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    They're both indifferent honestly. Look at where religion comes from. Have you seen those mega churches? Have you seen rome? Golden statues, beautiful artwork, these things are not free, and not all the money donated goes to these treasures either. +1
    Finally there are more intelligent voters than not. +1
    Dude way to much estrogen, imagine all the drama. At least your dads would be your bros and take you for pizza and drape shopping. +1
    same thing.  
    that sounds kinda awesome! +3
    Avatar - they kill a bunch of aliens and leave. SO what the F LI C K was your point?  
    There are many tribes in the world that communicate over long distances with the sound of beating drums. Most instruments are a form of mathematical cadences that can be written out, transcribed, and put to meaning. before modern day language music was used often as a means of communication.  
    Hermoine is at least real, the way she looks and presents herself anyways. bella can get photoshoped all she wants but shes still an ugly sandy vag bat whore.  
    Holy sh1t this question was harder than the drink my cum or eat my sh*t question.  
    they are both going to be sh*t holes soon with the current monetary and political corruption  
    2001-current is the same thing. pre 2001 yes capitalism.  
    Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha +4
    thats be SWEET +1
    anyone notice the upside down stars on the elephant? its like that on every logo. kinda weird. anyways they are the same thing +1
    there are more than one loves of your lives, not more than one sibling +1
    Explain exactly why my spelling sucks? Which word was not spelled correctly?  
    If just poof'd here by happening of the big bang theory you mean, over thousands of billions of years yeah, it did +1
    Hahaha looks at the break down of countries, i guess we know which country is on the "less educated" side, if i may say so. Lmfao +2
    because the news told him so, dont you know anything? anything a book, or t.v. says is 100% true, duuhh lol +1
    it's funny because he thinks it all just poof'd here lmao +2
    the question should be would you rather not have herpes or have herpes +533
    more powerful than obama??? since when is the president supposed to be all powerful, this country is going down the sh*tter +4
    music is a language +1
    timing shows respect +392
    baseball is f*cking BORING +333
    BC bud  
    if the president was ron paul, but not any of these other d*ck faces +1
    this one single wyr post, shows the true decline in the human race +2
    Dudes, flying would be WAY cooler than mind reading  
    What he said  
    both are f*cking stupid +1
    exactly +1
    this one is easy  
    have you had history class yet? +11
    at least a cocky person would like to do stuff and be crazy and happy +2
    smart phones are annoying and stupid +2
    Destruction derby!!!! +1
    easy, you can't stop the american government from their get into iran free ticket anyways  
    jedi = no sex, killing for fun, and don't like power....f**k that +3
    this question really means, are you a self conscious loser or do you not care +3
    At least we have some style, and great drugs +2
    american girls are dramatic whinny whores +3
    at least i could have good sleep +1
    it doesnt really explain which of the thousands of gods, soo since they're all wrong, big bang wins by default +1
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