth about religion is already known, It's man made to control mass civilizations in times where authority was hard to enforce without fearing people into a sense of having an afterlife to worry about. 7 years ago +10
At least i have chicken 7 years ago  
or sell them. guns are fu*king expensive 7 years ago +1
ketchup is 1/3rd sugar. you could put in coffee, soda, tea, fruit juice, adn sport drinks and it honestly would be to bad. better than mustard on your birthday cake and in you apple sauce. 7 years ago  
I can't believe it has to be between these two doush bags. 7 years ago +3
I didn't know people cared 7 years ago +3
But for how long? how long until there is no where to flee 7 years ago  
#1 trolls this side of the 2000's. Pure entertainment. 7 years ago +2
Damnit that was HARD, I pick both but i had to go with murray because i hung out with him one night in charleston south carolina. i met him because he asked my friend for a bite of his sandwitch and ate the whole thing. we then bought him a drink and sang karaoke at a bar. it rocked! 7 years ago  
THE F*CK IS A SQUARE? 7 years ago +5
Biscuits and mustard 7 years ago  
what is my "Square"? 7 years ago +3
MORROWIND! 7 years ago +1
That's funny because most americans are in a cult. They worship a zombie leader sent by a god by drinking his blood and eating his body. 7 years ago +1
thats be SWEET 7 years ago +1
Hawt 7 years ago  
Lmao 7 years ago  
anyone notice the upside down stars on the elephant? its like that on every logo. kinda weird. anyways they are the same thing 7 years ago +1
satan only killed 10 people, god killed millions and millions 7 years ago +5
hate pussies 7 years ago +1
what the f*ck point would there be in having money during a zombie apocalypse 7 years ago +3
i don't know man that car is pretty sketchy 7 years ago +5
DUDES..... horses 7 years ago  
IMPOSSIBRU!!! 7 years ago  
The real question is....Are you selfish? 7 years ago +1
killers can kill magicians so yeah 7 years ago  
the U.S.A spent 15 billion dollars on the drug war in 2010, just some prespective on how much you "Think" 2 billion dollars is 7 years ago  
stupid question 7 years ago +1
Hahahaha 7 years ago +5
Damnit this is a hard question. i guess mj only for the amazing things he did for his fans 7 years ago  
Sounds good to me 7 years ago +6
my little sister would never stop crying for the next 4 years if i killed Jay beebz. and screw rebeca black and her terrible voice/lyrics at least justin can sing in tune 7 years ago +1
Well done* 7 years ago  
They are both so amazing for their own style of joker. Well dont to the both of them 7 years ago +1
WOOT free fireworks for life! 7 years ago  
who are these woman? 7 years ago +2
people Need to die 7 years ago  
that would awesome presents or not 7 years ago +1
what is a soul exactly? i've never heard anyone in the medical field speak of such a thing. must be IMAGINARY 7 years ago +3
haha 7 years ago  
die either way painfully. i just can't think of what would be more painful 7 years ago  
WHAAA fringe is so awesome! 7 years ago  
i can;t tke that mole.....MOLE......MOLE!!!!! 7 years ago +1
Lol! 7 years ago  
Atheists don't believe in ANY of the thousands of gods 7 years ago  
there are more than one loves of your lives, not more than one sibling 7 years ago +1
movies are free 7 years ago  
I'd rather drowned myself 7 years ago  
well i guess i voted wrong because i forgot according to the bible god has killed millions and millions of people, where as lucifer only officially killed 10 7 years ago +6
Gameboy kicks a*s 7 years ago +1
This is a trick question, both places are filled with snooty annoying di*k faces 7 years ago +4
girlfriends are temporary 7 years ago +1
facebook is evil 7 years ago +2
Population control. get over it. Sorry earth is FULL. 7 years ago +4
Frill = UGLY 7 years ago +1
Heaven and hell aren't real. but if they were i would love to see the looks on people faces when they see his ass up there 7 years ago +11
Lmao, that poor kid 7 years ago  
Doesn't really seem like these votes match up with the countless oblivious F*cktards out there 7 years ago +1
Morrowind 7 years ago +2
Crunch, crunch 7 years ago +1
that alone would be enough of a reason 7 years ago +1
her name is Ginny... 7 years ago  
Explain exactly why my spelling sucks? Which word was not spelled correctly? 7 years ago  
i'll do it with a f*ckin smile on my face. For a billion dollars, hell yeah 7 years ago  
anything but a f*ckin hipster fag 7 years ago +1
Watch the movie Limitless, you will see how much power knowledge truly holds. 7 years ago  
i hate the music of today, it's so shi*ty and souless 7 years ago +7
The stars in the elephant are officially upside down now. How f*ckin weird is that. oh And they are both the same thing anyways, they just make it seem like there is some kind of competition to get people's minds off all the terrible sh*t they are doing to our constitution behind our backs 7 years ago +1
this was very tough, I agree 7 years ago +2
Lmfao at how close this stupid question is 7 years ago +4
Magikarp is on the left..... 7 years ago  
FU*K EA games, they make sh*t games, and then charge you to have the endings of them, oh yeah and you can't play them unless you sign 8 times on 8 different websites to make 8 different accounts. 7 years ago +1
a camel would back kick santa's fat a** face in 7 years ago +1
i would love to go back to those times again, when i stories of ghosts and stuff scared me :D 7 years ago  
true that 7 years ago +1
Female Ascaris lay hundreds of thousands of eggs when fully grown in your intestines, F*** that Sh*t 7 years ago +1
that's a good one haha 7 years ago +1
If just poof'd here by happening of the big bang theory you mean, over thousands of billions of years yeah, it did 7 years ago +1
Hahaha looks at the break down of countries, i guess we know which country is on the "less educated" side, if i may say so. Lmfao 7 years ago +2
it's really a question of how much research vs. how much t.v. people do/watch 7 years ago +2
i would kill myself if i found out i'd never get to SEE zombies, someday, someday i know they will come 7 years ago +1
because the news told him so, dont you know anything? anything a book, or t.v. says is 100% true, duuhh lol 7 years ago +1
it's funny because he thinks it all just poof'd here lmao 7 years ago +2
Aussies all the WAY! 7 years ago  
both great movies for their own reasons 7 years ago  
Battle royal makes hunger games look like a bunch of big fags. google it. trust me 7 years ago +1
you need salt to live 7 years ago +1
i thought this meant one direction roads... 7 years ago +2
CANED CANED IS BEST 7 years ago  
they are the same question 7 years ago +7
LMAO 7 years ago  
the question should be would you rather not have herpes or have herpes 7 years ago +528
weed itself cannot kill you or anyone, killing yourself on it however is possible 7 years ago  
wait.....awwww 7 years ago  
WOOO 7 years ago  
more powerful than obama??? since when is the president supposed to be all powerful, this country is going down the sh*tter 7 years ago +4
music is a language 7 years ago +1
timing shows respect 7 years ago +388
baseball is f*cking BORING 7 years ago +328
BC bud 7 years ago  
if the president was ron paul, but not any of these other d*ck faces 7 years ago +1
this one single wyr post, shows the true decline in the human race 7 years ago +2
Dudes, flying would be WAY cooler than mind reading 7 years ago  
What he said 7 years ago  
both are f*cking stupid 7 years ago +1
exactly 7 years ago +1
this one is easy 7 years ago  
have you had history class yet? 7 years ago +11
at least a cocky person would like to do stuff and be crazy and happy 7 years ago +2
could i keep the button? 7 years ago +4
smart phones are annoying and stupid 7 years ago +2
Destruction derby!!!! 7 years ago +1
easy, you can't stop the american government from their get into iran free ticket anyways 7 years ago  
jedi = no sex, killing for fun, and don't like power....f**k that 7 years ago +3
this question really means, are you a self conscious loser or do you not care 7 years ago +3
At least we have some style, and great drugs 7 years ago +2
american girls are dramatic whinny whores 7 years ago +3
at least i could have good sleep 7 years ago +1
it doesnt really explain which of the thousands of gods, soo since they're all wrong, big bang wins by default 7 years ago +1
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